Saturday, 14 May 2016

No 11700, Saturday 14 May 2016, Aspartame


6 Standing area in a stadium // is a platform (7) TERRACE (DD)
7 She will start to apply carbon coating (7) SHELLAC {SHE'LL}{Apply}{C}
9 Metropolitan old city credit union is finally risk free (5) URBAN {UR}{BANk}
10 Gladiator fight against ferocious cats gets extremely ugly (9) SPARTACUS {SPAR}{TAC{Ugly}S*}
11 In love with MIT, sent application (7) SMITTEN*
13 U.S. resident built a haunt (6) UTAHAN*
15 I’M a normal man with rues put right (5,8) ROMAN NUMERALS* M is 1000 not m See comments
19 Soldiers in two Arab countries killed by officer (6) YEOMAN {YEmen}{OMAN}
20 Representative // affair (7) LIAISON (DD)
23 Meaningless sacrifice, according to hearsay (9) HOLOCAUST {~HOLLOW COST} Sacrifice on double duty?
24 Collection starts to sell tepidly at Sotheby’s hall (5) STASH (Acrostic)
26 Italian wine (large) is kept in New York in an unhealthy manner (7) NASTILY {N{ASTI}{L}Y}
27 Long, extremely unpleasant mumps treatment payment made in one shot (4,3) LUMP SUM {L}{U}{MP SUM*}


1 Steal // a cot (4) CRIB (DD)
2 Stone extracted from gutter sand that’s treated after cleaning dust (6) GARNET {GutTER sANd}*
3 Surprise a son in Guatemala bearing condiments (10) SEASONING (T)
4 A willing person? (8) TESTATOR (CD)
5 There’s no coming out of these (5,5) BLACK HOLES CD)
6 Criminal lacking in generosity? That’s commonplace (6) TRUISM {alTRUISM}
7 Note: Wash the top away with cleaner (4) SOAP {SO}{lAP}
8 Accountant in Cambodia? (6) CASING Accounant=CA forms the casing for Cambodia
12 Critic purified lost cocain (10) ICONOCLAST*
14 Trivial discussions on short reeds around shopping centre (5, 4) SMALL TALK {S{MALL} TALKs}
16 Disorganised Armani top is in stores North American region, to begin with (8) ANARCHIC {Armani}{NA}{Region}CHIC}
17 Snake language (6) PYTHON (DD)
18 The man composed a song (6) ANTHEM*
21 Think about a small muse (6) ASSUME {A S MUSE}*
22 Little one in France, around the peaks of Pyrenees (4) PUNY {P{UN}Y} Seems to give U{PY}N
25 Dome is found at the centre of chapel, museum (4) APSE {chAPel}{muSEum}

Reference list

Carbon=C, Old city=Ur, Soldiers=Men, Large=L, New York=NY, Long=L
Criminal=Al (Capone), Note=So, North American=NA, Small=S, One in France=Un

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Fairly straight forward one from Aspartame today, thanks :) Is Holocaust an attempt at &lit or semi&lit? thought there was a roman theme with numerals and spartacus but thats only 2 .. so guess not?

  2. Nice one from Aspartame...confirmed soap & casing from the interactive grid of the hindu...

    1. Nice one esp. the clue for CASING

  3. Nice to see the colours back in Saturday blog

  4. Vasant
    To get clue text to solve the crossword in your own way outside of TH IA ver, you can click on 'Print' above the grid and on reaching the page, copy the clues to past where you want.

  5. After the intro of interactive grid, the Hindu is prompt to show us the crossword by early morning. Thanks to all for this development.

  6. 15A I agree with Ramesh. It needs explanation, although one can get the answer with the help of available letters.

    1. What he probably means is that 'm' after I' should be in capitals for M = 1000 and not m. Does 'a' fit in the clue?

    2. When I made it, I had it penned down as I'M (both capitals). It came out this way.
      I do agree the 'a' is superfluous, but for the sake of the surface, it had to be there

    3. Thanks Aspartame. Is this the first time you have commented?

      Re the 'a' I meant is it OK grammatically? "a' Followed by plural.

    4. No. Aspartame has commented here before

      Made the required changes to 15A.

  7. One of the election promises a prominent party leader has made (as I write this I can hear drumbeats and cracker noises made by a passing cavalcade of an election candidate with party workers on his trail) is that if s(he) comes to power (s)he will see to it that the paper does away with the annoying instant checking of letters in TH IA ver. That is their 'green' pledge even if trees are destroyed to make way for concret jungles.

    1. Ha, ha~Vasi sir, I was seriously looking for a real election promise.

    2. Prevoius election promise must have been to get the IA version