Thursday, 19 May 2016

No 11704, Thursday 19 May 2016, Gridman

1   Indian magazine editor’s top hindrance recalled in cable (8) TELEGRAM TELEG{MAR<=} Anno pending (Addendum - {TEL}{Ed...r}{GRAM} <= - See comments)
5   Actor's slip, extremely trendy, is soft (6) FLUFFY {FLUFF}{t...dY}
9   Old about, about 101 (7) ANCIENT {AN{C}{1}ENT}
10 Hundred tenders for treasuries (7) COFFERS {C}{OFFERS}
11 Venture forth with industrial action abroad (6,3) STRIKE OUT {STRIKE} {OUT}
12 Ransack for firearm? (5) RIFLE [DD]
13 Affectedly quaint, short message (4) TWEE TWEEt
14 Chivalrous man's reported decline when day's done (9) NIGHTFALL (~knight){NIGHT}{FALL}
17 Layers girl backed in ploy (9) STRATAGEM {STRATA}{MEG<=}
19 Chilly powder? (4) SNOW [CD]
23 Connected group almost adjacent to you and me (5) NEXUS {NEXt}{US}
24 Break lite under refixing (9) INTERLUDE*
25 No one takes part. Disgusting! (7) NOISOME {NO}{1}{SOME}
26 Makes amends with fresh combinations (7) REPAIRS {RE-PAIRS}
27 From the foregoing take away seven to get a score (6) TWENTY {TWENTYseven}
28 Title of nobility suggesting the woman's in style (8) LADYSHIP {LADY'S}{HIP}

1   Journeys using circuitous trains on way up (8) TRANSITS {TRAINS}*{ST<=}
2   Lake - one on which animals feed (7) LUCERNE [DD]
3   Some nationals, in empty garages, cause stink (6) GREEKS {REEK} in {Ga...eS}
4   Writer, with-it, promotes musical that is definitive (13) AUTHORITATIVE {AUTHOR}{IT}{EVITA<=}

6   This might save one from being all at sea (8) LIFERAFT [CD]
7   Irritable from French flute having become out of tune (7) FRETFUL {FR}{FLUTE}*
8   Apparently they always keep saying 'aye, aye' (3,3) YES MEN [CD]
10 Hear people launch thanksgiving over place where rains are appreciated (9,4) CATCHMENT AREA {CATCH}{MEN}{Th...g} {AREA}
15 Was shy, having found supplies didn't last enough (3,5) RAN SHORT [DD]
16 Clears the floor of small, small pups squirming (6,2) SWEEPS UP {S}{WEE}{PS UP*}
18 Fabric writing on French island (7) TEXTILE {TEXT}{ILE}
20 Give sustenance though squandered in hours (7) NOURISH*
21 Free junk, noticing how strewn it is all inside (6) UNKNOT [T]
22 Visit doctor at hospital department next to vacant bay (4,2) DROP BY {DR}{OP} {BaY}



  1. 1a anno is MARG (Indian magazine), E (editor's top), LET (hindrance) <--

  2. Nice one from Gridman! Loved the clues for 4d, 28a, and 26a. Thanks to Gridman and DG!

    The online version at doesn't seem to be showing up for some reason.

  3. Interactive version is not working today. Solved with the help of Crossword thread of PP madam.
    Lucerne was the last to fall.
    Consistently benevolent. Thanks Gridman.

    1. hi KKR.. could you please post a link to the crossword thread of PP madam? The interactive version not working for me either..

    2. Srividya, the link to The HUB is on the Left hand side panel of this page

    3. thank you colonel.. didnt realize it was the hub ..

  4. Hi Srividya,
    This is the link:

  5. Probably The Hindu's IT team is putting all-out efforts in providing live analysis of TN election results.

  6. Enjoyable crossword GM! May your We want more crosswords like this...

  7. several new references for me today.. lucerne meaning as alfalfa.. ran short meaning shy..i.e if one aint shy, one would have external supplies? ha ha.. chilly powder as snow while a familiar clue nevva fails to raise a chuckle :) thanks CV ji :)

  8. I tried the interactive crossword and it worked for me (started using it after 10:15 am). Its cool and easy to use and definitely a value-add. As mentioned by others earlier, the color-coding of right and wrong letters is bit a of nuisance for solvers. Further today, it had a glitch when it kept showing the letter A in 4 Down (authoratAtive) as wrong, and was marking it as red in colour! After some trial & error found that it is expecting an E there.

    1. It seems there are problems in IV today. When I went to 17Ac, the clue for 27Ac was shown.

  9. Nice one from Gridman today as well. Missed out on 25A and 15D maybe due to my wrong fill in 18D TEXTURE. Enjoyed the rest. :)

  10. Enjoyed the song "Don't cry for me Aregentina"...Thanks Sir, for the link. :)

  11. Typical Gridman, challenging but achievable. Not as many CDs as I expected.

    Why is 15d a DD?

    1. Was shy meaning Ran short just like the rest of the clue

    2. See Paddy's reply at 11:07

    3. Yes saw, also Suresh's @3.14. Can't see the DD

    4. Was shy// having found supplies didn't last enough.
      Both meaning 'ran short'.

    5. Was shy = Ran short
      Found supplies didn't last enough = Ran short

    6. Yes, indeed that was my thinking. But what he prob means is that in a typical DD the two meanings must be quite distinct from each other but here they are birds of the same feather - not even of different colours. That may be a valid point.

    7. @CV 7:21 No problem with the clue as far as I am concerned, and I am also OK with the occasional clue being split along its constituents. Couldn't quite see it as a DD for reasons you mentioned. I think you had a comment earlier which was probably deleted, so just to clarify, it wasn't an objection to the clue per se

  12. The whole day network here was playing hide & seek..loved this 13 letter grid puzzle..the long ones nicely done but it was the short snow that was the best of all..couldnt parse telegram though

  13. A lot happening on the political front today.
    In TN:Mummy Returns
    In WB:Didi..khub Bhalo
    North East saffronised
    Kerala:Left upper cut