Saturday, 21 May 2016

No 11706, Saturday 21 May 2016, Gridman

Addenda - Higlighted the 6 special words in the grid 


1 Tend // to the Reverend (8) MINISTER (DD)
5 Sack backward cricketer of Cambridge (6) CANTAB {CAN}{TAB<=}
10 Ruler's passing over even banshee sound (7) KEENING {K{E'EN}ING}
11 Cast out, one former wife is in river (2,5) IN EXILE {I}{N {EX}ILE}
12 In a growth period, pound is flourishing (6) ABLOOM {A}{B{L}OOM}
13 Stalemate from poor deal made in harbour (8) DEADLOCK {DEAL}* in {DOCK}
15 All of which are a preparation (small) for attentive listening (4) EARS {ARE}*{S} Not sure how to classify this
16 Very careful lookout to snap up low catches (5,5) CLOSE WATCH {LOW CATCHES}*
18 When the cat's out of the bag, it's ... ... (4,6) OPEN SECRET (CD)
20 Leaders of Ettayapuram bluster, brandishing some flags (4) EBBS (Acrostic)
23 Top town maybe, a road is out of line (8) UNTOWARD {U}{NTOW*}{A}{RD}
24 Trial arranged around 2nd of June for ceremonial (6) RITUAL{TRIAL}* around U
26 Rain falling around Indian State overwhelmingly (2,1,4) IN A ROMP {IN A R*}{O}{MP}
27 Repeat party gets a score (2,5) DO AGAIN {DO}{A}{GAIN}
28 Like Hell, enter rashly, bearing a bit of hubris (6) NETHER {ENTER}* around Hubris
29 Make the most of woman's garment, semi-worn out (8) MAXIMISE {MAXI}{SEMI*}


1 Determine to produce a second answer? (4,1,10) MAKE A RESOLUTION {MAKE}{A}{RE-SOLUTION}
2 A teasing type, the last of men leered mischievously (7) NEEDLER {meN}{LEERED*}
3 It's one short role reversal for deckhand (7) SAILOR {SA}{I}{eLOR<=}
4 Journalist fellow disheartened and nervously irritable (4) EDGY {ED}{GuY}
6 What every day is at sunrise (1,3,4) A NEW DAWN (CD)
7 Consider carefully - with 1,000 gone, become sparse (4,3) THIN OUT {THINk} {OUT}
8 Finally speak up (this is how you get 'the license') (5,3,7) BREAK THE SILENCE Rev Anag of 'THE LICENSE'
9 Unalterable measure - with which one can't dance (5,4) FIXED STEP {FIXED} {STEP}
14 Lazily pores over need for what may be used for walking on in the circus tent (5,4) SLACK ROPE {S{LACK} ROPE*}
17 All things considered // in toto (2,1,5) AS A WHOLE (DD)
19 Pull out old pamphlet (7) EXTRACT {EX}{TRACT}
21 Indian style of singing taking Union Territory's native (7) BHUTANI {BH{UT}ANI}
22 Another native bit short, with hair disarranged (6) BIHARI {BIt}{HARI*}
25 Put together (answer inexchange of views in West Bengal (4) ADDA {ADD}{A}? {A} from? {ADD}{A} 'answer in' added to the clue via mail from Gridman.

Reference list

One=I, Former wife=Ex, Pound=L, Small=S, Top=U, Road=Rd, Around=O, Indian State=MP
It=SA (Sex Appeal), Journalist=Ed, 1000=K, Old=Ex, Union Territory=UT, Answer=A

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Gridman ends the run with a highly entertaining 15 letter grid..nice CDs too alongwith the two long ones..Nice blog too

  2. 25 Put together exchange of views in West Bengal (4) ADDA {ADD}{A}? {A} from?
    Is it coming from DADA?

    1. 'Answer in' was lost in transmission. Please refer to the clue/solution again

  3. The IA version is finally online today

    1. They are making sure bloggers on this blog aren't tempted to look in there. So they publish it only after this blog is up :)

  4. Also from Gridman
    "NOT EXACTLY A NINA but there is some thought-out play in gridfills (some six clues will come under three paired categories!".
    I am unable to spot it. Can any one else see what Gridman is hinting at?

  5. In the Gridman quote above in Ramesh's Comment, read some six grid entries etc etc. That will be more useful.

  6. Is "edgy" on "slack rope" a part of the deliberate grid fill?

    1. Keening - in exile
      Untoward - Ritual

    2. Highlighted what Gridman had in mind (got it after he mailed). In hindsight it looks obvious

  7. (Reposted after corrections)
    15a as it appears is
    All of which are a preparation (small) for attentive listening (4)
    This was not the original version. It was while at the clue sheet yesterday that I revised the clue to this ver on a sudden thought after I saw the anag possibility.
    It is not a known clue type. It may not be in the copybook (a term I remember from cricket commentaries).
    But as I said earlier we setters must have freedom to break rules occasionally.
    As long as the setter does something and the solver understands it and solves, is should be OK, no?
    I invite solvers to air their views on acceptability of clueing technique.
    If anything is weird, please tell me!

    1. +1. As long as the solvers are able to see the setter's mind, I think breaking of rules is OK. At the maximum, such clues may become non-standard ones.

    2. I do not know what rule you are talking about, CV. The clue flows smoothly and who cares if it cannot be classified into a "clue type".
      It does not make a difference to Pluto whether it is a planet or not, nor to Mt. Everest, whether it is taller than Chimborozo or not.
      Regarding Bhala's point as to whether a particular clue could be classified as a DD or not, it falls in the same category.

      Maybe DiDi would have the answer to that one

  8. 10 Ruler's passing over even banshee sound (7) KEENING {K{E'EN}ING}
    How is EVEN = E'EN ?

    1. Vasi sir is poetically e'ven!

    2. is there a need for passing over? even = een and King's indicates containment??

    3. Surface becomes poorer without "passing over". Also "'s" is a weaker C/C indicator than "passing over"

  9. CV Sir continues to raise the bar!

  10. Another nice one from Gridman ji :) Break the silence was awesome ) Cantab a new word so last to fall..CDs today were fun :)

    1. btw the interactive version shows up the "s" in resolution as red - so thats a typo.. i really wish they would get rid of the coloring of letters

    2. Appears to be a data entry error as A is next to S on the keyboard

  11. 5A- How do we get 'can'?
    Is it sack=bed=can?

    1. Thank you Ramesh for the reply & for the blog. You really take SOME pains to do it.

  12. Iam unable to parse 3D. If LOR comes from a short LORE, and I comes from one, where does SA come from?

    1. Please see reference list of RameshJ :)

    2. IT=SA=Sex Appeal

  13. Confused a bit about Bhutani. UT may be Union Territory, but Bhutan is not in India. So, what is the anno?

  14. Indian style of singing is called 'BHANI'. UT goes into it to give you a native i.e., BH UT ANI

  15. The def for that entry is only 'native'. India or Bhutan is out of reckoning.