Monday, 23 May 2016

No 11707, Monday 23 May 2016, Neyartha

Neyartha's at the stock market today.

7   Substitutes tolerate offence (6,2) STANDS IN {STAND}{S IN}
9   Time to overcome the resistance to a distinguishing symbol in the shopping centre (6) MARKET MARKE(-r+t)T
10 Ridiculous canoe logo attached to the unknown branch of science (10) OCEANOLOGY {CANOE}*{LOGO}*{Y}
11 One moving forward to produce a symbol (4) ICON (+1)ICO(-1)N
12 Countryman freed without repercussions? (4) SCOT SCOTfree
13 Spasm returns after pixel corruption becomes clear (8) EXPLICIT {PIXEL}*{TIC<=}
16 Nut containing lithium for the bird (7) PELICAN {LI} in {PECAN}
18 Branded and cleaned piano was abandoned (7) STRIPED STRIpPED
20 European control of the woman's headgear (5,3) DUTCH CAP {DUTCH} {CAP}
21 As per Kabul laws, captured the mammal (4) BULL [T]
23 Caught naked mammal (4) BEAR (~bare)
24 Spotted ... (4,4,2) LAID EYES ON [E]
25 Awkwardly limn a frame for the American on a fabric (6) MUSLIN {US} in {LIMN}*
26 Doctor, irate, embraced by boy going west with certifying officials (8) NOTARIES {IRATE}* in {SON<=}

1   Family reputation (5) STOCK [DD]
2   Does going below this lead to a freezing experience? (9,6) ANTARCTIC CIRCLE [CD]
3   Game's opening salvo needs Otago opener Kirsten's elegant response (7) SNOOKER Acrostic
4   Brought back the balance initially lacking after test loss and gets an award (4) EMMY Anno pending (Addendum - {sYMMEtry <=} - See comments)
5   Type of implant seen in Africa hit retail by mistake (10,5) ARTIFICIAL HEART*
6   Setback after the legends turn up with a first class cover for extraterrestrial stones (9) AEROLITES {A{EROL<=}1}{SET<=}
8   Brief call to substitute uranium by the king (5) SHORT SHO(-u+r)RT
14 Fix by getting rid of one half of a golf club (3) PUT PUTter
15 Suitor with a note on Oxford University's pleasing to the eye (9) BEAUTEOUS {BEAU}{TE}{OU'S}
17 Bow found in a sacred chest reportedly (3) ARC (~ark)
19 Bent spoon alloyed with titanium provides choices (7) OPTIONS {TI} in {SPOONS}*
21 Stable attachment suppressing the sound from an animal (5) BLEAT [T]
22 Protect the blanket (5) COVER [DD]
24 Not in favour of delay getting extended (4) LONG proLONG


  1. 24a Is it a d&cd? Else what is the role of ... ?

  2. I thought of dotting the i's, but could not fit in the logic

  3. I considered it as an Ëasy"type clue

  4. That is the easy way to look at it.

  5. A doubt about 11A-
    "One moving forward" in coin. But where do we get the coin from? Of course with the crossings I filled in.

    1. produce is coin.. not sure of the syntax though..

    2. Thank you Srividya. Like in 'Coin a word/ phrase'.

  6. Ah.. tats the parsing for Emmy :) Couldnt figure this out for the life of me ! also Market.. took symbol as Mark, not marker.. hmm.. some tricksy ones today .. but good fun :)

  7. Is it this?
    One- I
    Con- Moving forward
    I find one of the meanings of 'on' is to study or peruse.

  8. Does 2D require a 'Does'?

    1. For surface reading, I think- esp. with a ? at the end.

    2. Remove the ? mark and remove the 'does' and you get 'Going below this leads to a freezing experience."

    3. In fact, a question mark at the end of a clue indicates that the answer is not what actually happens but is only what can be derived from cryptic reading.

    4. In this case that is not the case, because if you went below that line you would have a freezing experience.

    5. Because it is a CD any extraneous word is OK. Though in this case it is fine.

    6. I don't think so in this case. The Does and the question mark give a different interpretation

    7. Will you freeze when you go below that answer? I don't think so hence the? Some might experience while others might not.

    8. When we say it is freezing, we mean it is very cold. And generally we mean water, not blood.

  9. Good puzzle.Good times don't last long. Dreading the arrival of Skullduggery and xChequer.

  10. Any thoughts on the anno for 24A. I cannot see it as an E clue. If it is, it has no place in this crossword.

    1. I can only think of the three dots as spots hence "spotted".

    2. But 'spotted' is already there. Is it meant to be a DD?
      Spotted= Laid eyes on
      ...= spotted= Laid eyes on

    3. I think it's supposed to be read as Spotted ... - " Having spots" for the surface read and Spotted - Laid eyes on., for the cryptic read. I think its intended as a CD rather than a straight clue..

  11. After travelling, did the xword late in the morning...lovely puzzle...missed out on Aerolites & striped...took 24A as Easy type...