Saturday, 28 May 2016

No 11712, Saturday 28 May 2016, Arden


1 I could be asleep shortly, some time left (7) NUMERAL {NUMb}{ERA}{L}
5 After a month Harry gets restless (7) FEBRILE }FEB}{RILE}
9 Capital fellow from republican state (5) ROMAN {R}{OMAN}
10 Offering bag of riceaccept condition (9) SACRIFICE {SAC}{R{IF}ICE}
11 Wastes amateur awards (9) ATROPHIES {A}{TROPHIES}
12 Can drunk man be graceful? (5) LITHE {LIT}{HE} Added link for meaning of drunk
13 Sung about horny creatures (4) GNUS {SUNG*}
15 It's a surprise when one is caught so (8) UNAWARES (CD)
18 Stick outside like a window (8) CASEMENT {C{AS}EMENT} Added link for meaning of casement
19 Work time query (4) TASK {T}{ASK}
22 Inner diameter of ring's about a foot (5) PEDAL {PE{D}AL}
24 Not a view for one having long sight (9) SPECTACLE {aSPECT}{AC{L}E}
26 Colour starts with green, then red – is used in perfumes (9) AMBERGRIS {AMBER}{Green}{Red}{IS}
27 Food from a store mostly (5) ROAST {A STORe}*
28 Bit the head off gently (7) LIGHTLY {sLIGHTLY}
29 Endless fortitude is not a threat (7) SCOURGE {lesS}{COURaGE}


1 Some say – "a wrong time to go up country" (6)  NORWAY (T<=)
2 Notes man made or original? (9) MEMORANDA {MAN MADE OR}*
3 Manage, raise the period of preparation (3-2) RUN-UP {RUN}-{UP}
4 Dandy stalks girl with sex appeal – day wasted doing nothing (9) LASSITUDE {LASS}{IT}{dUDE}
5 Confused perhaps, but endless concentration (5) FOCUS {COnFUSed}*
6 Fantastic fish – one's stuffing it (9) BRILLIANT {BRILL}{I{AN}T}
7 One's precise describing one as a fool (5) IDIOT {I}{D{I}OT}
8 Team toured extensively, sixty left (6) ELEVEN {ExtENsiVELy}*
14 Suspect flowing stream is holding up everything (5,1,3) SMELL A RAT {STREAM}* around {ALL<=}
16 Ones who check hair do play a part (9) ACTRESSES {AC{TRESS}ES} Not sure how to classify this clue
17 Everyone will talk about Sydney's suburbsa place to relax (4,5) EASY CHAIR {EA{SydneY} CH}{AIR}
20 Law shows bias over stretch (6) SPRAWL {S{PRAW<=}L} SL is Law? {SPRAW}{L}<=  Thanks Col.
21 Show courage or pay up – man makes way for son (6) METTLE {(-s+M)ETTLE} Or is it SETTLE?
23 Correct opening, wrong ending... (5) DEBUG {DEBU(-t+G)}
24 ...seconds before lazy Susan could commit a sin (5) STRAY {S}{TRAY}
25 Somebody in the Director's office (5) TORSO (T)

Reference list

Left=L Month=Feb, Republican=R, Condition=If, Amateur=A, Man=M, Like=As, Time=T, Diameter=D One=Ace Long=L
Sex appeal=It, Day=D, One=An, One=I, Law=L, Man=M, Son=S, Seconds=S

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution IndicatorLink/Connector,Extraneous



  1. New indicator (colour) introduced for extraneous words. What's the colour significance for 'can' in 12A? (I'm colour blind)

    1. It is a link word. In the sense of, Can "a" & "b" be "c"

  2. Where do we get 'Lit' from?
    Looks like son has to make way for man in 21D.

  3. 24D- Tray connected with 'lazy Susan'?

    1. Lazy Susan is a revolving tray

    2. Thank you Ramesh- the one on the dining table.

    3. Ramesh, when do you intend getting off that dining table?

  4. I knew casement more as a cloth. It seems to have got its name from being connected with window drapes.

    1. Added link to dictionary for casement

    2. This word 'casement' I came across first in 'The Eve of St Agnes', which I read while in college. Of course, before that I as a boy must have heard elders at home use the term 'casement cloth'.

      Full on this casement shone the wintry moon,
      And threw warm gules on Madeline's fair breast,
      As down she knelt for heaven's grace and boon;
      Rose-bloom fell on her hands, together prest,
      And on her silver cross soft amethyst,
      And on her hair a glory, like a saint:
      She seem'd a splendid angel, newly drest,
      Save wings, for heaven:—Porphyro grew faint:
      She knelt, so pure a thing, so free from mortal taint.

      Not only Porphyro but many a young adolescent may have skipped a heart-beat.

    3. You are right. Got curious and just checked up. It is supposed to be one of his best.

    4. Thanks for the post of beautiful verses.

  5. The online CW gives 21D as "Mettle".

  6. When A makes way for B, does it not mean that B is in place of A?

    1. The clue should have read Son makes way for Man

  7. Raghunath
    A clue such as
    12 Can drunk man be graceful? (5)
    should be looked at as a whole instead of insisting that a clue must have def-WP in some order with no extraneous word whatever.
    The ans to the question may be yes or no but that interrogative statement does direct us to put LIT and He together to get the reqd word.
    Some words in the blog above have been marked as 'extraneous'. I have not looked at each of them individually but I am of the opinion that we can't label them as such without carefully looking at each clue in its entirety.

  8. 21D. SETTLE or METTLE. Either way I see a problem. Since man is making way for son it should be -m+s, meaning SETTLE. Then the def. is in the middle.
    Courage is Mettle. Show courage is not. So is there something I do not understand?

  9. Wonderful puzzle..Far easier today. Numeral was outstanding.Sacrifice, Atrophies,spectacle, Actresses all were 6D.
    The blog too was very instructive.

    1. The two usage of endless in 29A & 5D was innovative
      Somebody with definition & T indicator quite awesome.

    2. & Only 5 extraneous words in the entire puzzle!

    3. That's too much I thought. As a solver, not a fan of extraneous word (like of/for) especially when it comes between wordplay components..

  10. Very nice clueing today from Arden :) could not parse some .. casement wordplay, sprawl, .. pedal no way i would have got that without crossings :) Numeral was a rather amazing clue... :) was rather challenging today.. phew..thanks Arden

  11. Lot of good clues.Thanks Arden. Had to search in many shops at bangalore to get The Hindu :(

    1. That has been my experience too in B'lore and other cities.
      Papers may call them 'national' or 'of India' but these are dominant only in certain parts of the country or cities.
      Typically a region has a No. 1 paper while others just mark their presence.
      There is one paper called The Sunday Guardian whose editor appears in TV debates but I am yet to see a copy of it.
      In the past we could get out-of-city newspapers in some stalls in some areas but whether these still help us I am not sure.
      At 7-30 am at a raddi shop I see five-feet high of the day's papers stacked to be carted away for conversion!

  12. L for Law is it from B.L as in Bachelor of Law? Unable to find it in regular dics.

    1. To make too fine a point of it...
      In 20a anno, the rev ind should be only for WARPS which becomes SPRAW. L is added to it.

    2. Then it will become {L}{SPRAW<=}

    3. What I meant is
      should be