Tuesday, 31 May 2016

No 11714, Tuesday 31 May 2016, Arden

Enjoyed this one also, even though I am stuck for a few annos and have a couple of question marks. Liked 22D.

6 & 27 Ac. There is also history in the making of dentifrice in Paris (5,5) TOOTH PASTE {TOO}{TH {PAST}E} What's the role of Paris here? See comments
7   Like modern subject from old kingdom (8) ASSYRIAN {AS}{SYRIAN}
10 Two parts of circle briefly join at a place in Greece (7) ARCADIA {ARC}{A}{DIA}
11 Cloth, paper and zebra skin (7) ORGANZA {ORGAN}{ZebrA}
12 Pitman against a Greek Goddess (7) MINERVA {MINER}{V}{A}
13 Girl's disheartened, still too young to shine (7) GLITTER {GirL}ITTER Anno pending. Is it another bungled up correction here or am I wrong? (AddendumGLISTEN - {GirL}{IS}{TEN} - See comments)
14 In knowledge, payment on date amounts to nothing (7,4) CHICKEN FEED {CHIC}{KEN} {FEE}{D}
19 Royal code for a top banana (7) KINGPIN {KING}{PIN}
21 The Italian chronicle about new dish (7) LASAGNA {LA}{SAG{N}A}
23 Desperate – the country almost got it back (7) FRANTIC {FRAN{TI<=}Ce}
25 Winner, a bit offensive (7) NOISOME {NO 1}{SOME}
26 Herb's especially husked and ground (8) ALLSPICE eSPECIALLy*
27 See 6 Ac. (5)

1   One by one going through volumes – fiery and given to eruptions (8) VOLCANIC {AN} and {1} in {VOL} and {CC}
2   Drink bar comes up under a veil (6) CHADOR {CHA}{DOR<=}
3   Crazy family may bring one down (6,4) BANANA SKIN {BANANA S}{KIN}
4   European city in the middle of industrial action (4) OSLO {gO SLOw}
5   Bird, two girls and a model (6) GANNET {G}{ANNE}{T}
6   It's allowed to get into public transport with a physical injury (6) TRAUMA {TRA{U}M}{A}
8   Type of music makes a boy get into a fit (7) RAGTIME {RAG{TIM}E}

9   Browbeat two females in the family (5) HARRY Anno pending (Addendum - DAUNT {D}{AUNT} - See comments)
13 Arms stay a bit longer in his arms (10) GUNSLINGER {GUNS}{LINGER} Semi&lit
15 Originally computerised – coder removed by force (7) IMPETUS coMPUTerISEd*
16 Cramped quarters for those out of favour (8) DOGHOUSE [C&DD]
17 Canoe or craft, forces leave and trainees join (5) SKIFF SKI(-ll+ff) But trainees are leaving and forces are joining here!
18 Play a note for it to reproduce, perhaps (6) GAMETE {GAME}{TE}
20 Peer into the city, almost (6) NEARLY {N{EARL}Y}
22 Philby's cover as a mole, wasn't enough (6) SKIMPY {S{KIM}PY} Nice one
24 One in jail for killing his brother (4) CAIN {CA{1}N} &lit


  1. 13A:I put it as GLISTEN

    1. Oops.I didn't see your post before posting.

  2. 9D:Iput it as DAUNT..D+AUNT

  3. Replies
    1. Initially had same doubt, but after re-reading the clue, felt that the clue can be parsed as :
      Canoe (Skiff) becomes Craft (Skill) when forces (FF) leave and trainees (LL) join.

  4. Another beauty from Arden.

  5. Jabalpur:A few firsts for me.With no computer at my disposal & having arrived early here..cold solved most of the clues through the hub...then turned to the online grid & solved the rest there.
    Surprised myself by solving in double quick time.
    With the whole day in hand..planning to see Bedaghat & Dhuadar once again

  6. 'dentifrice' (from L. dentifricium, a combination of two words 'denti-' and 'fricare', rub, as in friction) may have passed into the English language.

    In the late 1950s, when I was a boy, someone in the family used 'Steradent' for brushing their dentures. I remember the word 'dentifrice' that was used by these powders to distinguish themselves from the mundane toothpaste that we with genuine teeth used.

    1. Talking of Dentifrice. I saw this on facebook the other day

      Doctor conducting a survey - "How long do you use your toothbrush?"

      Chinese: "6 months."

      American: "3 months"

      Indian: "There is no fixed time limit doctor. May be years... Initially we use it for brushing our teeth; then we use it for dying our hair, cleaning ornaments and cleaning machine parts of our vehicles. Then when there no bristles left on the brush we use it for running the 'naada' in pyjamas and petticoats."

    2. Used toothbrush serves as a comb cleaner too!

    3. Leave it to the Indians to find better use for used and discarded items. Remember to have read that U.S.is the highest in accumulating garbage!

  7. When I was a boy this 'running naadaa in pyjamas and petticoats' was a regular huosehold activity. Not toothbrush but a large pin we used. Some would carefully lie the two loose ends together so the naada never came off. How come the activity is not so common nowadays? Doesn't the clothing last even that long when a naada comes all the way out? Or does the clothing have other kinds of fixed fasteners? Those naadas used to have a red line running all along, remember?

    1. Putting the naada in petticoat is still being done..as for pyjamas..we have nowadays ones with elastic but most of the pyjamas have been replaced with bermudas & others

  8. Those red lined nadas are still available, but no longer used in clothing the way you explain. These have been replaced by elastics and welcros. No tying or untying. Do you know that that there are white coloured welcro belts for use with dhotis?

    1. Yeah , you're right , Paddy. These velcro belts are one inch broad white tapes , well- stitched and are called and sold as dhoti belts here in Coimbatore by Ramraj. As I don't ever wear dhotis, I tried once using this belt for my track pajamas but the problem I faced was that the belt rides up, leaving the pajamas slide down. That makes me wonder with my wife as to how the gracious ladies wear their saris, tucked in their petticoats and how even the silk saris don't slip away from their waists ! Nothing to beat the good old trousers with loops and stylish belts made in leather, with designer buckles of choice to match one's other get-ups like shoes and watch straps. I have a good collection of such belts and bucklesand tie pins .

    2. Dieting may help in keeping it in place!
      BTW, you should wear those leather belts & tie pins on your Japan/ U.S. visits.

  9. Ah could not parse toothpaste.. thanks :) Thats quite a clue from Arden :) Skimpy also rather awesome.. nice one from Arden :)

  10. Diameter is not strictly a part of a circle. It is just a measurement. But arc is.