Thursday, 5 May 2016

No.11692, Thursday 05 May 16, Vulcan

This is exactly how I prefer my cryptic crossword. Teasing but yielding with no ambiguity and providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Several nice clues in FRACAS, PERIL, EXCITE, INGENUOUS, ORPHANED, CROSSROAD, GAIN to name a few.

Thank you Vulcan.

1 An erotic/kinky answer (8) REACTION [AN EROTIC]*
5 When a nation’s pointlessly starting a fight (6) FRACAS [nation=FRAnCe + when=AS]
10 Highest standards, say (9) PRINCIPAL [~ standard(s?)=PRINCIPLE]
11 Danger of a large current passing through (5) PERIL [a=PER + Large outside current=I]
12 Leaders of Baptist association leaving church building/compound (6) SILICA [church building=baSILICA]
13 Illusion created by sound artist (7) CHIMERA [sound=CHIME + artist=RA]
14 Collected good articles on Democrat (8) GATHERED [Good + articles=A,THE + on=RE + Democrat]
15 Saint hosting the leader of catholic churches! (6) SANCTA [saint=SANTA outside Catholic]
18 Old name for Kindle (6) EXCITE [old=EX + name=CITE]
20 North American leader, in addition, a legend basically (8) SAGAMORE [legend=SAGA + in addition=MORE]
22 Choosing // strong fabric (7) TICKING [DD]
25 Bishop in trouble after pawn is sacrificed, king gets in front, in check (6) KIBOSH [King + BISHOp*]
27 Couple of letters for the presenter (5) EMCEE [letters=M,C]
28 Sincere and brilliant one expelled by university (9) INGENUOUS [brilliant=INGENIOUS with University for one=I]
29 Detective thus cracked cases, extremely lame (6) SLEUTH [THUS* outside LamE]
30 Man, one there, one with false report (8) ISLANDER [one=I + false report=SLANDER]

1 Work wearing short red tie (4) ROPE [work=OP inside REd]
2 Pertaining to belief of an Indian leader — reportedly supernatural (9) ANIMISTIC [AN + Indian + ~supernatural=MYSTIC]
3 Do something to patch broken tile — it's sensitive (7) TACTILE [do something=ACT inside TILE]
4 He'd no pa and mother, ending up thus (8) ORPHANED [HED NO PA motheR]*
6 Cook plaice following recipe — it's the same (7) REPLICA [Recipe + PLAICE*]
7 Signal's red, vehicle beginning to make a turn (5) CURVE [signal=CUE outside Red + Vehicle]
8 Conscious and sad primarily — feel badly about a conflict (4-5) SELF-AWARE [Sad + FEEL* outside A conflict=WAR]
9 Group of Zagreb locals (4) BLOC [T]
14 New sergeant's distinction (9) GREATNESS [SERGEANTS]*
16 Way car's doors worked (9) CROSSROAD [CARS DOORS]*
17 Daytime was no different during this era (4,4) DARK AGES [CD]
19 Tour ending abruptly — group to split (7) TRISECT [tour=TRIp + group=SECT]
21 Country's outlaw protected by a false name for the most part (7) ALBANIA [outlaw=BAN inside false name=ALIAs]
23 Ready money said to be in reserve (5) CACHE [~ ready money=CASH]
24 A good home bought with earnings (4) GAIN [A inside Good + Home=IN]
26 One who employs American time, mostly (4) USER [American=US + time=ERa]


  1. Thanks Bhavan.
    Sagamore took away my samosa. Mind blocked with NA..MORE

  2. Loved today's puzzle as well as the blog

  3. 10a I too thought there was a mismatch of number. A principle is an accepted rule of conduct. A man of principles has a set of them, perhaps. We can easily get 'principle' from 'standard'. The use of plural is confusing.

  4. Isn't it 1120 am in India? where's every one? why only 3 comments?

    I am waiting for this crossie to be loaded on to THCC online.

    Thanks Bhavan for an excellent job.

  5. Just finished yesterday's . Missing India . Nagoya is a spanking clean city, with few folks on the roads. Its a pity that the locals have no knowledge of even spoken English, but their politeness and courtesy supersedes all their deficiencies in communication. This country is a happy blend of tradition and modernity.

  6. again a nice one from Vulcan.. did not have the grid to this one so it took me longer as i had to construct it from the clues .. which was irritating initially - since i found i could not get all the clues without crossings and seemed like way too much trouble...but in the end found it oddly satisfying :) liked several clues.. all mentioned above.. needed help with sancta and sagamore both new.. btw why so few comments?

    1. Most of the grids are repeated by setters, so easiest way to find the grid will be to search for that setter's past puzzles here or on the hindu website with the setter's name.

    2. Col was kind enough to send me the entire grid collection..I have also maintained the grids in excel..all i do is copy the clues from The Hub & paste it in appropriate grid & solve..the fact that the clues are put up in the hub very early, helps me in solving the puzzle before office time..

    3. Yep The Col did send me a set of grids .. but could not find this particular one under that setter's name :( and well going through all the grids would have taken more time...thought better to construct it.. and it was fun :)

  7. Thank you Vulcan and Bhavan. Spent a good hour solving and enjoying the blog. Request more of Bhavan's blogging,time permitting.

    1. Thanks Padmanabhan, you flatter me. I'm happy to stand in when necessary because Colonel and Ramesh are doing a great job.

    2. Not just flattery, Bhavan,since I mean it. Ramesh stepped in to relieve Col. on Saturdays. Maybe you can do for a day. Your preamble is very nice and is a succinct summary. In fact I got 2 words (which I could not get earlier) just by reading it. Even yesterday CV & Suresh were discussing about giving some relief to Col.

    3. Agree with Paddy..Remember you blogging on Tuesdays & Fridays in 2014-15...wish you take atleast 1 day

  8. Summer vacation may be the cause. People are away from their bases- some to cooler places and some to hotter (MB said he is off to Nellore!)

  9. Wow, thanks for all the kind words, Bhavan.

    Felt a few things could have been done better though, definitions for 20A, 6D and word breakup in TRISECT, which is TRI + SECT in the clue. And when I read it now, 29A's surface is a little weird.

  10. Daytime was no different during this era (4,4) DARK AGES [CD]

    I chumma took this as D (ark) ages with out of the ark = old :)

  11. Paddy @11.26 Me at Tirupathi. Had good darshan at Alarmelmangapuram, Srinivasamangapuram, Tirumala, Sri Kalahasthi, Thiruthanigai. Got my head tonsured at Tirumala! (Very easy job for that person);)

  12. Exactly. So you belong to the HOT category.A very pious reason. All of us get the blessings through you.
    They say that such people are charged more including search fees (in my case very high!)

  13. Today in the online edition there was no grid, only clues (and this is not the first time it happened.) For a paper of national repute, given the errors and omissions (not just the crossword), their standards are appalling. But, that is beside the immediate point!

    What do you do -- you who can only access the online edition -- when the paper wants to play games with you like this?

    1. Madhav:please read my reply@2:15pm..if u need I can send you the grids too

  14. Thank you Vasant. I will keep that in mind.

    (I did not want to see a single clue before I get a shot at today's cw. So, I blindly scrolled down to leave a comment and beat it:-) That's how I missed your note.)