Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2891), Sunday 01 May 2016

1   Agile thief in saloon, say, grabbing food with thanks, turned and left (3,7) CAT BURGLAR {CA{T {BURG<=}{L}A}R} (Addendum - {C{AT<=} {BURG<=}{L}AR} - See comments)
6   Work that's necessary to stop usurper (4) OPUS [T]
9   Completed refund, food being rotten (7,3) ROUNDED OFF*
10 Kid after carbon copy (4) CRIB {C}{RIB}
11 Area of London church? Different area (7) CHELSEA {CH}{ELSE}{A}
12 Address European court, entering appeal (7) LECTURE {L{E}{CT}URE}
14 Opening wide, scoffed doughnut? Delicious (5-8) MOUTH-WATERING {MOUTH}-{W}{ATE}{RING}
17 Victory and loss traced variously in royal residence (7,6) WINDSOR CASTLE {WIN}{LOSS+TRACED}*
19 Second language good for party (7) SHINDIG {S}{HINDI}{G}
21 Leading story, not a surprise (7) STARTLE {STAR}{TaLE}
23 Notion one endlessly cherished (4) IDEA {1}{DEAr}
24 Singer arriving initially during frantic alarm in Oz (5,5) MARIO LANZA {Ar...g} in {ALARM+IN+OZ}*
25 Pant softly and sink back (4) GASP {GAS}{P}<=
26 State laundry list, finally acceptable (10) WASHINGTON {WASHING}{lisT}{ON}

1   Account kept by scoundrel with yen for ministerial office (6) CURACY {CUR}{AC}{Y}
2   Rising in force, curtailed armistice (5) TRUCE [T<=]
3   Open day in university, I'd guess, chaotic (11) UNDISGUISED {D+IN+U+I'D+GUESS}*
4   Hear about upset following party for Mafia boss (9) GODFATHER {GATHER} about {F}{DO}<=
5   Permissible to exclude learner? Very bad (5) AWFUL lAWFUL
7   Ridiculous price upon large rodent (9) PORCUPINE*
8   Cover me, supporting battalion's leader in rush (8) SUBMERGE {SU{Ba...n}{ME}RGE}
13 Dejected and cold, pause on marshland, taking everything in (11) CRESTFALLEN {C}{REST}{F{ALL}EN}
14 Virility in body securing new job (9) MANLINESS {MA{N}{LINE}SS}
15 Economist's answer blocks merriment, right away (4,5) ADAM SMITH {A}{DAMS} {MIrTH}
16 Misrepresenting wit, badly hurt (8) TWISTING {WIT}*{STING}
18 Get back for example in shower (6) REGAIN {R{EG}AIN}
20 Fruit in Antigua varied (5) GUAVA [T]
22 Number with alien belief (5) TENET {TEN}{ET}



  1. Special at 10:30 today is the 21x21 crossword used at the preliminary round of the Chennai Crossword Open held at IIT(M) last month.

  2. Mario Lanza has stolen my samosas:(.

    1. Initially i had it as Maria Lonza. Needed the net to get it right

  3. 26A- 'ON' for acceptable? I was able to get the state though with the help of laundry!

  4. Slightly a tougher one, this week, I felt. Still completed it. Thanks to the blog could understand the anno part of CAT BURGLAR, MOUTH-WATERING and MANLINESS.

  5. I had 1a as (C((at) (burg)<=)(l)AR)

  6. Shindig reminded me of Arden's clue in the last cycle.