Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2892), Sunday 08 May 2016

1   Sit next to former partner in show (6) EXPOSE {EX}{POSE}
4   Outlaw, almost docile, is chicken (6) BANTAM {BAN}{TAMe}
10 Regret harsh tune played for primitive folk (6-9) HUNTER GATHERERS*
11 Rabble repeated phrase with force, receiving service (4-4) RIFF-RAFF {RIFF}-{RAF}{F}
12 Revolutionary work gathered pace (5) TEMPO {TEM}{PO}<=
14 Dislike eating seconds in hurry (5) HASTE {HA{S}TE}
15 Incisive tips from tipster with charm (9) TRENCHANT {Ti...eR}{ENCHANT}
17 Wild group, number inhabiting trailer? (9) ABANDONED {A{BAND}{ONE}D}
20 Fielder, mind wandering, catching nothing (3-2) MID-ON {MID-{O}N*}
21 Be resistant to pressure during dance (5) REPEL {RE{P}EL}
23 Crumbs cleared by old cleaner finally in passage (8) CORRIDOR {COR}{RID}{O}{c...eR}
25 Fraud with ton in secret stack (10,5) CONFIDENCE TRICK {CONFIDENCE} {T}{RICK}
26 Store of food some shared, rallying round (6) LARDER [T<=]
27 Stage complete story (6) LEGEND {LEG}{END}

1   Repeat part of speech once (4) ECHO [T]
2   Device used by writer to make a point (6,9) PENCIL SHARPENER [CD]
3   City's defence full of energy, very loud (9) SHEFFIELD {SH{E}{FF}IELD}
5   Expert answer with endless profundity (5) ADEPT {A}{DEPTh}
6   Dynamic duo lethal in same film (6,3,6) THELMA AND LOUISE*
7   Pro within minutes resolved trouble (10) MISFORTUNE {MIS{FOR}TUNE*}
8   Horrified husband in story turning up on time (6) AGHAST {AG{H}AS<=}{T}
9   Hold back stone weapon, dropping resistance (6) STIFLE {ST}{rIFLE}
13 Dramatic act the liar arranged (10) THEATRICAL*
16 Carry out peg and board (9) COMMITTEE {COMMIT}{TEE}
18 Steal Spanish article and coin (6) NICKEL {NICK}{EL}
19 Immediate order (6) DIRECT [DD]
22 Knowledge about island in river (5) LOIRE {LO{I}RE}
24 Small child's slide (4) SKID {S}{KID}



  1. Neither easy nor difficult. Liked this samosa!

  2. Mohsin's early morning comments on yesterdays CW, needs answers

    1. The answers have been provided under the relevant thread which can be reached by using the link in the side bar at left.

  3. Special at 10:30 is the CW used in the final round at the IIT(M) Crossword open

  4. Good crossie, simple and easy.

  5. Good one today. Recovered from depression suffered yesterday at the hands of the wily xChequer.