Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2893), Sunday 15 May 2016

1   Inattentive person in shelter arrested by agent with brain (10) SLEEPYHEAD {S{LEE}PY}{HEAD}
6   Ruler treats army partially (4)  TSAR [T]
9   Panel uninterested in hearing (5) BOARD (~bored)
10 Soil freshly broken by instrument, not one for volcanic island (9) STROMBOLI {S{TROMBone}OLI*}
12 Playing at pub, lose desire to show rare musical ability (8,5) ABSOLUTE PITCH {AT+PUB+LOSE}*{ITCH}
14 Popular chef’s conclusion, exploiting filling (8) INFUSING {IN}{cheF}{USING}
16 Reset wobbly old record player (6) STEREO {RESET*}{O}
18 Settled a craving (6) AGREED {A}{GREED}
19 Greek god’s present identification acceptable (8) POSEIDON {POSE}{ID}{ON}
21 Range, I note, a varied kind (13) COMPASSIONATE {COMPASS}{I+NOTE+A}*
24 Atmosphere around street connected with trouble back in country (9) AUSTRALIA {AU{ST}RA}{LIA<=}
25 Move stealthily and softly, right beside bird (5) PROWL {P}{R}{OWL}
26 Refrain from eating quickly (4) FAST [DD]
27 Exercise involves a payment, it seems (10) APPARENTLY {APP{A}{RENT}LY}

1   Leave cab, alas, bit damaged (10) SABBATICAL*
2   Medium in state having no time for tests (5) EXAMS {tEXA{M}S}
3   Hesitation under pressure confuses crew in boat (6,7) PADDLE STEAMER {P}{ADDLE S}{TEAM}{ER}
4   Remake of The Saint? That’s doubtful (8) HESITANT*
5   Inclined to keep book on rugby union short (6) ABRUPT {A{B}{RU}PT}
7   Most unruly man communist suppressed (9) SMOTHERED {MOST*}{HE}{RED}
8   Run and help attack (4) RAID {R}{AID}
11 Time consumed by renovation of top hotel, home for rock band (4,3,6) MOTT THE HOOPLE {T} in {TOP+HOTEL+HOME}*
13 Enjoy Welsh broadcast in church leader’s name (4,6) JOHN WESLEY*
15 Predictions about cutting wooded areas (9) FORECASTS {FORE{CA}STS}
17 Dish that’s first of many set before us in Japanese city (8) MOUSSAKA {Many}{O{US}SAKA}
20 Hit barrier, getting over operation (6) WALLOP {WALL}{OP}
22 Embrace and fuss, then part (5) ADOPT {ADO}{PT}
23 Part of leg from young elephant (4) CALF [DD]



  1. Special at 10:30 by Doppelganger

  2. Good one. Most time was consumed by 11D. Had no option but to google. Such a rocking band it was.

  3. several old clues ... is the sunday xword meant to be a kind of compilation of past ?

    1. Do you solve Everyman on the Guardian website? If so, this was published there in March. Today here you're probably remembering the clues from there.

    2. yes i do CV sir... that must be it :)

  4. Rock Band has rocked away my samosa boat

  5. Does the Sunday crossword not appear in the Interactive site? If not, why not ?