Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2894), Sunday 22 May 2016

1   Physicist showing new path he's worked out with chess piece (7,7) STEPHEN HAWKING {NEW+PATH+HE'S}*{KING}
9   So marsh, except for odd parts, happens to be fertile spot (5) OASIS {sO+mArSh}{IS}
10 Carnivore in rage, very unhappy, coming back with new energy (9) WOLVERINE {WOL}{V}{ERI}<={N}{E}
11 Increasing taxation initially relating to jewellery (8) TREBLING {Ta...g}{RE}{BLING}
12 Most unusual depth in poem by saint (6) ODDEST {OD{D}E}{ST}
14 End of annual period around Christmas (4) NOEL {NOE}{a...aL}<=
15 Dignified arrangement of a quest set up without pressure (10) STATUESQUE {A+QUEST+SET+Up}*
18 Fruit began to go rotten in vehicle (10) LOGANBERRY {LO{BEGAN*}RRY}
19 Search with horse covering miles (4) COMB {CO{M}B}
21 Meal, excellent, quietly consumed (6) SUPPER {SUP{P}ER}
23 On the whole exhausted before melodrama's last lines (3,2,3) ALL IN ALL {ALL IN} {m...mA}{LL}
25 Passed area in open range (9) OVERTAKEN {OVERT}{A}{KEN}
26 Material from speech in order (5) CHINO [T]
27 Crime writer's odd gems one ignores (7,7) GEORGES SIMENON*

1   Print lingo boss translated for football team (8,6) SPORTING LISBON*
2   Point for example about registration mark's hidden feature (6,3) EASTER EGG {EAST}{E{R EG}G}
3   Trouble with fluttering lashes (6) HASSLE*
4   Occasionally negative, therefore receiving stick (3,3,4) NOW AND THEN {NO}W AND} {THEN}
5   Clever chart from which temperature is taken (4) ABLE tABLE
6   Very involved requirement in store (4-4) KNEE-DEEP {K{NEE-D}EEP}
7   Sound from hooter, overwhelming one (5) NOISE {NO{1}SE}
8   Get through election mostly working for high-flying data collector (7,7) WEATHER BALLOON {WEATHER} {BALLOt}{ON}
13 Plots beginning to subvert Conservative policies (10) STORYLINES {Su...t}{TORY}{LINES}
16 Extract estimate of cost (9) QUOTATION [DD]
17 Doctor cares not for predecessor (8) ANCESTOR*
20 Funny series? Some miss it completely (6) SITCOM [T]
22 Bit quiet, vocally (5) PIECE (~peace)
24 King unknown in middle of desert island (4) SKYE {deS{K}{Y}Ert}



  1. Yep have done this before. but enjoyed some of them all over again.. Loganberry surface is rather neat no? so also stephen hawking.. and weather balloon .. skye.

  2. 5D
    I put it as ARCH taking T out of chart and got lost.Arch could mean clever.