Wednesday, 26 October 2011

No 10293, Wednesday 26 Oct 11, Scintillator

Scintillator's giving us a run for our money with his Diwali theme! besides having me stumped again in the NW corner.
1   - Got ready (8) - ENCASHED ? (See comments)
5   - Prudence is present in westbound modern women (6) - WISDOM {W}{IS}{DOM<-}
9   - Terribly inane sniper (5) - ANNIE ? (See comments))
10 - Pervert's all-in-one bid involving vital urge (9) - LIBIDINAL {ALL+IN+I+BID}
12 - A puny night-watchman? (6,3) - LITTLE OWL [CD]
13 - Aimless lot (2,3) - NO END [DD]
14 - Devour thick lard (3,3) - PIG FAT {PIG} {FAT}
16 - Has sent some letters expressing approvals (7) - ASSENTS [T]
19 - Vegetable stew's not the best (7) - POTHERB Anno pending (Addendum - {POTHER}{B} - See comments)
21 - Wheel chips have akurkure' relish at starters (6) - CHAKRA {C}{H}{A}{K}{R}{A}
23 - Territory made of concrete mass (5) - REALM {REAL}{M}
25 - Mother Teresa managed to protect Nationalist Tigers (3-6) - MAN-EATERS {MA+TERESA+N}*
27 - Is fleetly moving in fast lane, perhaps (9) - LIFESTYLE*
28 - ''Whiskey?” ‘Siri' initially hears ‘Pesky'! (5) - IRISH {SIRI+H}*
29 - Wearing pink at home, resembling wax (6) - ROSINY {ROS{IN}Y}
30 - Mark isn't suing antigay regulars (8) - INSIGNIA {I}{N}{S}{I}{G}{N}{I}{A}
1   - Be lean, supple and fit (6) - ENABLE*
2   - Choke, as would a boa (9) - CONSTRICT [CD]
3   - Will a patient woman be calm or explosive? (5) - SHELL SHE'LL
4   - Fish peel? (7) - EELPOUT {PEEL}*
6   - Ones occupying one nation differentiate it from another (9) - INDONESIA {IND{ONES}IA}
7   - Deccan Chargers' opener departs, beaten by spin (5) - DANCE DECcAN*
8   - Seem bent on luring rising star to compose music (8) - MELODISE {ME{LODI<-}SE*}
11 - Wood that could make a slab (5) - BALSA*
15 - Secret: Bro Frank's momma's boy (9) - FREEMASON {FREE}{MA}{SON}
17 - A European is talking — and not we people in India (9) - NORWEGIAN {NOR}{WE}GIAN Is 'Gian' referring to an Indian name? (Addendum - {NOR}{WE}{GIAN}(~jan) - See comments)
18 - Yours truly's firework? (8) - SPARKLER [DD]
20 - No smooth bottom gets to send waste out, so to say (5) - BUMPY {BUM}{PY}(~pee)
21 - Eatery cutlery (7) - CANTEEN [DD]
22 - Problem affecting Hamas terrorists' leader (6) - ASTHMA {HAMAS+T}*
24 - Calf assiduously eats grass (5) - ALFAS [T]
26 - Story of a liberal independent (5) - ALIBI {A}{LIB}{I}


  1. 1 - Got ready (8) - ENCASHED ?

    Yes, 'ready' refers to cash.

  2. Ready money refers to cash. How can just 'ready' refer to cash.

  3. Wishing all of you and your family the very best on Deepavali/Diwali.

  4. In informal usage, having 'the ready' is having cash:

  5. In colloquial speech you can say. "I've got the ready, and I'm off shopping!"
    Although as I type this, I realise it is usually in the plural " I have the readies"

  6. 9 - Terribly inane sniper (5) - ANNIE ?

    Annie Sniper is a game

  7. Is Annie referring to Annie Oakley? Of wild west sharpshooter fame?

  8. 20 - No smooth bottom gets to send waste out, so to say (5)

    The bottom here reminded me of quaint (at least to Indian ears) names we have come across:

    Sidebottom (in the famous case Sidebottom v Kershaw, Leese & Co Ltd)

    Longbottom (Neville, in Harry Potter series)

    I am sure DD can add a few more.

  9. Sidebottom had given us quite a few laughs in first PUC when the case was mentioned in class.

  10. Hi all

    Hearty Diwali Wishes :) (have I already said that once?)

    Some quick clarifications so that you can enjoy the festival:

    17D: Homophone of NOR WE JAN
    19A: POTHER B
    Annie, as David says is meant to be Annie Oakley
    Ready = cash is in Chambers, so I am in safe territory.

    The difficulty seems to be a bugbear, so I promise to factor that next time.

  11. Winterbotton always makes me think their pants are too thin!
    And ramsbottom - not a pretty thought

  12. Just spotted the hidden Diwali!
    Wish it was celebrated more in Kerala, but am planning my own one man festivities and am lighting divas tonight.

  13. And ramsbottom - not a pretty thought

    rams-verb, possessive noun, or plural noun?

  14. Happy Deepavali to everybody. The last two puzzles have taken a long time to complete.

  15. Dave
    Am writing this away from home. Visiting my brother where another brother too chanced in.
    Congrats to you on spottiing the nina, truly hidden, while some three cues were given elsewhere to the theme (e.g., chakra).

    In Tamil this item is known as Vishnu chakram. There is also the 'tharai chakram' where the wheel spins on the ground.

  16. Wishing everyone and their family the very best on this Happy Deepavali day.
    Nice to hrar from Scintillator (sparlkler?) that the difficulty level will be taken care of- as one of the affected.

  17. Best Diwali wishes to everyone ...

    Spent all morning trying to crack this, but in vain, had to give up on a few clues in the end

    I did not understand this one despite the anno: EELPOUT. I did not understand how exactly the OUT comes in after the anagram. Sorry to bother, but can someone please elaborate a bit more on this ? Thanks

  18. VP. Eelpout is a kind of reverse anagram It is a fish and if you view the answer as the clue you would get peel (eelp out). Hope I am clear, which I seldom am.

  19. Thanks Suresh, understood it now.

  20. 4.5 down, in the manner of platform no. 9¾

  21. Wishing you all a very Happy Deepavali.

  22. Winterbottom!!

    Reminded me of a great line from Len Deighton's short story 'Winter's morning' (from memory, with ref to a pilot Winter)

    Let there be morning patrols in winter, but no Winters in the morning patrols.

  23. 24 Down - I thought grass is 'Alfalfa'.

  24. Here's wishing all fellow-solvers and more particularly, the Compilers who keep us busy throughout the year, a VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI. Their job is tough- compiling. How can we whine and whinge about difficulty in solving? The tougher they compile, the more interesting it is.

    The last two days have been real Bheja fries. Better cracking the clues than burning crackers-- saves on noise and air pollution.

    Incidentally, I have observed two peculiarities in Coimbatore.

    Why is that all chemist shops are juxtaposed to sweet shops and bakeries? As PGW would say: Hog away to piggy glory for tomorrow is yet to come? Eat today all the sweets you can and visit the chemist shops next? Chemist shops are owned by sweeteries and bakeries? I call them Fakeries.

    Secondly, why is that every second male sports a moustache ? of one form or the other? Is it the sine qua non to be a Coimbatore male?

    There are no papers tomorrow. Any diversion suggestions or offers?

    I have a picturised cryptic crossword-- large and complicated. Any one interested in giving it a go? Will I be violating any copy right by sharing it?

  25. Scintillator,


  26. Got it - thanks to Kishore's comment on THC.

  27. Kishore @ 15:34,

    4.5 down is only 1/3rd of the Nina!!

  28. Padmanabhan @ 13:42,

    As per the announcement in the paper here in Bangalore it looks as if there will be no print edition on 26th and 27th but the online edition will be available, so I presume we will have a CW online tomorrow as well like we had today

  29. DG1731: Agree. That was only an indicator, since Scintillator had already mentioned it at 859.

    Re 1913, that's what I was hoping. But if all editions are not going to print tomorrow and will 10294 appear online is a Schrodinger's cat as of now. If it does, will that be a first, only online and not in print?

  30. David Dobson @ 09:08
    am lighting divas tonight.,

    That's a one-man celebration, surely. ;-)

  31. A happy Diwali / Deepavali to everyone and families.

    Dave 09:08

    am lighting divas tonight.

    Guess it was only a slip - in place of diyas. :))

  32. Richard, and all those innuendos about candles and wicks goes with lighting up divas.

  33. Just checking before my pre prandial ambulation, but no luck yet on any of the THC sites. I think we will have to wait for the Col. to slip the bait before the feeding frenzy of the piranha commences.

  34. You are not waiting alone. I am second in the queue waiting for the bait to drop.

  35. DH just arrived. Off for my morning dose (the English one, not Kannada Dosè)

  36. Done. Nice one. One word pending, a name:

    8 a Wren's forename? (5) -enn- Penny? Which Wren?

    The only kill joy in this type of grid is quite a few words get solved by themselves !

    Will post a few good ones.

  37. 8 a Wren's forename? (5) -enn- Penny? Which Wren?

    JENNY (DD)

    1. Generic name for a country lass (Scot)
    2. (the following meanings usu without cap) a wren or owl regarded as female

  38. 15a Those cutting up a pie chart (5)
    19a The rump, so how can it be a whole animal (6)
    26a As ports go, not a good one? {6)
    1d Place much visited by me on some occasions (5)
    7d Appeal, not only to be given "not out" at the start (5)
    24d A man of stone (6)

    Source Deccan Herald Crossword Challenge 8665

    Any idea who the setter is?

  39. Thanks, B, you really are the Wiz of Oz. (sorry, initial typing went Wix of Ox, what which x and z keys next to each other)

  40. Whoops apologies for innuendo.
    My phone auto-corrected diya with diva
    Very annoying - it also always auto-corrects dave with save.