Monday, 2 December 2013

No 10945, Monday 02 Dec 2013, Arden

1   Secure the outer ring before you deal with such a contraption (5,3,6) BLOCK AND TACKLE {B{LOCK} AND} {TACKLE}
10 Writing and greeting gets no money (5) RHINO {R}{HI}{NO}
11 She was kept once in building to protect a young one (9) CONCUBINE {CON{CUB}INE*}
12 Lawyer parking for the boss (7) PLEADER {P}{LEADER}
13 Amusement park features contain extremely delightful puzzles (7) RIDDLES {RID{DelightfuL}ES}
14 Trouble when a cold place is revisited (3,2) ACT UP {A}{C}T UP<=}
16 With no help, ran away with this instrument (9) ALPENHORN*
19 Lost copy without time to reverse direction (9) FORGOTTEN {FORG{OT<=}{T}E}{N}
20 Result seen around university, perhaps (5) ENSUE {ENS{U}E*}
22 Colony not in position (7) OUTPOST {OUT}{POST}
25 Sign with number of beastly features (7) LEONINE {LEO}{NINE}
27 Never seen tiger wandering here (9) SERENGETI* &lit
28 Let inside the circle as expected (5) LEASE [T]
29 Made love post-haste, turned out to be such a dish! (6,8) MASHED POTATOES {MADE+O+POST_HASTE}* Reminded me of the song and dance shown below.

2   Some money for secret organisation in the county (9) LEICESTER {LEI}{SECRET*}
3   Notes a path to follow after church order (5) CHORD {CH}{O}{RD} Could also have been a [T]
4   Agreeing with the law to save one under a rope (9) ACCORDANT {AC{CORD}{AN}T}
5   Money raises money including interest (5) DINAR {D{I}NAR<=}
6   A roll and twist, perhaps is too much (9) ABUNDANCE {A}{BUN}{DANCE}
7   Extremely kosher but sick with such sea food (5) KRILL {KosheR}{ILL}
8   Essayist providing mere translation on an issue (7) EMERSON {MERE*}{SON}
9   Grandfather loses heart when father in Chennai gets booze (6) GRAPPA {GrandfatheR}{APPA}
15 Boy involved in attack, say (9) PRONOUNCE {P{RON}OUNCE}
17 The glass broke, still he is among the jury (9) PANELLIST {PANE}{STILL*}
18 Stubborn ex-student, say, got home (9) OBSTINATE {OB}{ST{IN}ATE}
19 Debris – initial floods bring plenty by morning (7) FLOTSAM {F}{LOTS}{AM}

21 Team loses four when the Spanish go for a point (6) ELEVEN (-s+el)ELEVEN
23 Conditions during parts of the school year (5) TERMS [DD]
24 The fool gets the viewer rating – about two points (5) TWERP {T{W}{E}RP}
26 Bird chewed up towel (5) OWLET*


  1. 19 Lost // copy / without time to reverse / direction (9) FORGOTTEN {FORG{OT<=}{T}E}{N}

    1. Is it copy = forge, without time to = T (from time) and TO (from to)? Reverse direction, therefore OT?
      Also, could you please explain 18 D? Is it ob=ex, st=student, in=got home?

    2. 19A : ...and "N"(NORTH) for direction

      18D : Stubborn ex-student, say, got home (9) OBSTINATE {OB}{ST{IN}ATE}

      OB=OLD BOY(EX-STUDENT, STATE = SAY, IN = GOT HOME. So says the above ANNO

    3. 19A : ...and other than N = Direction, whatever you stated is correct.

  2. 29A Expecting comments from some of our witty bloggers here.

    1. Richard
      Of course, I can come up with some comment but it is a dangerous terrrain, especially in the present time when the media are full of a recent episode of someone making something in some unexpected facility and even political bigwigs finding themselves answering questions from women's organisations.
      BTW, in news debates the shouting anchor often doesn't allow the participant to make the latter's viewpoint if it differs from what he thinks. And why one, having had a miserable experience, returns to the debate the next day is beyond me.
      Anil Dharker has written a good piece in the Edit page of Deccan Chronicle today.
      Anyone who guesses what the anchor's viewpoint is likely to be and holds a different opinion should refuse to join.

    2. Probably they like to be SEEN rather than HEARD. Or they want to make a point that they were not allowed to voice their point.

  3. What is going to be the TRP rating for this tough (my rating)CW.
    I am glad I almost got all (except a couple) and on time! But there were quite a few where I filled in with doubt and looking for the anno.For example,grappa( even though I am in Chennai)
    3D looks to be a T.

  4. 'Ensue' is again one of the favourites of many setters. I wonder if someone can list some of the many clues.

    1. I can list Gridman's

      4224 3 In the end ill-use resulted (6)
      10148 4 Follow directions to prosecute (5)
      16374 28 Follows many directions to catch ultras’ leader (6)
      19624 23 Follow girl going after nurse (5)
      21529 28 In conclusion, the girl followed (6)

      The above clues are to be solved ONLY by Padmanabhan.

    2. 4224- EN(SUE)*D
      10148- EN Sue
      16374- ENS(U)ES
      19624- En(Sue) Why nurse? How does it lead to EN?
      21529- EN(Sue)D

      ALL the above done ONLY by me. I could hear CV saying,"Well,you asked for it!"

      Anyway, the point I was trying to make is- If Gridman himself has followed Sue on 5 different occasions, the score may exceed a score if all were counted.

    3. CV,

      Do the numbers that appear before the clue number indicate the cumulative number of clues set by you?

    4. Well Padmanabhan, it is exactly a score to settle. Look at the google search below:
      ENSUE - crossword puzzle answer - Crossword Tracker‎
      ENSUE is a crossword puzzle answer that we have spotted over 20 times. There are related answers (shown below). Try defining ENSUE with Google.

    5. Col. I thought the nos. are those of the CW given by TH, but then only realised these are greater nos. So, these must be Gridman's clue nos. Now curious what is his present score! Expecting clarification.

    6. Renga,
      Interesting! I knew it had to be high since I have seen it myself quite a few times. I tried Google also. thank you.

    7. Yes, Deepak.
      The software that I use for my dB with its search facility has automatically enumerated the token numbers (each entry must be in a separate line in a text file).
      That means it is the serial number.
      Each bunch that I set has six crosswords with 34 clues in grid 1 and 30 each in the rest. That means 184 clues a month.
      I have set six puzzles a month every month since sometime in 2001.
      There are also some specials, as you know.
      So the total number of clues is a big number.

  5. Richard,
    ''wits to comment' or 'comments to wit' ?

  6. Loved the link for 29a. Awesome track and video. Oh, the 50s dance style - so cute. :)

  7. 21 Team loses four when the Spanish go for a point (6) ELEVEN (-s+el)ELEVEN

    Here team plays double role. Team is eleven and it loses four, so it becomes SEVEN and then S (point) is exchanged for EL (the Spanish) to give ELEVEN (team) again.

  8. This is one of the instances where I filled up and started looking around for the anno. Good one.

  9. 21 Team loses four when the Spanish go for a point (6) ELEVEN (-s+el)ELEVEN

    Defn: team ELEVEN
    It loses 4 and becomes SEVEN (when the Spanish EL goes for a point S).

    1. Thanks Rajan. Your anno is the correct one.

  10. Loved the video! Some years ago, I taught this dance to my grand niece in the US - and she really enjoyed it! The appeal of this style of dancing still holds!
    And, of course, in full agreement about the behaviour of the shouting TV anchors in the recent debates.

  11. An interesting fact on Krill from the link given above

    In the Southern Ocean, one species, the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba, makes up an estimated biomass of over 500,000,000 tonnes, roughly twice that of humans. Of this, over half is eaten by whales, seals, penguins, squid and fish each year, and is replaced by growth and reproduction.

  12. An inspirational clipping: Life is like coffee. Thought of sharing with you all.

    1. Thanks, Richard, for the link "Life is like coffee" Soothing music accompanied by words of wisdom ! Really wonderful !!

  13. Listen to some fantastic yodelling and alpine horn playing at these links



  14. I hereby christen 21D-like clues Cyclical &-lits (C&-lit, for short).

    It always takes me a while to solve a clue when 'say' is a part of it. Considering that it may be a homophone indicator, an example indicator, EG, or as in the case of 15D, the deinition. It was the last to fall, as I had from the beginning assumed it was a homophone indicator for attack.

  15. Yes, I was also fooled by say for a long while.

  16. 1,25a &6,17d- sugvestive clues& smooth surfac es escatlateus todesired destination( efinition).10a-'r' for writing 'rhino' for money-news to us..nice cw. V ardently greet Arden.

  17. More than the puzzle, I thoroughly enjoyed myself listening to "Mashed Potato" and "Yodelling and Alphorn" songs/music, followed by Alphorn instrumental music !
    Both yodelling and alphorn, simply marvellous !! Thanks a lot, Col Sir, for the video and the links.

  18. Paddy @ 11:27

    19624- En(Sue) Why nurse? How does it lead to EN?

    Enrolled Nurse, an Australian term for a licensed practical nurse. Source : WIKI

  19. Paddy @ 8:52 AM : 3D : Notes a path to follow after church order (5) CHORD {CH}{O}{RD} Could also have been a [T]

    3D looks to be a T.

    ... But there is no word or phrase indicating a hidden word e.g. 'from', 'partly', 'within', 'has' i.e there's no hidden word indicator.

  20. Enjoyed solving Arden's square today. Clue of my day: PRONOUNCE. Very craftily constructed to mislead ! - RON for boy and POUNCE for attack-- one would laways think of a son for the boy and not a name .

    CV: I agree with you on that very arrogant and self-opinionated anchor whom I used to admire when I started seeing his shows after arrival form Kenya. If he is an anchor and a moderator, he ought to remain one and guide the sparring contestants but instead, he himself becomes a panellist and presupposes that only those who agree with him are right. I really wonder why ever folks become part of his panel. As you rightly say, Anil Dharker and the elder journalist Mr Rahul Singh should have boycotted him after being repeatedly harangued by the anchor. I too am waiting for a comeuppance against this anchor whose show claims to be having the highest TRP ! He seems to be having no respect for seniority and age ! His hubris will be his downfall !!

    On a lighter note, Deepak, Alpenhorn and yodelling are from the Swiss Alps (our own Kishore Kumar indianized it so deftly !) and the link was welcome. Somehow, I could only seeYOU to be one of the accordionists when I saw and enjoyed that joyful clip. I have saved it to go back to hear it again and again whenever I find myself in the dumps ! Thanks a lot !