Friday 28 March 2014

No 11044, Friday 28 Mar 2014, Incognito

An out of turn Incognito, I wonder why?

8   Nothing like a round number (4) ZERO [DD]
9   Very different like N…….S (5,5) POLES APART [CD] [C&DD]
10 Crazier Oscar was right (6) WILDER {WILDE}{R}
11 Trickster gave out money and expressed sympathy (8) CONDOLED {CON}{DOLED}
12 Lennon’s wife has some meat in a Japanese city (8) YOKOHAMA {YOKO}{HAM}{A}
14 Marilyn is no more?! That’s horrible (6) MONROE*
16 Scottish island replaced King with model with eye problem (4) STYE S(-k+t)TYE
17 Criminals sought no egg to be broken (5) THUGS SoUGHT*
18 Replicate policy amendment after insurer was replaced by first curator (4) COPY {PO(-lic+c)CY}*
19 Beverage found in bar racks (6) ARRACK [T] [T+&lit]
21 Bend knee over head to show zest (8) KEENNESS {KNEE*}{NESS}
23 Summon soldiers for processions (8) PAGEANTS {PAGE}{ANTS}
26 Shows directions to railway switches (6) POINTS [DD]
27 Cut lathis into eating implements (10) CHOPSTICKS {CHOP}{STICKS}
28 Cupid returned rose (4) EROS* Returned as Anind? See comments of setter

1   Erotic help fashioned a flyer (10) HELICOPTER*
2,13 Gosh! Sir Drake might like to do this (4,4,1,4) LORD LOVE A DUCK {LORD} {LOVE A DUCK}
3   Paintings in a health facility in Greek city-state (6) SPARTA {SP{ART}A}
4   Dumb locals hid a group of like minded voters (4) BLOC [T]
5   Miss tuna thrown around by destructive waves (8) TSUNAMIS*
6   Residential part of an American city or Meerut, for example (6) UPTOWN {UP}{TOWN}
7   No money need be paid for releasing extra entitlement, for starters (4) FREE {F}{R}{E}{E}
13 See 2 
15 Work location resistance (10) OPPOSITION {OP}{POSITION}
17 Record instructions to a pickpocket (4,4) TAKE NOTE [C&DD]
18 Criminal was asked to pay a penalty and imprisoned (8) CONFINED {CON}{FINED}
20 Beer pop mixed in Syrian city (6) ALEPPO {ALE}{POP*}
22 Unveil an exhibition in this quadrant (6) EXPOSE {EXPO}{SE}
24 A revolutionary can be a pain (4) ACHE {A}{CHE}
25 Yes, Spanish conservative King is ill (4) SICK {SI}{C}{K}


  1. Another roller-coaster ride offered by Incognito.

    Not sure of anno for 12A, 22D and 25D.

    Is 28A correctly clued? How about 'Cupid crushed rose'?


    MONROE (my COD).
    CON-DOLED and CON-FINED get special mention.
    HELICOPTER (Trust the setter to come out with a clue of this kind!)
    TSUNAMIS (I knew this word as a phenomenon and did not know it could be in plural form)

    ARRACK was too easy, although the definition is smooth and &Lit as well.

    1. 28a is a booboo on my part. It was 'sore' in my notes ...

      Regarding Tsunamis, the Japanese know it in the plural, I think.

    2. Yes, Arrack is &lit as well, as y ou have rightly noted

    3. Can it be clued as contained in BARRACKS

    4. I am not sure if the army supplies 'country' . Since they pay me by the character, I sneaked in an extra space between BAR and RACKS and got away without reducing army standards and getting an undisputable &lit to boot.

    5. I am with Richard on 28 A. I solved it as anagram

  2. Bingo! Could solve the puzzle by 8:00 AM. 2,13Dn was the last one to fall, but I went on a wild goose chase to get that answer. First, I browsed Sir Francis Drake and found nothing. The crossings of 13,17 and 21 helped me to think of a duck and finally I could get the answer from 'phrase finder' ! Thanks, Kishore, for one more entertaining CW. I really enjoyed it. :)

    1. Thank heavens you went on a wild goose chase and not a wild duck chase. In the latter,you would have competition from Drake.

  3. An out of turn Incognito, I wonder why?

    Maybe a promotion in grade in recognition of merit...

    1. Reminded me of the legend on the Blue Max

      "Pour le Merit"

  4. 6D - Isn't it incongruous that the central district of a city is referred to as DOWNTOWN and that located away is called UPTOWN.? Just a joke...

    1. I always thought a cemetery was downtown ;-)

    2. And the undertaker is most trustworthy as he is the last one to let you down. ;-)

    3. He also hammers the last nail in your coffin

    4. That reminds me of a sign in a local restaurant:

      Outside catering is undertaking

    5. And the bumper sticker - See you later, overtaker, I am an undertaker...

    6. Always liked this bumper sticker. Could not have said it better.

  5. 9a is a CD,DD

  6. 28 Cupid returned rose (4) EROS* Returned as Anind?
    Returned is Reversal Indicator
    May be the setter intended 'sore' but typed in Rose because of his fondness for her.

  7. Yokohama (looking for meat rather than ham!) & Aleppo needed some search. Did not know the equivalent of 'Gosh', but managed to do the second half thanks to crossings.Good old soldiers misled me in 23A.
    Liked 27A.
    Out of turn or addition- it is most enjoyable. Thank you.

  8. Back from an out-of-town trip to CBE.
    Raju: Extremely sorry that I could not meet you. Completely overwhelmed by relatives - was dragged away by cousins to their houses with whose families I had a roaring conversation, updating life details and recalling the times we - the cousins - had with our grandparents. We also took into account the inevitable problems/sorrows people have..
    All the time was spent in great company - people of three generations sitting together. Just before taking the train, we went uphill to Marudamalai temple, as one of the homes was on the plains nearby.
    Raju: Of the clues that you mentioned the other day and asked who could have been the setters (as the puzzles were published during anon days), all except the last one - walk-on part - were Gridman's (using a search facility on my dB).

  9. If I have to know Lennon's wife to solve Xwds,I'm sorry I wont do Xwds anymore :)

  10. Dumb locals hid a group of like minded voters (4) BLOC Is it reference to anyone as the elections near?

  11. Good morning all!
    Lord love a duck - this was another fun cw!
    Many thanks, Kishore.

  12. Lord love a duck => Doc loved a lurk

  13. Sir Drake denied me a centum :-(

  14. I found Textrous on Twitter

  15. Paddy @9.52: Google search engine failed to locate the missing Malaysian Plane !!!

    1. Renga,

      we are CW buffs. Read every letter. I said 'everyONE', not everything!

  16. Generosity! Thy heart is cupid.

  17. Thanks K for another nice puzzle

  18. 6 Residential part of an American city or Meerut, for example (6) UPTOWN {UP}{TOWN}

    The answer reminds of an old song "UPTOWN GIRL". Enjoy the song HERE

    1. Nice one. My favourite 'girl' song is The girl from Ipanema. Here's Frank Sinatra singing it:

      Watch his right hand. Smoking is injurious to health, but without that smoke, the voice would be different!

    2. And when she passes, I smile - but she doesn't see
      She just doesn't see, she never sees me...

  19. K is there any ref to my @10:22

  20. Nice puzzle Incognito Kishore..Couldn't complete 2D though I got 13D, because I refused to ask google :) My COD was Uptown:), esp. the def..I was beginning to think.."Cons" were the theme somehow..

  21. CV: AW !!! my loss. Couldn't you have sneaked out even for a couple of hours? As we both are home-bound, we are starved of company. You came for just a day? I was just a phone call away.

    Yet to find an antonym for hibernation-- in this sweltering heat, nothing like it.Glacienation? In an AC room? doing a lot of arrears work on old crossies. Some of them do smack of Gridman flavour. Again, learning the methods used in those days which are so far removed from these days. Intends posting a few for cold solving, though that's something I just cannot do, without a grid.

    23rd June 2003;
    Kind of p[lay to celebrate glorious delivery? (8)

    25th June, 2003

    Eavesdropper of a low degree (6)

    They're reluctant to open up ! They'd rather remain in bed ! (7)

  22. Nice one again by Incognito.
    Some soft hearted cheat this, doling out money and expressing sympathy!
    Liked the Marilyn Monroe clue.

  23. Aleppo sounds more like a town in Kerala than one in Syria.

  24. 21 Reminded me of Baba Ramdev!

    Sitting in a boring seminar.

    1. My comments at 1244 are not connected.
      I'm at present in a seminar.

  25. Paddy@11.38 we are CW buffs. Read every letter. I said 'everyONE', not everything!

    Yes. That thing contained everyone who went missing along with the plane. Ironicallly Malaysian Airlines carried an Ad a few years ago which stated "LOSE YOURSELF ON A JOURNEY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS" and "WHEREVER YOU GO NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW".
    The Ad was sent to me by Sir Richards


    2. Its fake dont fall to it

    3. Sir Richards like Sir Jadeja?

  26. Yes, I too got it. Sounded cynically prophetic, though nobody could have thought something like this could happen in future.

  27. Used to follow this blog a few years back. Good to see that it is active!
    Enjoyed today's crossword. :)

  28. Thank you ( Incgnito?!) for 2 very enjoyable puzzles. Especially for Lord love a duck! Billy Bunter, Wodehouse all rolled into one- what fun!

  29. Raju
    None of the three clues that you have quoted today is by Gridman. Not to be found in my dB.
    The second one is a chestnut and I have seen it in UK crosswords and also as an illustrative clue in a crossword manual.

  30. Thanks all, for enjoying the puzzle.

  31. Don't get the LORD LOVE A DUCK clue. Could somebody explain

    1. Gosh! = Definition = {LORD} {LOVE A DUCK} (See the link in the main post)
      Sir = LORD
      Drake might like to do this = LOVE A DUCK

  32. Tribute to all mallu folks! Cheers!!! Enough of Sardar jokes……Mallu jokes are in town!!!!!!!!!!

    1) What is the tax on a Mallu's income called?

    2) Where did the Malayali study?
    In the ko-liage.

    3) Why did the Malayali not go to ko-liage today?
    He is very bissi.

    4) Why did the Malayali buy an air-ticket?
    To go to Thuubai, zimbly to meet his ungle in Gelff.

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    8) What is Malayali management graduate called?
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    9) What does a Malayali do when he goes to America ?
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    10) What does a Malayali use to commute to office everyday?
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    11) Where does he pray?
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    16) What is the Latest Malayali Punch Line?
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    1. I zimbly yenjayed it, Ajeesh ! You should have posted it much earlier, I think. Funny reading !!

  33. Kind of play to celebrate glorious delivery? (8) NATIVITY (a play which recounts the story of the Nativity of Jesus)
    Eavesdropper of a low degree (6) ICICLE (CD)
    They're reluctant to open up ! They'd rather remain in bed ! (7) OYSTERS (CD)