Monday, 31 July 2017

No 12073, Monday 31 Jul 2017, Arden

1   Restrained a modelcan a man hold back a bit? (8) MANACLED [T<=]
5   All the characters are deadly (6) LETHAL*
10 Camp on top of lake bed (7) COTERIE {COT}{ERIE}
11 Controls to check wrong doing (5,2) REINS IN {REIN}{S IN}
12 City residents seen only on Sunday (5) LYONS [T]
13 National day off, wait and see anyway (9) TAIWANESE {WAIT+ANd+SEE}*
14 One caught between two vehicles is reversing — taking time at the inn (12) CARAVANSERAI {CAR}{A}{VAN}{S{ERA}I<=}
18 Introspect about accepting my drug (12) STREPTOMYCIN {INTROSPECT}* over {MY}
21 Basis for keeping say, Yuvraj out of a cricket tournament (9) PRINCIPLE {PRINCE} over {IPL}
23 Not happy about husband's support (5) SHORE {S{H}ORE}
24 Time for certain deletion (7) ERASURE {ERA}{SURE}
25 Tips from marquee sales — perhaps it could spread very fast (7) MEASLES {Ma..uE}{SALES*}
26 Hindrance to follow spy ring (6) EYELET {EYE}{LET}
27 Essential hints uncovered for big returns (8) INTEGRAL {hINTs}{LARGE<=}

1   I have bad luck, to a large extent (6) MUCKLE {M{LUCK*}E}
2   Idea of a stable atom (6) NOTION {NOT}{ION}
3   He cheats a fair deal (4,5) CARD SHARP [CD]
4   Making treacle not so simple — a study in psychology (7,7) ELECTRA COMPLEX {TREACLE}* {COMPLEX}
6   I care about this plant (5) ERICA*
7   Those on the move start looking for Railway lodge (8) HOSTELRY {THOSE*}{Lo...g}{RY}
8   It could be revealing some fish under lake (8) LINGERIE {LING}{ERIE}
9   Oh yes! He is called to serve on board (8,6) ORDINARY SEAMAN (Oh yes ~ O S )
15 Well maintained fleet, hard to copy (9) SHIPSHAPE {SHIPS}{H}{APE}
16 Pioneers in making volatile stuff (8) ISOPRENE*
17 Cross over to set up water (8) IRRIGATE {IRATE} over {RIG}
19 Monkey's faux pas (6) HOWLER [DD]
20 Metal stand, a nasty piece of work (6) WEASEL {W}{EASEL}
22 Take off the top layer, still it's rough (5) CRUDE cRUDE



  1. Enjoyable ride- good start for the week.
    10A- Would not 'Camp bed on top of the lake' be better?
    8D- It seems like lake is under the fish.

    1. 10A Imagine a comma between lake and bed

    2. Left to one's imagination?

    3. 8d linge rie(l) (linge is lake in ontario and trey riel is a fish in khmer)

      2d unstable atom is gen used to denote radioactive decay not ion. ionization is a happy state (more stable).

    4. 8D: I think the anno given by Col. is correct..(Ling)+Erie
      2D:You may be technically correct but this this makes for a terrific clue..Not+Ion...

    5. Perhaps technically if instead of stable we had charged technically it would have been ok😁

  2. Nice puzzle. Liked Electra Complex, OS(quite innovative),among others. Shipshape & muckle were new words but gettable from the generous wp.
    Thanks Arden

  3. Use of Oh yes, as OS for Ordinary seaman was extraordinary wordplay !! Construction of long words is superb. Electra Complex is complicated psychology. Muckle made me chuckle !

    I loved today's by Arden. Where are the other comments?

  4. Help...
    25A - what is the anagram indicator?
    7D - what points to picking up r and y from 'railway'?
    9D - someone please elaborate!

    1. 25A - Perhaps
      7D - R and Y are not picked Ry is standard abvn for Railway
      9D - Oh Yes sounds like (called) OS and OS is Ordinary Seaman

  5. Col: Perhaps 9D anno can be changed to{~OS)