Wednesday, 27 October 2021

No 13387, Wednesday 27 Oct 2021, Karaoke

Solution to 25A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Fancy setters consume a drink (7) IMAGINE {I}{M{A}{GIN}E}
5   Important holy book contains verse about origin of life (7) PIVOTAL {PI}{V}{OT}{A}{Life}
9   Reportedly snaps flowers (5) PICKS (~pics) Iffy definition in my view
10 Up-and-coming Prince played morsing with essential skill (9) PROMISING {P}{MORSING+skIll}*
11 End discussion of a bill — look into the wrongdoing and penalise without initial fears (10) GUILLOTINE {GUIL{LO}T}{fINE}
12 Humorous scene without money, without comedian finally (4) SKIT SKInT
14 Grafts to coaches without initial inhibitions at workshops (11) TRANSPLANTS {TRAiNS}{PLANTS}
18 It gives a facelift when plain story is cooked up with some heroine (11) RHINOPLASTY {PLAIN+STORY+He...e}*
21 Deadly weapon uncovered in exchange of 500 to 1000 (4) NUKE NU(-d+k)KE
22 Recurring advantage with initial expenses in lease withdrawal (10) RETIREMENT {RE{MERIT<=}{Ex...s}NT}
25 Loss of self-respect when sailor lost initial right-of-way (9) A?A?E?E?T (Addendum - ABASEMENT - {AB}{eASEMENT} -  See comments)
26 Enclosures for animals of landowners have no guard in the end (5) LAIRS LAIRdS
27 Die out or regularly seek support (7) ENDORSE {END}{OR}{SeEk}
28 Troublemakers’ chain loses power (7) ROWDIES {ROW}{DIES}

1   Criticise one politician’s note about union government (6) IMPUGN {1}{MP}{U}{G}{N}
2   Drug? No, not relating to the North (6) ARCTIC nARCoTIC
3   Quarantine about nuclear radiation (10) INSOLATION {I{N}SOLATION}
4   Maybe Indian in Bangladesh is old loyalist, boycotting riot (5) EXPAT {EX}{PATriot}
5   Poor signs flawed prediction (9) PROGNOSIS*
6   Unproductive blood vessel, it is said (4) VAIN (~vein)
7   Ruler follows weak philosophy (8) THINKING {KING}<=>{THIN}
8   Most insubstantial cock-and-bull story narrated at trial (8) LIGHTEST (~lie){LIGH}{TEST}
13 Childhood companion’s drama casts elf and owl (10) PLAYFELLOW {PLAY}{ELF+OWL}*
15 Eels learn swimming like everything as it should be (3,6) ALL SERENE*
16 There is no escape from it with the introduction of carbon in historic period (4,4) IRON CAGE {IRON {C}AGE}
17 Naughty Malik is cuddled by mid field hand (8) MILKMAID {MI{MALIK*}D}
19 They always come together before Big C (6) GEMINI [C&DD] 
20 Irregular siestas? Stop taking drug, it stops flow of blood (6) STASIS SIeSTAS*
23 Season not beginning, lay to rest (5) INTER wINTER
24 It’s a sign of grief, RIP! (4) TEAR [DD]

Reference List
Holy = PI, Verse = V, About = A, Prince = P, Look = LO, 500 = D, 1000 = K, Sailor = AB, Note = N, Union = U, Government = G, Nuclear = N, Carbon = C, Drug = E

by Dr RKE

Srivaani, the PROMISING young star, was at the GEMINI studios for a screentest. She had to play the PIVOTAL role of Radha-the MILKMAID, in a TV serial ‘Gokulam”. ENDORSEd by none other than the owner of the studio, the director could not IMAGINE rejecting her- the problem was only the prominent beak that Srivaani had. He called Srivaani’s mother and said “I will cast your daughter. Just get her nose a little flattened. You have 3 weeks before I start shooting”.

 Srivaani had grown up THINKING that her aquiline nose was what set her apart from her PLAYFELLOWs in Chennai and was rather VAIN about it. “This is not a mere SKIT, it is a megaserial that may lead me to big screen roles” she consoled herself, “so let me face the GUILLOTINE''. Bracing herself, she went to Mr.Ram Chander FRCS, the famous cosmetic surgeon. He took the photos of the nose and fed it into his laptop and after a few mouse clicks, he had 3 pictures of the girl with 3 different types of noses. “PICK your choice, A here is preferred at Hollywood, B at Bollywood and C at Kollywood.” Srivaani’s mother took over and said, “Doctor, it should be B. My daughter’s destination is Bombay, Chennai is only the stepping stone”. Srivaani, still coming to terms with the surgery, sat silently wiping the TEAR in the corner of her eye. Her mother asked “Is it some kind of TRANSPLANT, there will be no scar on the nose, no?”. The doctor said “oh, not that complicated, all I will be doing is a RHINOPLASTY from within”. “Just sign the forms and make sure you read the part on the PROGNOSIS before you give consent” advised the doctor, “you may have a little STASIS of secretions for a few days”, knowing full well that no one ever reads the fine print.

That very afternoon, Srivaani was wheeled into the operating room. “Why is this place freezing cold as if in the ARCTIC '', she thinks shuddering. The anaesthetist sticks in a needle into her forearm and in a few minutes, it is ALL SERENE. The next thing she knows is someone slapping her cheek saying “it’s all over, wake up, wake up”. “Why am I feeling like I’m in an IRON CAGE?” wonders the girl. “Take a deep breath” urges the doctor but she can make only the LIGHTEST of effort, as she has delayed recovery from the muscle relaxant effect. A few more minutes of assisted breathing and she feels she has been let out of a choking LAIR into the open to breathe fresh air, a new life with a new nose!

Need I mention that the master sculptor, Mr.Ram Chander, has once again delivered a nose that will be zoomed on in close-up romantic scenes, a nose about which lyricists will write poetry, a nose that fans are going to root for, a nose that will keep appearing on the cover of glossies all the way to her RETIREMENT from cinema?


  1. 9a &lit!
    Whole clue is definition.

    1. Prasad, your assumption is not my intended anno. My anno is as that of Col.

    2. Just realised flower also means finest/pick

  2. 25
    Loss of self respect
    Sailor AB

    1. Not quite. You have to explain "right-of-way"


    3. How basement is ' right-of-way"?

    4. Second part of Anno by Sarathi is incorrect

    5. EASEMENT Is equivalent to right of way, now remove E,

    6. Easement is the legal right of way

  3. Dr.TKE has done a nice nose job to give a face lift to today's blog! Thank you- imagination unparalleled!

  4. Thanks Dr. RKE for an intelligently woven story!

  5. Somehow, today's story by RKE on rhinoplasty reminded me of late actress Sridevi. Only thing is, instead of serial, she started her film career from Chennai and landed up in Bollywood. After her nose job she not only conquered Kollywood but all of South and conquered Bollywood also.
    With regards,

    1. Yes, Srivaani in the tale resembles Late Sridevi (my favourite heroine).
      Thanks Dr RKE πŸ™

  6. Dr RKE : Nice Story : as pointed out Sridevi's story matches. Sir Rowdies not found

  7. very nice Grid by KKR and 25A was too easy. as I removed Sailor (AB) and got the answer. just go through Dr's Tale your grid answer. remembering Gokulam serial and slightly matches Actress sridevi's story......