Monday 26 December 2022

No 13746, Monday 26 Dec 2022, Vidwan

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 25A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

9   Real-life Mrs Bond's real nuts about tea (7) RACHAEL {RA{CHA}EL*}
10 Plain ignorant? Not plain at times! (7) OBVIOUS OBliVIOUS
11 Special agency for terrorism cases returns to state (5) SPAIN {SP}{{NIA<=}
12 Provide enclosure reportedly for howling (9) CATERWAUL {CATER}{(~wall)WAUL}
13 Visionary criminal made errors occasionally (7) DREAMER {MADE+ErRoRs}*
15 Fond of a party circuit (7) ADORING {A}{DO}{RING}
17 One without love's anxious, not good being deprived! (5) NEEDY {oNE}{EDgY}
19 Company 1011 (3) CIA {C1}{A}
20 The Supreme Poet died on stake (5) DANTE {D}{ANTE}
21 A large firm, completely unrestrained, making liquor (7) ALCOHOL {A}{L}CO}{wHOLe}
23 Motivated and heartless idiot in India (7) INDUCED {IN{DUnCE}D}
25 Firm mostly operating around one partner (9) C?M?A?I?N (Addendum - COMPANION {COMPANy}{ON} over {1} - See comments)
27 Teaching unknown, new English 'trading' words (5) TENET Anno pending (Addendum {TE(-x+n+e)NET} - See comments) 
29 Shaken public prosecutor released one on bail (7) DAUNTED {DA}{UNTiED}
30 Case judgement's applied regularly (7) EXAMPLE {EXAM}{aPpLiEd}

1   Reportedly makes vessels (5) URNS (~earns)
2   Bare lover's engaging, exoctic act and a short period of celebration (7) OCTAVE {lO{ACT*{VEr}
3   End of the forgotten long story (4) YARN YeARN
4   Currently commonest form of power (11) ELECTRICAL [CD]
5   Sudden leap partly crossing space and time (4) VOLT  VOL{T}(Addendum - {VOLume}{T} - See comments)
6   Superfluous party may go too far (6) OVERDO {OVER}{DO}
7   Place where India and Pak armies face each other - state with truncated western boundary (8) LOCATION {LOC}{nATION} Western or Northern?
8   Some disillusioned jihadi group (4) ISIL [T]
13 Party for a girl or a lady from Italy (5) DONNA {(-a+do)DONNA}
14 Girl's expression of wish (3) MAY [DD]
15 Iran's base? Possibly a part of Indian Ocean (7,3) ARABIAN SEA {IRANS+BASE}*{A}* Error in fodder, there's an extra S and an A short. See comments.
16 Desire is what is required to get into Harvard English Department (5) GREED {GRE}{E}{D}
18 English armyman like Subedar-Major, one welcomed by silent applause (8) ENCOMIUM {E}{NCO}{M{1UM} A subedar-Major is a JCO and not and NCO! 
20 Old man in Disneyland advertisement (3) DAD [T]
22 Hot ground below the fireplace! (6) HEARTH {H}{EARTH}
24 Cho and this film = cacophony! (6) CANOPY {(canopy+cho)*=cacophony} [CA]
25 Ghanaian currency is partly receding (4) CEDI [T]
26 Explosive side of bombs (4) IEDS
27 Half of that arid part lies in Rajasthan (4) THAR {THat}{ARid} Semi&lit
28 Gather around and pour (4) TEEM<=

Reference List
Tea = CHA, Special = SP, Party = DO, Goody = G, 101 = CI, Died = D, Large = L, Firm = CO, India = IND, Public prosecutor = DA, Time = T, English = E, Department = D, Hot = H


  1. 25A. Companion= Partner.
    Firm mostly is compan(y)
    Operating= On
    Around one= i
    Firm mostly= compan(y)
    Operating= o
    Around one= i
    Partner= N( beidge player)

  2. Partner= N( bridge and not beidge, typo regretted)

  3. 27A could it be
    new English = ne
    trading = exchanging

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. 1D. Letters mismatch. 5 but 4 is the answer

  6. Looks 1D, 2D and 4D enumerations are printed in correctly

  7. Replies
    1. "Soldiers holding JCO rank receive a commission from the President, but this commission is of a lower status than that held by full commissioned officers"

  8. Replies
    1. Or is Def just 'bombs' with 'of' as Link-word?
      (explosive is Anind).
      IEDs (bombs) for Improvised Explosive Devices

  9. 7d Place where India and Pak armies face each other - "trucated" state

    Would have been most elegant
    And northern boundary would have been elegant.
    But I remember a discussion sometime back (CV sir if I recall correctly and probably before Interactive puzzle days)
    "Since the clue is solved on paper and we write down horizontally before entering (vertically) in the grid, across indicators work for down clues too."

    1. Maybe justification, but it is better to differentiate between Ac. & Dn.clues

  10. 12A- Is wall a barrier or enclosure?

    1. Both.

      "a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land."

  11. 5D- Partly space is Vol. , short for volume. But why crossing? T comes at the end only.

    1. Partly crossing out half of VOLUME to get VOL ̶U̶M̶E̶? Or is that a stretch?

    2. Paddy, setting as "take half" Or "leave half" (And take the other half) is a setters style and at times surface requirement.

  12. 5D I had the answer as JOLT. Jol means party. Comes with partly minus the l for space. L being short for length

    1. You cannot do a DELETION and then take a SYNONYM of it. And there is no "length" in the clue.
      That is my take.

    2. length is a synomym of space. Length of time = space of time etc. Crossing is the deletion indicator

    3. Again IMO, you shouldn't take an abbreviation of synonym of a word in the clue.

  13. That should read 'comes from'

  14. 15D. How is (irans + base)* a* = arabian sea ? An 'a' is missing and there is an extra s !!

    1. I didn't notice that. Maybe an error

    2. In that case, a Googly by setter and great solve by Prasad garu!

    3. Prasad, you are correct. As per wordplay A is not a part of the anagrid.