Wednesday 28 December 2022

No 13748, Wednesday 28 Dec 2022, Hypatia

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 26D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Look into soft clothing (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
4   Basically, cleft horribly altering surface materially! (5) CHASM Acrostic Semi&lit
11 Natural disaster upsets UN - a million buried (7) TSUNAMI [T]
12 Had inspiring scripture in battle (7) AGITATE {A{GITA}TE}
13 Dodge woman without a date (5) EVADE {EV{AD}E}
14 Small mistake reversed while entering below to submit (9) SURRENDER {S}{U{ERR<=}NDER}
15 Start to throw loads in bleach used for linen (10) TABLECLOTH {Th..w} with {LOT} in {BLEACH*}
17 Heads of democracy are ignored sadly in stage (4) DAIS Acrostic
19 What essentially follows party in port (4) DOHA {wHAt}<=>{DO}
21 Label serum test at first before blood grouping (10) STEREOTYPE {Se..m}{Test}{ERE}{O TYPE}
25 Spooner’s stupid and crazy parents (3,3,3) MUM AND DAD (~dum and mad to mumand mad)
27 Start to halve idle working capital (5) DELHI {Ha..e+IDLE}*
28 She's again in cast making movies at last (7) ACTRESS {ACT{RE}S*}{m...eS} Semi&lit
29 Somewhat cute 'n' silly gadget (7) UTENSIL [T]
30 Attempts to provide time for fine cooks (5) FRIES (-t+f)FRIES
31 NASA vague about Armstrong’s first position (5) ASANA {AS{Ar...g}NA*}

2   Reading centre blocked by local trash (7) RHUBARB {R}{HU{BAR}B}
3   Support permit for handcuff? (8) BRACELET {BRACE}{LET}
5   One free to run behind little horned animal (6) HEIFER [1+FREE}*<=>{Ho...d}
6   Awfully hard and sad Hindu ceremony for the departed (7) SRADDHA {HARD+SAD}*
7   Leaving most obese fellow to testify (6) ATTEST fATTEST
8   Ali's left fighting and participates in Tang Ping, say (4,4) LIES FLAT*
9   Say Mira's new song (4) NAIR {N}{AIR}
10 Model tries mobile game (6) TETRIS {T}{TRIES*}
16 Beat hawk getting angry (5,3) TIRED OUT {TIRED}{OUT} (Addendum - {T{IRED}OUT} - See comments)
18 One joins clothes for men (8) SOLDIERS {SOLD{1}ERS}
19 Lower member of faculty taking author up (6) DEMEAN {D{ME<=}EAN}
20 Grisham's terrified about little animal (7) HAMSTER [T]
22 Former leader represented in style (7) YELTSIN*
23 Fit for having to wait around the French (6) EDIBLE {BIDE<=}{LE}
24 A couple of nights with old sweetheart creates attachment (6) ANNEXE {A}{NN}{EX}{swEet}
26 Hope to lose weight to date someone good-looking (4) D?S? (Addendum - DISH (-w+d)DISH - See comments)

Reference List
Soft = P, Date = D, Small = S, Party = DO, Again = RE, Time = T, Fine = T, Reading = R, Fellow = F, New = N, Model = T, The in French = LE, Night = N, Weight = W, Date = D


  1. 24D. I separated sweetheart . Heart of sweet .. Couldn't zero in properly. Perhaps, sweethearts are like that...

    1. Crosswords can be funny and prophetic. Like
      Briefly executable old sweetheart.

  2. 30a. I would go with Tries because the wording is provide time for fine. Meaning T replaces F

    1. Just like yesterday, it's a toss. Provide and for are both contranyms.

    2. I thought 'Time for fine' definitely points out to replace T for F.

  3. Vladimir, of all places, was seen in DELHI, sitting in the Gymkhana club ANNEXE with a bottle of beer and French FRIES.
    By and by the ACTRESS Ms. SHRADDHA NAIR is seen coming in with her MOM AND DAD.
    She walks up to the DAIS. And along with her an American woman wearing a silver BRACELET.
    On seeing the familiar bracelet Vladimir becomes excited.
    What happened next?

  4. It's a typo by Col. The link points to yeltsin.

  5. 30A I thought it was TRIES (attempts) providing T for F

  6. 12A. Had= ate . it served as a container indicator.Is scripture alone not sufficient? Where does inspiring fit ? Or inspiring scripture= gita?

  7. 16D. The anno i believe is thus
    Angry= ired
    Hawk= tout
    Getting is angrind
    Ired+ tout - tried out .
    Where to put Beat , beats me -)

  8. Sathia you are herby promoted to the Regulars list

    1. Hearty Congratulations sathia. you are exactly right வசிஷ்டர் வாயால் பிரம்ம ரிஷி

    2. Long overdue 😄
      Congrats madam!

    3. Congrats Sathia,although long overdue. Please keep up the wonderful job you are now doing. I was a little surprised in reading about the 'after retirement' part.

    4. Congrats Sathia...we all wish you to actively participate as before.

  9. Congrats Sathia. Though I joined the Blog much earlier than 2020, I have a long way to go .......

  10. I too put in TRIES. Infact I am constantly getting this type of clue wrong.
    Congrats Sathia!