Thursday, 16 October 2014

No 11216, Thursday 16 Oct 2014, Anitya

Thanks to Anitya for making it short, concise and easy. Thanks to everyone for yesterday's 'get well soon' wishes, I'm fighting fit again.

7   Ecstasy absent in leading lady's smack (6) HEROIN HEROINe
8   Boy preparing for war is frightful (8) ALARMING {AL}{ARMING}
9   Follow male — a jerk — asserting positively (8) DOGMATIC {DOG}{M}{A}{TIC} I'm reminded of
10 Entertained a master — nothing new (6) AMUSED {A}{M}{USED}
11 Meal-taker eats a starter (8) LAUNCHER {L{A}UNCHER}
12 Popular child gets nothing completely (2,4) IN TOTO {IN} {TOT}{O]
13 Cruel men cane colt in hiding (11) CONCEALMENT*
18 A silly fellow returns small sponges (6) LOOFAS {LOOF}{A}<={S}
20 Mark NASA's strange greeting (8) NAMASKAR*
22 Section in SA for old Greek city (6) SPARTA {S{PART}A}
23 One stretches former care-giver (8) EXTENDER {EX}{TENDER}
24 Standard tirade is gross (8) FLAGRANT {FLAG}{RANT} This was glaringly offensive just yesterday!
25 To make certain, run and see around (6) ENSURE*

1    Fellow adores silly hats (7) FEDORAS {F}{ADORES*}
2    Soldier's call: “Order” (8) COMMANDO {COMMAND}{O}
3    Bit from small, awful chant (6) SNATCH {S}{CHANT*}
4    Resignation of obese boy's mother (8) FATALISM {FAT}{ALI'S}{M}
5    A horse's bulk (6) AMOUNT {A}{MOUNT}
6    Intends to change orders (7) INDENTS*
8    Finding when some people begin tempting (13) ASCERTAINMENT {AS}{CERTAIN}{MEN}{Te...g}
14 Accountant and saint gone missing (8) CASTAWAY {CA}{ST}{AWAY}
15 Curiosity of one not taking part in clamour (8) NOSINESS NOiSINESS
16 Put together comrade's hoard (7) COMPILE {COM}{PILE}
17 Progresses rapidly in courses (7) CAREERS [DD]
19 Dig for a long time (6) FORAGE {FOR}{AGE}
21 She's very many, not all the same (6) MOTHER {M}{OTHER}


  1. Nice enjoyable outing. a bit of trouble in SW corner. Decided to look in in stead of struggling.
    Loofa was new to me and I had trouble with 'castaway', though it looks logical after reading the anno here.Nicely worded clue.

  2. Col. is 'fighting fit'! Take care.

  3. Dear Paddy,
    Well and wish to hear the same of everyone.
    I was a bit AMUSED with your remarks. When Col. remarked that he is fighting fit
    (he is not a COMMANDO!) we all know that he is quite well!!
    Are you asking us or the Col. to take care?
    Any ways there was nothing ALARMING since even yesterday had posted the solutionsBy 8.30A.M. which would AMOUNT to show his good health. That ASCERTAINMENT is enough and everyone would agree INTOTO.
    I do not wish to SNATCH more of your time.
    Regards and best wishes,

    1. I was otherwise fine, but sapped due to an attack of something akin to Montezuma's revenge!!

    2. Col.,
      Tougher than today's CW, I mean your euphemism. Thanks for letting me learn something new

    3. Dear CG,

      I am in receipt of your nicely written letter. "Fedoras' off to your ability to'COMPILE' a story out of today's words. I could not CAST AWAY an opportunity to have a little fun. Please ENSURE that you accept my INDENT for more such letters. we do enjoy them.

  4. A gentle workout from Anitya, albeit with a couple of entries requiring heavy lifting. Thanks to setter and blogger for a good time!

  5. My late night response to Paddy & CV on their rejoinders:CV & PADDY :

    I merely opened up my own thoughts on this subject. I have no sides to take nor was I aimimg my gun at any one in particular. I just want to enjoy and agree that everyday in every way, we all keep learning. Don't ye-all read anything more or less into my comments.
    I really wonder , having said this, where was the need to take on NJ?

  6. Col: Glad to see that you're back on full 12 cylinders . Then again, your'e ;likely to go on a binge!

    Suresh and family: Glad that you all are safe from thee wrath and thaandav of Nature !. God bless.

    Our sympathies to those who didn't get to be lucky. At least, we had our Disaster Management
    in action for prevention and reduction of loss of life and property.

  7. Hi. A query to the veterans... why is "order" = o? If it is phonetic , it should be Oscar right? Why the assumption that one should take the first letter?

    1. Good question as far as I know the recognised words which can be attributed to O are Old, Ordinary, Over and Oscar. Maybe that's why the setter capitalised O in order to indicate that O is to be taken

    2. Money order & postal order have order being abbreviated to O. But am not able to find justification for Order =O

    3. Also, as in Order of the British Empire, Order of Merit etc, which are oft abbreviated as OBE, OM ...

    4. No comments! And you know why!! ;-)

  8. Nice wordplay. Esp. the ones@ 7a-simple but enjoyable.24a,4&8d memory jogging. Could finish w/o much reference. Thanks anitya.

  9. Colonel,
    And what was 'a heavenly thing' yesterday, was simply 'a rock' on Monday. You see what I mean by words repeating during a cycle? ;-) This is the first time I have noticed two words repeating.

    1. One is an ISRO view, the other is a layman's view :-)

    2. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!?

  10. I remember seeing a movie a long time back called "Fedora " starring William Holden and Marthe Keller directed by Billy Wilder.