Saturday, 25 October 2014

No 11223, Saturday 25 Oct 2014, Buzzer

Buzzer paying tribute to Mary Kom, to commemorate her Gold Medal at the Asian Games.
The CW today reminds me of the yearly Boxing event in MY school. Our Principal Rev HO Fowler used to be the referee, I vividly remember him saying at the end of  bout 'Well fought Blue, Red the Winner'

1   Fighting fit, menacing like Mary Kom (11) MAGNIFICENT*
9   Double cut so to speak (6) PAIRED (~ pared)
10 Mary Kom for one shows bite in boxing ring (8) CHAMPION {CHAMP}{I{O}N}
11 Sort of robe carried by Mary Kom say (5) BOXER {BO{X}ER*}
12 Characters from scriptwriter anticipated to be repetitive (7) ITERANT [T]
13 Mainstay of knocking heads to clinch up win (8) LINCHPIN {cLINCH}{uP}{wIN}
15 Start to jab, poke after first and second tries (6) JUDGES {Jab}{nUDGE}{S}
16 Article by magazine about island birds (6) AGAMIS {A}{GAM<=}{IS}
18 Member belonging to more than one union (8) BIGAMIST [CD]
20 Kind of boxing atmosphere mostly overwhelming one's partner (7) AMATEUR {A{MATE}URa}
21 Is able to regularly hone a craft (5) CANOE {CAN}{hOnE}
22 In essence Kom's the third one in simply fantastic sporting event (8) OLYMPICS {kOm}{LYMPI{abC}S*}
23 Run through Mary Kom's city out in far end of north-east (6) IMPALE {IMPhAL}{E}
24 Mary Kom's own story is hard to digest, right with couple of setbacks but showing pluck ultimately (11) UNBREAKABLE {UNB(+r)REA{plucK}(-r)ABLE}

2   Being unfit, aged patient requiring an x-ray is carried initially (7) APRAXIC Acrostic
3   Often a dirge betrays an emotional low (5) NADIR [T]
4   Fine fight in a ring (7) FACTION {F}{ACTION}
5   Nearly cure jet lag hitting a bottle of wine (6,3) CLARET JUG {CURe+JET+LAG}*
6   Sweep up top honours with five wins (3,4) NAP HAND {NAP<=} {Ho...s}{AND}
7   Place to get better in Reno? (8,5) GAMBLING TABLE [CD]
8   Like Manipur, name her story/tale different (5-8) NORTH-EASTERLY {N}{HER+STORY+TALE}*
14 Tries battling through bad back (9) POSTERIOR {PO{TRIES*}OR}
17 Average gains at the moment for a butcher (4-3) MEAT-MAN {ME{AT}-{M}AN}
18 Pub, first to get a coffee maker (7) BARISTA {BAR}{1'ST}{A}
19 Chap and friend seen around one university town (7) MANIPAL {MAN}{1}{PAL}
21 Dishes punch in aggressive boxing (5) CHINA [T]



  1. I'm surprised at the lack of comments on the Mary Kom themed puzzle

  2. I have found that, generally and usually, on Saturdays Comments start late and are also fewer.

    What with five-day week, most don't go to work where the Internet facility is readily available and without hassles. The same cannot be said of connectivity at home. Even otherwise, people are busy attending to chores that had been put off during the weekdays.

    This used to be true on Sundays too under the weekend crossword which was tackled by fewer people until the special crossword - far easier and less British-centric came on.

  3. Fantastic CW and a fitting tribute to Mary Kom. I am sad and reluctantly admitting that I was found short in a few.

  4. For a superb thematic puzzle from Buzzer what can anyone comment, except: Egzzellent!!

  5. Lovely and most enjoyable as usual from Buzzer

    1. Kitna bhi kaho, woh Kom hai

    2. +1 for Suresh's comment. Kishore's spoken like a Bengali @ 1128.

  6. Nap Hand - new one for me! - a nice term to remember the 5 time world champion.

    A super tribute to Mary Kom!! Definitely fit and menacing!

  7. Replies
    1. hard to digest - UNBEARABLE
      right (R) with a couple of setbacks - R goes back two steps so UNB(R) EA ABLE
      showing pluc(K) - with K

    2. I had in mind it was a down clue and wondered how 'back' was applicable. Thanks.

  8. Did the puzzle in lunch hour. Swept off the feet by the awesome surfaces.Down for the count on 13 A & 24 A. Helped by 4 answers posted by the Col at 6:30 in The Hub( I copy the clues from there, paste it in excel, take a print out at around 8:30 & solve a clue here a clue there & try to finish at lunch time 12:00 - 1:30)

  9. Agree with all above comments about the crossword ...

  10. Had to be in a function. Started late. about 4 to 5 words dragged the completion. And when I eventually did, I was sad that the puzzle was only 15 by 15 ... Brilliant stuff as usual from Buzzer.