Sunday, 12 October 2014

No 2812, Sunday 12 Oct 2014

1   Bridge player engrossed by word games causes quarrel (5,6) CROSS SWORDS {CROSS {S}WORDS}
9   Harps on about children like Annie? (7) ORPHANS*
10 Treading the boards, using one leg after another (2,5) ON STAGE{ON} {STAGE}
11 How graduates gained success at university, a little at a time? (2,7) BY DEGREES [DD]
12 Sea-ear daughter removed from the window (5) ORMER dORMER
13 Reduce the length of a card game (7) ABRIDGE {A}{BRIDGE}
14 Rice dish recipe for starters - it's too complicated (7) RISOTTO {R}{IT'S +TOO}*
16 Steal tin - perplex bishop, leaving (7) SNAFFLE {SN}{bAFFLE}
19 Chief beginning to split up British Army corps (7) SUPREME {Split}{UP}{REME}
21 Tropical American tree resin, reduced (5) BALSA BALSAm
22 Look smart in plant (9) EYEBRIGHT {EYE}{BRIGHT}
23 Young animal allowed outside at all? (7) LEVERET {L{EVER}ET}
24 Prattle about milliner (7) CHATTER {C}{HATTER}
25 Quarrelsome conversation if male drunk? I can't express how I feel (5,4,2) WORDS FAIL ME {WORDS} {IF+MALE}*

1   Filled with emotion, liaisons involving English ambassador's deputy (6,9) CHARGE D'AFFAIRES {CHARGE D'}{AFFAIR{E}S}
2   Indecent, old boy on location (7) OBSCENE {OB}{SCENE}
3   Poles entering track, leaving backer (7) SPONSOR {SPO{NS}OR}
4   Up in Somerset, we ran new resort town (6-5-4) WESTON-SUPER-MARE {WESTON-S{UP}ER-MARE*} Semi&lit
5   Let in again to study with German (7) READMIT {READ}{MIT}
6   Control the movement of bullock (5) STEER [DD]
7   Highest money for people in authority (3,5) TOP BRASS {TOP} {BRASS}
8   Spinner - pride shattered after first of sixes (6) SPIDER {S}{PRIDE*}
15 Open University going on about orchestral piece (8) OVERTURE {OVERT}{U}{RE}
17 Having a mistress, about fifty, is typical of the person mentioned (3,4) ALL OVER {A}{L{L} OVER}
18 Pick artist to portray the sister of Orestes (7) ELECTRA {ELECT}{RA}
19 Copy upset clients (7) STENCIL*
20 Number carried by sleigh, typically (6) EIGHTY [T]
21 Live down under (5) BELOW {BE}{LOW}


  1. CWE Jigarthanda results at 9:30

  2. They will be in a separate post and not here.

  3. Congrats to Pramit Kamath for winning round 4 of IXL. Does he comment here?

    Congrats also to Vinod and Kishore for clawing their way back up into the top 10 which as of now is

    1. Pramit is member of CCS group in Facebook. Have not seen him here .

  4. Looking forward to Jigarthanda & IXL.
    Nice CW today and thank you Col. for clearing a few doubts.

  5. It looks like the scores for Round 1 of IXL have been rejigged and marks for incorrect entries have now been added. There is a lot of turmoil in the bottom section of the overall leaderboard.

    1. I don't think so. I have the complete data published at every round and I am updating in my data base. I do not find any variation at all. There is no rejigging.

  6. Yes Col. is right. In the overall leaderboard a lot of new names and scores are appearing which were not as per the list given in round 1 to 4.

  7. Yes, now I find Vinod Raman has moved way up in the first ten, whose name was not appearing in the round 1. IXL might have given marks for mistakes in 1st round also and updated the overall leader board. But they have not altered the list in round 1,

  8. Completed round 5 and submitted in 30 minutes

  9. Completed the ICL without much of a difficulty this time, except for a time-lag in the initial star
    Had mulled over the answer for one five letter word ihe NW corner. There should be one clue to send the solver in a tizzy !! Took more than fifteen minutes to confirm that I'm ok before shooting the blasted thing off !! Fairly easy this time.
    Congrats to all those who have clambered up the Ladder at the top ten. !!