Tuesday, 28 October 2014

No.11225, Tuesday 28 Oct 14, Arden

Brilliant stuff as usual. The long anagrams were quite awesome as were most of the other clue varieties. Too many good clues to list. Thank you Arden for a bright start to the day.

1 Drug dealer's very quick to contain damage (8) PHARMACY [very quick=PACY outside damage=HARM]
5 Nothing on gun clip (6) FASTEN [nothing=FA + gun=STEN]
10 Team's back — back with an inexperienced driver (7) ARSENAL [back=ARSE + AN + inexperienced driver=L<-]
11 NATO for example is a friend monsieur (7) ACRONYM [A + friend=CRONY + Monsieur]
12 Obama said to be one among people from East Africa (5) MASAI [T]
13 Arctic transport will avoid certain corridors (3-6) SKI-PLANES [will avoid=SKIP + corridors=LANES]
14 Appreciation for carrying a girl (3,2,3,4) PAT ON THE BACK [girl=PAT carrying=ON THE BACK]
18 Keen to prevent listener getting caught — it's well understood (7,5) CRYSTAL CLEAR [keen=CRY + prevent=STALL + listener=EAR outside Caught]
21 Barmaid gets empty tumbler for whisky she sells (9) TRAITRESS [barmaid=WAITRESS with TumbleR for Whisky]
23 Cross current gathers speed (5) IRATE [current=I + speed=RATE]
24 Is no more keeping order — keep out (7) ISOLATE [IS + no more=LATE outside Order]
25 Nothing changes for egg producers (7) OVARIES [nothing=0 + changes=VARIES]
26 German thinker's article by alter ego (6) GOETHE [EGO* + article=THE]
27 Stand as doctor deals with pet (8) PEDESTAL [DEALS PET]*

1 Just the thing to make one hot blooded? (6) PLASMA [CD]
2 Fools succeeded to measure (6) ASSESS [fools=ASSES + Succeeded]
3 Correct — it can become calender (9) MENDICANT [correct=MEND + IT CAN]
4 Huddled close, or perhaps ignored (4-10) COLD-SHOULDERED [HUDDLED CLOSE OR]
6 It starts with a prank (5) APRIL [CD]
7 Went on as turning tool (5, 3) TENON SAW [WENT ON AS]
8 Drink under any label's called the same (8) NAMESAKE [any label=NAME + drink=SAKE]
9 Ice leopard's toe broken by this instrument (5,9) RADIO TELESCOPE [ICE LEOPARDS TOE]
15 Time to give order, no time to destroy (9) ERADICATE [time=ERA + give order=DICtATE]
16 Sarcastic? Extremely so, it's a fixation (8) SCATHING [SarcastiC + A + fixation=THING]
17 Maybe say around hundred additional trees (8) SYCAMORE [SAY* outside hundred=C + additional=MORE]
19 Red pole's even solid inside (6) MAOIST [pole=MAST outside sOlId]
20 Kolinsky's wife takes a stand (6) WEASEL [Wife + stand=EASEL]

22 Worthless // junk (5) TRASH [DD] 


  1. Terrific coincidence, In yesterday's Guardian Quiptic, 'cold shouldered' appeared in the same place (similar grid) , of course the clue was written differently.

  2. Tough but enjoyable. Lot of brainstorming. Agree with Bhavan that it is a good start for the day..

  3. Good start 'to the day' / for the day / of the day - which is more appropriate?

  4. It should be most appropriate

  5. FA as Fanny Adams was new to me. Knew only f*** a**. Same thing I guess

  6. Both the expressions "good start to the day" and "good start for the day" are perfect.
    The third choice is incorrect and doesn't mean what it sets out to do.
    - Knowing My English

  7. You want to excel in the remaining 3 rounds of IXL? Read Shuchi's latest post at Crossword Unclued 'How to excel at IXL'

    1. Thanks, Col Sir, for reminding us about Suchi's timely write-up on 'How to excel at IXL 2014'. It was quite useful.

  8. +1 from me. I found it very useful, esp. about the judicious use of save button.Thank you Shuchi & Col. A MUST read for all who take part in IXL 14 either seriously or for thrill of it. All relevant points nicely covered.

  9. Brilliant crossword! My COD: 14 A

  10. Lovely clues. Was left wondering who that chap Kolinsky was.

  11. smashing. 27a&20d stand out(where doctor is anind). 14a I had to search for a black cat in the dark. In fine, a well-rounded puzzle.Thank u Arden.

  12. Another tip missed by Suchi, maybe deliberately is to 'cheat' liberally. Use anagram and other crossword help sites freely. It may speed up the process.

    1. Anagram sites may help but I don't think others will help in speeding up the process