Friday, 17 April 2015

No 11371, Friday 17 Apr 2015, Gridman

Gridman's reminiscing about his Geometry class in school.

1   Two musical instruments combined into a third one (8) HORNPIPE {HORN}{PIPE} Semi&lit
5   X working exactly (4,2) SPOT ON {SPOT} {ON}
9   One who puts on a cap (7) LIMITER [CD]
10 OT, a round figure (7) CIRCLET {CIRCLE}{T}
11 A sort of equipment for sight-seer (9) BINOCULAR [CD]
12 A number caught in this Latin confusion (5) HAVOC {H{A}{V}OC}
13 Serious! Without a flap, home is made! (4) NEST earNEST
14 Disgusting! Salesman at far end of Thimpu lives badly (9) REPULSIVE {REP}{t...pU}{LIVES*}
17 Gentlemen get somewhat dear in exchanges (5-4) TRADE-OFFS {T{DEAR*}-OFFS}
19 Throw a fit! Fellow overlooked a mistake (4) GOOF {GO OFf}
23 Proportion provided by real tailor, oddly (5) RATIO ReAl TaIlOr
24 Spends time in the country, catching unwary liar in tricks (9) RURALISES {RU{LIAR*}SES}
25 Get hold of first-class piece of mortar and prepare for firing (4,3) TAKE AIM {TAKE} {A1}{Mo...r}
26 Bliss in perfecting nivaran (7) NIRVANA*
27 Box detective come back to hold query (6) CASKET {C{ASK}ET<=}
28 Maybe, get round to having an amount of computer space (8) MEGABYTE*

1   Rashly determined — on way to damnation (8) HELLBENT {HELL}{BENT}
2   Fills a memory gap concerning watches (7) REMINDS {RE}{MINDS}
3   Places church in a revolting situation (6) PUTSCH {PUTS}{CH}
4   Piece of writing three learners, taking a quarter, presented to old Indian village figure (13) PARALLELOGRAM {PARA}{LL{E}L}{O}{GRAM}
6   Thing bought is tea in a bag (8) PURCHASE {PUR{CHA}SE}
7   Capital tale spun out by victors surrounding one (3,4) TEL AVIV {TEL A}*{V{1}V}
8   See, it's thawed (6) NOTICE {NOT}{ICE}
10 One might calculate it roundly (13) CIRCUMFERENCE [CD]
15 Recommend a barrister (8) ADVOCATE [DD]
16 Where behind-the-scene action takes place (8) OFFSTAGE [CD]
18 New shoots? (7) RETAKES [CD]
20 Somewhat rosy about Australia returning burial urn (7) OSSUARY {OS{SUA<=}RY*}
21 Judge top commander holding incomplete ritual (6) CRITIC {C{RITe}IC}
22 Song of praise — one in largo rendered (6) GLORIA {GLOR{1}A*}



  1. Putsch put me in my place and deprived me of my breakfast.
    Smooth one. Enjoyed the parallelogram.(Ha! I got the spelling right.)

  2. saturday blues on Friday itself?
    Where have everybody gone?

  3. Here I am to give company!
    Found wanting in North-West corner. No problem with other corners. On the whole a nice puzzle.

  4. So you were cornered only once?!

  5. The pic under 20d reminded me of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge

  6. Nice to see you!
    Khmer Rouge- Cambodia?

  7. O/T:

    Ramesh Jagannathan aka Sunnet, with family, completed his temple circuit here yesterday - covering about a dozen, geographically spread-out temples in record time - and also some interesting spots.

    They are leaving Mangaluru this afternoon. He should be in Chennai to attend the Crossie event tomorrow, in partnership with....

    Well, let the suspense prevail.

  8. 28 A - Nice diversion - Taking get round as the fodder, was scratching my head all along.

  9. Ah...putsch i didnt get :) nice angle on the geometrical puzzle... :) guess i was obtuse :)