Wednesday, 22 April 2015

No 11375, Wednesday 22 Apr 2015, Neyartha

1   Ornately decorates a parliament house after an Israelite enters the social gathering (8) BEJEWELS {BE{JEW}E}{LS}
5   Browse around with the volunteers for 3D shapes (6) FRUSTA {FRUS<=}{TA}
9   Desire of the pupil to take out the new youngster on a farm (8) YEARLING YEAR(-n+l)LING
10 Swelling reducer is enjoyable after the Pole's sent out with the tote (3,3) ICE BAG {nICE} {BAG}
11 Acts of dispatch — one even led to an all-out war! (14) ASSASSINATIONS [CD]
14 Tree-covered part of Hollywood yards (5) WOODY [T]
16 Valet's accidental entanglement after avoiding the net (9) GENTLEMAN entANGLEMENT*
17 With a lot of style, wrote a lament about the worker and the student (9) ELEGANTLY {ELEG{ANT}{L}Y}
19 Drags addresses on the radio (5) HALES (~hails)
20 Not a normal way for an infant to be born (6,8) BREECH DELIVERY [GK]
23 Get out after detaining by mistake and become a shade of red (6) INDIAN DetAININg*
24 Aimless drawing in board game (8) SCRABBLE [DD]
25 Way for Oriya leader to move back with me for the antenna housing (6) RADOME {R(-o)AD(+o)O}{ME}
26 Set aside a different date to collect the westbound toll (8) ALLOTTED {A{LLOT<=}TED*}

1   Employee's first son gets overwhelmed by the Yankee lads (4) BOYS BO(-s+y)YS Employee or Employer?
2   Coarse durable trousers — they are passed down in families reportedly (5) JEANS (~genes)
3   Bylaw designed to shelter the French with a marsupial (7) WALLABY {WAL{LA}BY*}
4    Planning prudently for the future renovation of the lodgings (4-7) LONG-SIGHTED*
6   Report on a concert in the ... (7) RECITAL [CD]
7   ... Los Angeles bus from the south carrying the mean simpleton (9) SUBNORMAL {SUB<=}{NORM}{AL<=}
8   Quality of being venerable revealed in saints following the gold rush to Nebraska (10) AUGUSTNESS {AU}{GUST}{NE}{SS}
12 Call on cynic upset about description of a stock independent of seasonal variations (11) NONCYCLICAL*
13 Chased away a rook in the fence under the fragrant rose (10) SWEETBRIER {SWEET}{BarRIER}
15 Such questions can't be answered with a single word (4-5) OPEN-ENDED [CD]
18 Praise for spreading lac inside the returned mica (7) ACCLAIM {AC{LAC*}IM<=}
19 Attempt to get silver and oxygen (4,1,2) HAVE A GO {HAVE} {A G}{O}
21 Hero bothered somewhat by an automaton (5) ROBOT [T]
22 Relationships may be improved by doing this to one's fences (4) MEND [CD]



  1. I see a mini theme in this CWD.

    1. Gentleman, Boys, Jeans and Robot are movies (in Tamil besides other languages) directed by Shankar.

  2. A few new words, tougher than yesterday.
    Had trouble in the NE & SW corners.So near yet so far.
    Still in April and could not get through to August for 8D.

  3. Reminded of PGW's "Gentleman's gentleman".

  4. 8D- 'SS' for saints? I was struggling with "Sts"


    A Hollywood producer fascinated by the fact that Tamil films have English titles has decided to use a Tamil phrase for his forthcoming movie.
    As a Tamil friend of his had told him that a famous poet of yore had desired to spread his language in eight directions, it would be appropriate that Tamil came to LA as well.
    The same friend had given the film director a DVD of a Tamil movie in which he had heard a Sikh gentleman utter the phrase Poda Madaya.
    Fascinated by that, he found the meaning of the phrase. He then decided it would be most suitable as the plot of his film revolved around a boy who, stung by repeated abuse by his step-father, resolved to come up in life and disprove that he was a wastrel. Once he succeeded, he was able to turn the tables on his step-father by telling the tormentor Poda Madaya.
    The American director will be approaching the TN govt to give tax exemption when the film is released in that State. It is rumoured also that his well-meaning friend is lobbying for the conferment of the title Kalaimaamani on to the American director.

  6. 5a mixed with phone peal ... that was todays xword for me .. hales remained elusive :)

  7. Enjoyed the puzzle (and yesterday's too) - thank you, Neyartha (and DG)! Many nice clues, but 9a was my COD.

    I couldn't parse the wordplay in 13d and (less excusably!) in 25a - in the latter, I had way=RD and "Oriya leader"=O, and was trying to figure out where the A came in.

    Not too happy about simpleton = SUMBORMAL; I know some dictionaries offer the latter as a noun, but equating "subnormal person" with "simpleton" leaves me feeling a bit unsettled - maybe it's just me!