Tuesday, 28 April 2015

No 11380, Tuesday 28 Apr 2015, Arden

Enjoyed the CW today, specially some of the definitions, like in 23A.

1   Shoot oneself- life gone in case of suicide (6) SELFIE {Suic{LIFE*}idE} The latest craze!! My COD
4   Deadly accommodation? Wasn't that impressive (4,4) FELL FLAT {FELL} {FLAT} For a long time I was imagining a question mark after the definition
10 The instrument Gabby plays for money (4,5) BABY GRAND {BABY G}*{RAND}
11 Colourful part of the Baloch regiment (5) OCHRE [T]
12 Some return from Syria- is in utter chaotic state (7) TUNISIA [T]
13 Vehicle carrying man's body (7) CADAVER {CA{DAVE}R}
14 Big brains collect information one by one (5) GENII {GEN}{11}
15 Feature said to be in agreement with the subjects (8) CHINAMEN {CHIN}{AMEN}
18 Standard European feature seen on government buildings (8) FLAGPOLE {FLAG}{POLE}
20 European Christian order can't be dismissed (5) IRISH cHRIStIan*
23 With Prize tend to enter and make a killing (7) CLEAN UP {C{LEAN} UP}
25 Oil producer makes our stock market break into a song (7) LINSEED {LI{NSE}ED}
26 Once a PM heard loud noise (5) BLAIR (~blare)
27 Brave to now begin a novel (9) WINNEBAGO*
28 The almighty cares about those buried here (4,4) GODS ACRE {GOD}{S ACRE*} &lit
29 A direction given verbally to charge (6) ATTACK {A}{TTACK}(~tack)

1   Cripple gets two blood groups in theatre (8) SABOTAGE {S{AB}{O}TAGE}
2   Stop sign outside northern state (7) LEBANON {LE{BAN}O}{N}
3   German girl's smart- is taking food (9) INGESTING {INGE}{STING}
5   Hormone producer will shut growing business, and linger around (9,5) ENDOCRINE GLAND {END}{OC<=}{RINE GLAND*}
6   Dolly's out with a former cricket player (5) LLOYD*
7   The French own the road inside port (2,5) LE HAVRE {LE} {HAV{R}E}
8   Construct- those people will have a choice (6) THEORY {THE{OR}Y}
9   Owner capable of change, ensuring world peace (7,2,5) BALANCE OF POWER*
16 Torn ligament initially needs to be pushed in for straightening (9) ALIGNMENT {ALIG{Needs}MENT*}
17 Fruit supplement in the bush (8) SHADDOCK {SH{ADD}OCK}
19 General on battle field, finally on the safe side (7) LEEWARD {LEE}{WAR}{fielD}
21 Some like bananas in an artistic setting (7) IKEBANA [T]
22 It's cold comfort to serve up big ace (3,3) ICE BAG*
24 Girl gets 83.3% average (5) NORMA {NORMAL*5/6}



  1. Delightful. :) last 30 min was spent cracking Anno's having got the answers. What a challenge!

  2. I wholeheartedly support you. I too had quite a few without annos and had to look up the blog. One is so close but yet far. Delightful offering. Wide variety.
    Liked the bananas in ikebana.

  3. 25A- 'Lied' for a song? Singing a lie? How about the tense?

    1. Don't get so tense. Lied is a song

  4. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lied

  5. How do we get lean in 23A? I guessed the answer but would like to know.
    Also, in clues like 26A, how do I figure out if the answer was blair or blare? I got this early on but waited to fill this till I got the answer for 24A. But, otherwise, how do you figure out which is the definition and which is the word intended? Can someone advise? Thanks.

    1. Lean=tend. I figure out 26A the same way you did.

  6. Wry humour and tongue-in-cheek defs with lovely surfaces

  7. Many nice clues. Got all except Baby grand, Chinamen, Gods acre, Winnebago, Balance of power and Shaddock. Thought shoot oneself is verb and selfie is a noun in 1A

  8. Lovely cw. I feel much elated. To be frank I drew a blank at the first try. With ardent support Arden's clues I could crack one by one.Virtually I was made to sweat which in turn yielded sweet.1,14,15a & 1d wonderful wordplay elicit out-of-box thinking power from within us. Thank you Ardenji.

  9. Very strange. I did not know 'God's Acre' till recently. On a trip to U.S. I saw this on a board in a small cemetery and I started wondering and looked up. I was surprised to get the meaning and it stayed with me. I did not know then that it would help me to solve one of Arden's clues!