Monday, 20 April 2015

No 11373, Monday 20 Apr 2015, Gridman

No end of a Pangram by Gridman.

1   Train the fellow to be tongawallah (8) COACHMAN {COACH}{MAN}
5   Place of refuge for in second line around old city (6) BURROW {B}{UR}{ROW}
10 Such an asset is easily lifted (7) MOVABLE [CD]
11 Libyan deity returns first-class cleanser (7) AMMONIA {AMMON}{IA<=}
12 Even chance to d-drink (4-2) TOSS-UP {TO}{S-S UP}
13 Lhasa one let loose? No, under control! (2,1,5) ON A LEASH*
15 Distinctive quality of a high-class artist (4) AURA {A}{U}{RA}
16 Moving TV serial inducing a waterfall (10) TEARJERKER [CD]
18 Secret in tent? (10) UNDERCOVER [DD]
20 Informal agreement — one finally is in informal agreement (4) YEAH {Y{onE}AH}
23 Quick note to friend in blood (8) LINEALLY {LINE}{ALLY}
24 Noises from the farm: they treat badly (6) QUACKS [DD]
26 Spear royal I had hidden in the shelter (7) TRIDENT {T{R}{I'D}ENT}
27 Suffer, totally in submission to the Almighty endlessly (7) UNDERGO {UNDER}{GOd}
28 Good son is in - pity - a dirty place (6) PIGSTY {PI{G}{S}TY}
29 Father to do nothing to stomach retainer (8) FACTOTUM {F}{ACT}{O}{TUM}

1   Obey a road signal — many sentences end thus (4,2,1,4,4) COME TO A FULL STOP [DD]
2   Consultant lawyer rises with an eyeshade (7) ADVISOR {AD<=}{VISOR}
3   Uproar caused by the centre over American fellow (6) HUBBUB {HUB}{BUB}
4   Declare hoarder has no son (4) AVER sAVER
6   Such snow on street is a nuisance — ice-cream thus is welcome (8) UNMELTED [C&DD]
7   Hurried to fire rifle (7) RANSACK {RAN}{SACK}
8   Threat we mothers carried out to get through a difficult period (7,3,5) WEATHER THE STORM*
9   The French inner garments go through radical washes (9) LAUNDRIES {LA}{UND{R}IES}
14 Plunging neckline to regard shortly, obtaining officer's permission (9) DECOLLETTE {DE{COL}{LET}Em}
17 Embarrassment breaks out as riotous Serbs drop weaponry (8) ARMAMENT EMbARrAssMeNT*
19 Assuming fellow's new in Gujarat's capital (7) DONNING {DON}{N}{IN}{G}
21 Sample bit of rose-milk in bar (7) EXCERPT {EXCE{}PT}
22 German connector in mine is a learned man (6) PUNDIT {P{UND}IT}
25 A male's up to beating back big cat (4) PUMA {PU}{M}{A} <=



  1. Link to article on the Chennai Crossie Open.

    the article talks about Mohsin and Ajeesh coming second, nothing about the winners!!

    1. Looks like a case of 'missing the wood for the trees' - I think.


  2. Rather lazy reporting.
    A news item on any event must have basic details.
    You just can't talk to the nearest person and include some info/comment without caring to gather essential details.
    The reporter was there throughout the event but eventually failed to turn out a decent report.

  3. Doubt in 29A - role of nothing ?

  4. Doubt in 29A - role of nothing ?

  5. O
    As I understand
    Father- F
    Do Act
    Nothing- O
    Stomach- Tum
    Retainer- Def.

  6. Col.'s comment-"No end of a Pangram'- referring to the missing Z? If it was an attempt, it would not have been difficult for Gridman to put in Z. probably they just fell in place.

  7. Nice xword :)...the slang Bub was new to me..

  8. Factotum sounds like a name from Totorum

  9. Late start, late finish! But a satisfactory solve. 21 Dn EXCERPT was the LOI because 'bar' for 'except' was new to me! Thanks Gridman for an enjoyable CW. :-)))

  10. Why, you must have come across the often-used expression "Everything is over bar the shouting" - when a task has been accomplished and only exulting and congratulating oneself remains.

  11. 'Factotum' - I must have come across this first when I read PGW novels.

    Words such as this that I learnt as a school/college boy have become old-fashioned.

    Am I also becoming passé?