Thursday, 23 April 2015

No 11376, Thursday 23 Apr 2015, Buzzer

1   Cape to put on as a protective covering (6) TOECAP*
5   Body of church to provide aid endlessly (7) CHASSIS {CH}{ASSISt}
9   Typical salesperson (14) REPRESENTATIVE [DD]
11 Wrong turn initially taken in one street in Paris (6) UNTRUE {UN}{Turn}{RUE} 
12 Platform to ride a bicycle around estate (8) PEDESTAL {PED{EST}AL}
13 Irrational jumping into ocean for ink from a cuttlefish (5) SEPIA {SE{PI}A}
14 Gained hard, difficult experience (2,7) GO THROUGH {GO T}{H}{ROUGH}
16 Doctor canonised presently (2,1,6) IN A SECOND*
18 Review system adopted say is trash (5) DREGS {DR{EG}S}
20 Gauze wrapped round leg at first is chafing (8) NETTLING {NETT{Leg}ING}
22 Training on a lake with old boat (6) PELAGO ? {PE}{L}{AGO} I don't think my answer is correct as this is a Brand name (Addendum - PEDALO {PED}{A}{L}{O} - See comments)

24 Government isn't exactly held in high regard (14) ADMINISTRATION {ADMI{ISNT*}RATION}
25 Some quickest relatives for a falcon (7) KESTREL [T]
26 Halo's surrounding yellow light (6) AURORA {AUR{OR}A}

2   Look down on public work (7) OVERTOP {OVERT}{OP}
3   Spread Iodine through clear-cut wound (9) CIRCULATE {C{I}RCULATE*}
4   Afterthought in a letter is true attention getter (4) PSST {PS}{S}{True}
5   Vain quote describing one time director (9) CONCEITED  {C{ONCE}ITE}{D}
6   Informed reportedly where to follow article (5) AWARE {A}{WARE}(~where)
7   Massage, it has us loosened (7) SHIATSU*
8   Singular athletes who possibly triumph unexpectedly (5,3,4) STEAL THE SHOW {S}{ATHLETES+WHO}*
10 Search and fingerprint holding one charged ? (8,4) QUESTION MARK {QUEST}{ION} {MARK}
14 Going round selling smuggled weed (9) GROUNDSEL [T]
15 A dog is not oddly friend to me (3,6) RED SETTER {fRiEnD} {SETTER}
17 Maiden hiding runs in dresses every so often (2,5) AT TIMES {AT TI{M}rES}
19 Charm of hair-raising tours uncovered (7) ENAMOUR {ENAM<=}{tOURs}
21 Ship left in pier's half-visible (5) LINER {L}{IN}{piER}
23 Field around new stadium (4) AREA AREnA



  1. 22 Training on a lake with old boat (6) PELAGO ? {PE}{L}{AGO}

    PED A L O

  2. 22 Training on a lake with old boat (6) PELAGO ? {PE}{L}{AGO} I don't think my answer is correct as this is a Brand name
    PE DAL O - a very small boat that you move by pushing pedals with your fee

    1. This anno seems plausible, though I thought PED: Physical Education dept, which is a stretch

  3. Actually it is PE DAL O
    We can't forget the lake in an integral part of our country.

  4. Didn't note NR has already provided the correct anno.

  5. 4 Afterthought in a letter is true attention getter (4) PSST {PS}{S}{True}

    Unable to get the anno. Is T for 'true'? What's 'is' in the clue? In a letter = S (Is it fair?)

  6. is= 's = s
    true = T as in quizzes - The Phantom is a crossword setter - T or F?

    1. OK. Thanks.It's a continuous learning process.Was a bit unsure whether the 's could have been added as :"in a letter's"

  7. Didn't quite get 23 D WP. Some composite type ?

    1. Field is area.
      The WP is a little unusual.
      The idea is: if you take ARE around N, it becomes stadium.
      Sometimes I too toy around with this sort of WP but I am not sure if I was brave enough to actually use it in my CW. Can't cite an example as DB does not include clue-types.

    2. Buzzer has used it at least once before.

    3. Thanks. I have seen composite anagrams from buzzer . What's clue type for this one ? :-D

    4. Where are u buzzer? Can't u pl clear our doubts?!

  8. Of course, I have used the following clue type:
    Def plus WP being if you add this to x, it becomes a given.

  9. Quite enjoyable with smooth surfaces.12,20a & 15d are calling shots. For me todays buzz(er) puzzle is10a. Very entertaing & engaging type of puzzle.Thanks Buzzer.

  10. Great xword. Loved 13a and 10d...Pedalo was new to me.. good learning must say :)

  11. A doubt about 24A-
    (Isn't) should be put in exactly and not as it is. Am I right? Does it mean that 'exactly' acts as Anind?!

  12. Replies
    1. Yellow : amber, gold - a deep yellow color; "an amber light illuminated the room"; "he admired the gold of her hair"

      Copy paste from Free Dic.

  13. Great crossword Buzzer! Enjoyed it... Got all except PEDALO and PSST... Loved ENAMOUR, SHIATSU, STEAL THE SHOW, SEPIA, GO THROUGH....

  14. I noticed a couple of clues which required a different approach-
    10D- ? is the def., with a nice wordplay
    17D- Dresses (attires) gets split as {At (tires)} in solution.