Sunday, 26 April 2015

No 2838, Sunday 26 Apr 2015

1   Enthusiastic male team heading off (6) HEARTY {HE}{pARTY}
4   A British opera, length unusual (8) ABNORMAL {A}{B}{NORMA}{L}
9   Derby winner in USA, possibly blazing a trail (9) AUSTRALIA {USA*}{A+TRAIL}*
11 Good hospital entering appropriate contest (5) FIGHT {FI{G}{H}T}
12 Fairy tale, a legend, enthrals when broadcast (6,3,6) HANSEL AND GRETEL*
13 A grant secured by the gymnast, perhaps (7) ATHLETE {A}{TH{LET}E}
15 One dubious name for a gaseous element (4) NEON {ONE*}{N}
18 Touch brass instrument in retreat (4) ABUT <=
19 Erratic heir, way out (7) HAYWIRE*
22 Unpredictable type, any one of the last three characters? (7,8) UNKNOWN QUANTITY {X,Y or Z}
24 "Chose" - past tense shown in dictionary (5) OPTED {O{P}{T}ED}
25 Make drunk supply a beer in it (9) INEBRIATE*
26 Like a minor in short dungarees, playing (5-3) UNDER-AGE DUNGAREEs*
27 Vegetable in season, one pound (6) LENTIL {LENT}{1}{L}

1   I agree to try and try (4,4) HEAR HEAR {HEAR} {HEAR}
2   Seaman's popular article is good for a drink (8) ABSINTHE {AB'S}{IN}{THE}
3   Brusque, in sister's estimation (5) TERSE [T]
5   Getting on? Put up pension (8,5) BOARDING HOUSE {BOARDING} {HOUSE}
6   Collection made by Conservative supporting bid (9) OFFERTORY {OFFER}{TORY}
7   Large number blowing top after start of match (6) MIGHTY {Match}{eIGHTY}
8   Agree to take off and attack (3,3) LET FLY {LET} {FLY}
10 Outstrip lad with vast engine, surprisingly (5,8) LEAVE STANDING*
14 Elaborate stitch (9) EMBROIDER [DD]
16 Watchful living at resort (8) VIGILANT*
17 Enjoying great health? Yes (4,4) VERY WELL {VERY} {WELL}
20 Kudos involved first to unravel puzzle (6) SUDOKU {KUDOS*}{Un...l}
21 Fish dead? Moved on ice (6) SKATED {SKATE}{D}
23 Square up holding end of lager bottle (5) NERVE {NE{lageR}VE<=}



  1. Leaving home early. Will be back by 11 or so. Special at 10:30 is by Gigabyte

  2. 12 Fairy tale, a legend, enthrals when broadcast (6,3,6) HANSEL AND GRETEL*

    The print ed has "enthralls" so was trying to account for the extra L in the answer. Seems US spelling is with two Ls.

    1. Everyman's CW no.3569 dtd 01-03-2015 published in The Guardian, has correct spelling ENTHRALS. Printers error @ Hindu I think.

    2. Mistake in typing = Printer's error ;-)

  3. An enjoyable CW today. Nice and easy. :-)))

  4. Pension for a boarding house was new to me. So was offertory, but was able to get it easily from the word play.
    Looking forward to Gigabyte.

  5. Easy breezy xword... Q to the setters, y is it on Sundays...when one can safely assume the general junta wd hv more time on their hands, is the xword quicker to complete? Of course compensated by the extra xword on this blog...:)

    1. It's not because of extra time but due to the fact that this CW is accessible at the Guardian site approximately 6 weeks before it appears here

    2. ok.. thanks for that titbit Colonel ... can we not ask for the tougher Guardian xwords to appear on Sunday?

    3. Nooo. .This is the one appears in The Hindu..and even for this I took around 2 hrs for 75% finish :-(

  6. Yes, the interactive version of what is called Everman crossword (yes, I know many women do it as well).
    It appears in the Guardian website as an interactive puzzle.
    But what is to be noted is that it does not appear in the paper The Guardian.
    It appears in the Sunday paper The Observer.
    In its dying days The Observer was taken over by The Guardian newspaper company.
    Hence the interactive version Everyman puzzle appears on the Guardian website.

  7. Please read Everyman.
    Typing in iPad is a pain for me.