Tuesday, 2 June 2015

No 11410, Tuesday 02 Jun 2015, Incognito

8   Ache felt by Mangalorean before taking a pinch of nitrazepam (4) PAIN {PAI}{Ni...n}
9,10 Take a sphere and enjoy (4,1,4) HAVE A BALL {HAVE} {A} {BALL}
11 Magician makes headless lizard follow a bridge player (6) WIZARD {W}{lIZARD}
12 Cheek sauce? (8) AUDACITY [DD]
13 Plot outline shows a Portuguese river behind incomplete stage decoration (8) SCENARIO {SCENe}{A}{RIO}
15 More inquisitive senior was confused (6) NOSIER*
17 Tired review (3-4) RUN-DOWN [DD]
19 Slide path for a boat ramp (7) SLIPWAY {SLIP}{WAY}
22 Distorted and arranged weeks before commencing demolition (6) SKEWED {WEEKS*}{De...n}
24 Tops of columns for primary cities (8) CAPITALS [DD]
26 Bite, very violently, each piece (5,3) EVERY BIT*
28 Westward facing nuclear silo protects country (6) ISRAEL [T<=]
30 Ian left Niagara and travelled to Indian city (4) AGRA niaGRA*
31 The oppressed in India want food and information technology (5) DALIT {DAL}{IT}
32 Type of enemy who may be found on foot? (4) ARCH [DD]

1   Valley found at a railway junction in Karnataka (4) WADI [DD]
2   Such lunar missions did not have women too (8) UNMANNED [CD]
3   Ladies dress in Egypt, Chad or Sudan (6) CHADOR [T] &lit
4    Pilot found a Roman road on a mountain (7) AVIATOR {A}{VIA}{TOR}
5,25 Churchman indicates main directions (8,6) CARDINAL POINTS {CARDINAL} {POINTS}
6   A bachelor takes copper to station make a computer (6) ABACUS {A}{BA}{CU}{S}
7   British fate is a stain on the escutcheon (4) BLOT {B}{LOT}
14 Throw food to the test pilot Yeager (5) CHUCK [MD]
16 'e dons armour to deliver a message (1-4) E-MAIL {E}-{MAIL}
18 Obese passengers may be accommodated in aircraft with this (4-4) WIDE-BODY [CD]
20 Safe kitchen utensil for the boy who never grew up (5,3) PETER PAN {PETER} {PAN}
21 Hurry and sink a ship (7) SCUTTLE [DD]
23 Looked after Indian intelligence agency's return to capital (6) WARSAW {WAR<=}{SAW}
25 See 5
27 Bright star can be seen, for example, in Virginia (4) VEGA {V{EG}A}
29 Cut a design in a sketchbook (4) ETCH [T]



  1. Nice crossword, got all except Wadi. Quick question about 3D - in an &lit type of telescopic, isn't it required that the fodder be hidden at both the ends, like in a normal telescopic clue?

    1. Ideally the characters of a telescopic fodder must not begin at the beginning of a word in the clue. Nor should it end with a word.
      We should aim for end character or characters of a word,, a word or two or whatever, beginning character(s) of a word.

    2. Ideally again the sound of the answer word should be avoided in the telescopic fodder.
      In 29d, the answer word leaps soundly, doesn't it? Besides it is in a whole word without being spread over a couple of words.
      As a compiler I myself might be guilty of these transgressions and so the setter and readers may please pardon me for these observations made with altruistic purpose of steps towards better understanding and appreciation of the art of the crossword.

    3. Thank you, Chaturvasi sir. While I knew that it's a good-to-have if the word sound doesn't leap out, hence misleading the solver for a bit, I didn't know that it was a rule. 29D has a nice surface though :)

  2. An enjoyable strain free CW. Thank you Incognito. :-)))

  3. One of my fastest fills. Flowed smooth like on a 19A. Incidentally I needed a little help for this.
    Enjoyed the wide bodied joke- thankfully I do not have such a wide one!

  4. 20A- Peter meaning 'safe' could have been highlighted. Had to recall this after filling in for proper parsing.

  5. 3Dn Reminded of Rajinder Singh Bedi's classic Ek Chadar Maili Si which was made into a movie with Hema Malini and Rishi Kapoor

  6. 4Dn : Pilot found a Roman road on a mountain (7) AVIATOR {A}{VIA}{TOR}

    A twist to the above clue by replacing 'Roman road' with 'Roman number' will yield : {A}{VI}{A}{TOR}. But the surface reading suffers a bit, I think.

    1. Surface reading may not suffer if you take number as a song!

  7. 29D does not seem to be a T (junction), though I do not know what to call it. The answer is part of a longer word as denoted by 'in' in the clue.

  8. Enjoyable puzzle. Got all except AUDACITY...
    16D Though I got EMail not clear with the Anno... Can someone please help with it? I mean how does "Mail" part workout?

    1. Mail: Armour.

      Also to clothe or arm with mail... thefreedictionary.com

    2. mail
      clothing made of small metal rings or pieces joined together, worn by soldiers in the past to protect their bodies
      It may be chain mail, plate mail, scale mail.
      Please google with these terms for images.

    3. 16 'e dons armour to deliver a message (1-4) E-MAIL {E}-{MAIL}

      I was wondering how 'dons armour' could translate to just 'mail'? Thefreedic gives to clothe with mail(armour) as MAIL (verb). But then it should be "mails'?

  9. Hi everyone,
    To answer Raghu, armour =mail, when 'e dons it, he puts it on, so e gets mail attached to it.
    Thanks everyone for solving and offering valuable suggestions.

  10. Btw, regarding 29d, I would call it a subset of telescopic- word in a word ...

  11. Thanks Incognito for an enjoyable crossword! Good to be back.

  12. Thanks mam. Goodnight all!