Monday, 29 June 2015

No 11433, Monday 29 Jun 2015, Buzzer

1   Language spoken mostly by a follower (5) VOCAB {VOCAl}{B}
4   Female film star, likable, selling every other product (9) FACTORIAL {F}{ACTOR}{lIkAbLe}
9   Unexpectedly met a queen? Probably not (3,4) RAN INTO {RAN I}{NOT*}
10 The day before holiday is a high point (7) EVEREST {EVE}{REST}
11 Oriental travelling around Cambodia in a cargo vessel (3-6) OIL-TANKER {ORIENTAL}* around K
12 Reason one national umpire retires (5) INFER {1}{N}{FER<=}
13 Main issue with summer perhaps (6) SEASON {SEA}{SON}
15 Be replacing a dirty old man (5,3) UNCLE BEN {UNCLE(-a+be)BEN}
18 Lacking batting confidence without any centuries (2,4,2) IN NEED OF {cONFIDENcE}*
19 A small change in gradient (6) ASCENT {A}{S}{CENT}
22 Uniform gets old on the outside, yet fits (5) AGUES {AG{U}ES}
24 Thought highly of ad Reuters released (9) TREASURED*
26 Table Hannibal's madness at heart (7) LECTERN {LECTER}{madNess}
27 Primarily one among rowing sport's crew (7) OARSMAN {O}{A}{R}{S}{MAN} &lit
28 Thoroughbred slipped off deep ridge (9) PEDIGREED*
29 Marks from screeching wheels (5) WEALS (~wheels)

1   In transit, our visa is different (7) VARIOUS*
2   Ditch pail by a lake (5) CANAL {CAN}{A}{L}
3   Pelting along through vacant city (9) BANGALORE {BA{ALONG*}RE}
4   Bunches of phlox picked up (6) FLOCKS (~phlox)
5   Settling in a wooded area without trees (8) CLEARING [DD]
6   Daggers made of Nobelium (5) OBELI [T]
7   Fine unconventional story is beyond words (9) INEFFABLE {FINE*}{FABLE}
8   After losing openers, Slater ton in due course (5,2) LATER ON {sLATER tON}
14 A new study written up about Oz is made public (9) ANNOUNCED {A}{N}{N{OUNCE}ED<=}
16 Stalwart's tackled a backbreaker (4,5) LAST STRAW*
17 Carry on sneakily unnoticed for the most part (8) CONTINUE UNNOTICEd*
18 Friend and supporter, one upset and confused (2,1,4) IN A FLAP {1}{N A F}{LAP}<=
20 Planned operation from top to bottom to restrain papers getting news (7) TIDINGS {(-s)TING(+s)S} around {ID}
21 What breaks strong watch? (6) BEHOLD {B{EH}OLD}
23 Made in China mouth organ girl finds no good (5) SHENG {SHE}{NG}
25 Odd part of ball or dance (5) RUMBA {RUM}{BAll}

Reference list

A follower = B, Female = F, Cambodia = K, National = N, Century = C, Uniform = U, Lake = L, Papers = ID, What = EH!, No good = NG



  1. 14 A new study written up about Oz is made public (9) ANNOUNCED {A}{N}{N{OUNCE}ED<=}

    There seems to be an extra E in the clue.

    1. I have looked at and I don't think so. Everything seems to gel.

    2. I think Sandhya is right. There is an E in OUNCE and an E in DEN, which doesn't Gel!

    3. Sandhya is right as always

  2. I like the way RUMBA is clued, without the use of Burma and graduate.

  3. Liked, among others, 1A. The letter B is the follower of A in the alphabet. Cute!

  4. 17D - In the list of 'Carry on' series of movies like 'Carry on Regardless', was there any with the title, 'Carry on Unnoticed', by chance?

    CV, Kishore, MB, Raghu....

    1. You mean you have the original ones?

    2. Must be using charcoal and salt!!

    3. Or a herbal plant. Aalum velum pallukku uridhi, so goes a Tamil proverb. Tr: The sticks of Banyan and Babool make teeth strong

  5. Noticed "sneakily" "pelting" aninds! New to me. Liked follower of 'A' too. :)

  6. Nice enjoyable Buzzing CW.
    B follows A. Sorry I did not follow until I saw Col.'s ref. list and I considered myself a tube light without a starter.

  7. 'Oz' for ounce. Buzzer surprises.

  8. Thank you for an exhilarating ride, Buzzer. Several great clues in there - too many to mention in a post. I especially liked the way the unfamiliar word SHENG was clued - once the crosses were in place, the wordplay left no other possibility, so it was just a matter of checking that the word existed and meant what the clue said.

    Thanks to DG for the blog, and to Sandhya for helping me see what about ANNOUNCED didn't gel - I had a feeling something wasn't right but didn't quite spot it. A pity that the mistake crops up in an otherwise delightful puzzle!

  9. The wizard of Oz is enthralling, even with the mystery of the missing E

    1. Not missing, but additional E!

    2. The enigmatic extra E! :)

    3. Catching the attention of Sandhya ma'am! Nothing escapes from her!!

  10. 'A follower' for the letter B has been used in THC before.

    It is noticed now perhaps because of the list.

    THC 10514 Mover: 6 One religious group after a follower can divide in two (6)
    THC 10150 NJ: 17 - A follower will allow in around ninety playing this game (9)

    I think Gridman too has used the device but I am unable to trace the clue just now.

    Now consider:

    THC Sun 2566: 6 - A follower of the news? (7,8)

    1. Some more

      THC 9670 Neyartha : Student taken out by a follower’s heavy shove (5)
      THC 9459 Neyartha : Commotion results when a follower takes off the learner tag (5)
      THC 10072 M Manna : Spirit of a follower on the Spanish river (4)

    2. THC 10514 Mover : BISECT {B}{I}{SECT}
      THC 10072 Manna :BRIO {B}{RIO}

      Am not getting others (with annotation). Wish some of our bloggers would cold solve them. Thanks.

    3. THC 10150 NJ - {B}{ADMI{N}T}{ON} With N coming from Ninety as per NJ
      THC 9670 Neyartha - (-l+b)BARGE
      THC 9459 Neyartha - (-l+b)BABEL

    4. Thanks Sir! For NJ puzzle I took 'ninety' as 'XC' and went nowhere!

    5. THC Sunday CW No.2566 dtd 10 Jan 2010 blogged by Col. Sir.
      6 - A follower of the news? (7,8) - WEATHER FORECAST [CD]

  11. All previous B following A are in 9000 & 1000 +, which means at least 3/4 years back? So, but for search engines almost forgotten. That is probably the reason for comments.

  12. Apologies for the mistake in 14 down. Should have paid more attention to it before sending for publication.