Tuesday, 30 June 2015

No 11434, Tuesday 30 Jun 2015, Arden

1   Regular bike, energy replenished by internal combustion (6) CYCLIC CYCL(-e+ic)IC
4   Bone setter takes a blind turn (8) MANDIBLE {A+BLIND}* in ME
10 Attacking — smart to go behind sleeper (9) MOLESTING {MOLE}{STING}
11 About to lift seed (5) CAROB {CA}{ROB}
12 Counselled endlessly about eye (7) OCELLUS COUnSELLed*
13 Veto fully in order (7) NULLIFY*
14 Take out midway in language (5) ERASE {ER{wAy}SE}
15 General for a cut back in lighting (8) NAPOLEON {N{A}{POL<=}EON}
18 Stretch regularly — it boosts building activity (8) TECTONIC {sTrEtCh}{TONIC}
20 Bear with wife daily (5) WHELP {W}{HELP}
23 Being serious, one will show displeasure (7) GRIMACE {GRIM}{ACE}
25 Old animal rejected by Herb (7) OREGANO {O}{REGANO<=}
26 A minor thing to allow a point (5) NORTH [T]
27 Recurring theme of self-determination resolved after Andersen left (9) LEITMOTIF* sELF-deTerMInaTIOn*
28 Simon had organised lecture (8) ADMONISH*
29 Accustomed to be denied justice when wounded (6) INURED INjURED

1   A setter wearing jacket arrived (4,4) CAME OVER  {C{A}{ME} OVER}
2   Burn the top off, over time in a volcanic depression (7) CALDERA {sCALD}{ERA}
3   Penniless this month — introducing novel characters (9) INSOLVENT {INS{NOVEL*}T}
5   Heart ache in Singaporecan it be treated? (6,8) ANGINA PECTORIS*
6   Of Noble birth, head of clan is doubly covered (5) DUCAL {DU{Clan}AL}
7   Something to eat — one to follow a drill (7) BURRITO {BURR}{1}{TO}
8   Original human, more by evolution (6) EMBRYO*
9   Pricks make you go numb (4,3,7) PINS AND NEEDLES [C&DD]
16 Ordered wrong meal — sound like ox tongue? (3,6) LOW GERMAN*
17 Made fun about a name, got everything one needed (8) SPOONFED {SPOO{N}FED}
19 Saying it's end of the line for farm animals (7) EPIGRAM {linE}{PIG}{RAM}
21 Player follows directions, he's doing his job (7) ENACTOR {E}{N}{ACTOR}
22 Rival political groups replace party leader by force in a country (6) UGANDA  {U(-p+g)GA}{NDA}
24 WhitewashEngland tried to avoid it, to some extent (5) ASHEN [T]

Reference list

Energy = E, Internal Cumbustion = IC, Setter = ME, About = CA, Wife = W, One = ACE, Old = O, Justice = J, Name = N, Directions = N;S;E;W, Force = Gravity = G,



  1. Nice workout today. Ocellus left me eyeing the samosa ( Needed the net to get it). Excessive padding for 24D?

  2. Is 'to some extent' a T indicator?

    1. PARTLY meaning "to some extent" is very much there in the list of Hidden Word Indicators. So it's a T indicator.

      Ref : http://bestforpuzzles.com/cryptic-crossword-dictionary/hidden-word-indicators.html

  3. Tough but interesting.
    Had to fill in a few without proper anno and looked in here. Of course used the net liberally including a few meanings.
    Nowhere near the eye.

  4. 18/30 only :(( & Needles in 9 Ac.

  5. So much out of sorts that 9D becomes 9A!

    1. :-) Yeah, sorry it should have been 9D - Thanks for PIN pointing

  6. I should have said 'So numbed'.

  7. Superb puzzle...typical Arden fare

  8. Excellent puzzle. What I liked best was that even for the slightly unfamiliar words (for me) like CAROB, CALDERA, OCELLUS etc. the answers were derivable from the wordplay and 1-2 crossing letters. Thanks Arden!