Wednesday, 10 June 2015

No 11417, Wednesday 10 Jun 2015, xChequer

Phew!, xChequer's as devious as ever.

7   Call it restriction governing capacity measures (6) LITRES [T]
8   Perhaps bangtail, ultimately hack in high gear? (8) GALLOPER {GA{taiL}{LOP}ER*} Tail on double duty?
9   Even eating nan is outrageous (8) FLAGRANT {FLA{GRAN}T}
10 Foolish ideas rejected with a roar of laughter (6) GUFFAW {GUFF}{A)(W<=}
11 Film Mount Compass (5) SCALE [MD]
12 Excite husband, run through farm (6) THRILL {T{H}{R}ILL}
14 The Reverend's ride along the beach to get the music started? (6,2,3,4) STRIKE UP THE BAND {S}{TRIKE} {UP THE} {BAND} Anno not clear (Addendum - BIKE UP THE STRAND by Rev Spooner - See comments)
17 Put on trial in Germany facing international court (6) INDICT {IN}{D}{I}{CT}
18 Pair born to fly (5) BRACE {B}{RACE}
22 Weaker or better if one brings down temperature? (6) PUNIER PUN(-t+1)IER
23 Tells all of us about splitting on mobs (8) UNBOSOMS {U{ON+MOBS}*S}
24 Standard weapon in a manner of speaking (8) PARLANCE {PAR}{LANCE}
25 Incentives allowed normal rejects (6) SPURNS {SPUR{N}S}

1   Do elastic buckles move out of position? (9) DISLOCATE*
2   Save a German woman? Mounting delay in saving (6) FRUGAL {FRaU}{GAL<=}
3   A soprano's voice test (5) ASSAY {A}{S}{SAY}
4   Bullet train is extremely garish or dull? (8) SLUGGISH {SLUG}{IS+ Ga...sH}*
5   Driver, possibly one before hotel with short black suit (8) GOLFCLUB {GOLF}{CLUBs}
6   Gong indicating an occasion when food is served including the start of dinner (5) MEDAL {ME{Di...r}AL}
8   Caught on a knife-edge after tightrope cut loose (3,3,7) GOT THE PICTURE {TIGHTROPE+CUT}*{knifE}
13 Caught in net meant culpable in law (9) ENACTMENT {C} in {NET+MEANT}*
15 Those forming acronyms following one format in a list (8) INITIALS {1}{IN+A+LIST}*
16 Close call to keep uranium stable (8) ENDURING {END}{U}{RING}
19 Save, secure, free (6) RESCUE*
20 Wall painting left a peculiar scaling (5) MURAL {MUR}{A}{L}<=
21 Humble answer getting support (5) ABASE {A}{BASE}



  1. Off to Coimbatore tonight, for a week, and as I reach early in the morning you'll can expect some holes in eXchequer's offering for tomorrow

  2. The Reverend's ride along the beach to get the music started? (6,2,3,4) STRIKE UP THE BAND

    Spoonerism: Bike up the Strand

    1. No wonder I didn't get it, I'm not a fan of the Rev

    2. Great 'diagnosis', Sandhya. I did not get the anno at all.

  3. Found it tough going in NE corner. Still happy to have managed to score 70%. No more energy left to slug it on to improve my score! Enough for the day! Cricket to follow. Thank you xChequer.

    1. I had the going only in SE and a few others. Lot of holes, as the Col says.... hmmm ... a long way to go!

    2. Typo : Slug it out and not 'slug it on' MB @ 8:52 am post.

  4. Some of the clues are top class. Bravo!

  5. Thank God I prefer rotis to nan. Otherwise I will be thinking of my grandmother whenever I eat a nan!

    1. As they say in Hindi ... Naani yaad aajaayegi !

  6. Enjoyable crossword on the whole.

    Except perhaps 8A. I prefer working 9 to 5 and do not particularly enjoy doing double duty. Particularly with GST around the corner)

  7. GST round the corner? We seem to have turned quite a few corners already!