Monday, 15 June 2015

No 11421, Monday 15 Jun 2015, Afterdark

1   Booklover's broken mobile almost accepted by Indian merchant as I entered (11) BIBLIOMANIA {B{I}{MOBILe*}ANIA}
9   Sample half of salads, appetizers, soup, starters and snacks (7) SAMOSAS {SAMple}{O}{S}{A}{S}
10 In theory, no new pacer sheds calories to gain power (2,5) ON PAPER {NO}* {PA(-c+p)PER}
11 Beanpoles assemble, release plan to become fat (5) OBESE BEanpOlES*
12 In party, dinner service is displayed by Asian peninsula (9) INDOCHINA {IN}{DO}{CHINA}
13 Kangaroo stench in sleeping place (5) ROOST [T]
15 Then, while going out, penny-farthing can be used to get an utensil (6,3) FRYING PAN {PenNY+FARthING}*
18 Trappings at new casino has standard (9) CAPARISON {CA{PAR}ISON*}
21 Join Steffi, say at the last court (5) GRAFT {GRAF}{c..rT}
22 Beaten sides meet in dishonour (9) DISESTEEM*
24 Bolt's last run's around one minute, second best by the clock (5) TIMER {bolT}{1}{M}{bEst}{R}
26 Touching a new man is tense at first... (7) TANGENT {T}{A}{N}{GENT}
27 ...clean him heartlessly applying fresh soap and love (7) SHAMPOO {HiM+SOAP}* and {O}
28 Tie is the end result between two equals (11) EVENSTEVENS {EVENS}{r...lT}{EVENS}

1   Biopic shot around HSR Layout diocese (9) BISHOPRIC {BIOPIC+HSR}*
2   2/3rd of Bombay has English dessert (5) BOMBE {BOMBay}{E}
3   Police officer finds fleeing sniper lying around broken cot (9) INSPECTOR {INSPE{CTO*}R*}
4   In India, fun is having a very loud dog (7) MASTIFF {MASTI}{FF}
5   No, Honda chief will be out by end of July, 12 PM. (7) NOONDAY {NO+hONDA}{julY}
6   L&T Project’s revolutionary plastic jelly (5) ASPIC PlAStIC*
7   Ape has pulse (5-3) SPLIT-PEA {APE}*
8   Fertilizer from nuclear fission: NCL release (4) UREA nUclEAR*
14 At odds with uninitiated cop's positioning (8) OPPOSING {cOP}{POSING}
16 Refuse to accept overtime income for starters and bargain (9) NEGOTIATE {NEG{OT}{In...e}ATE}
17 So, on tour I can be disgraceful (9) NOTORIOUS*
19 Case of a woman with a primarily troubled man (7) SHEATHE {SHE}{A}{Tr...d}{HE}
20 Downfall of Siemens engineer... (7) NEMESIS*
22 ...affected understudy Sunder: Quit the job (4) DUTY undersTUDY*
23 European vegetable (5) SWEDE [DD]
25 Plant's plan placed by novice engineer (5) MAPLE {MAP}{L}{E}


  1. It should be raining samosas today

  2. An early morning breakfast with a plateful of samosas to start the week! Nice one AD. Enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you. :-)))

  3. Re 1ac
    Is there a mistake in def?
    The mania is not a lover but love, if you get what I mean.

    1. Exactly. I put in biblophile and wasted a lot of time before changing it thanks to crossings.Biblomania is love of books.

    2. If you read tyhe def as booklover's it may work out as what a booklover has.

  4. Re 13ac
    Can T ind (in) come after T fodder (Kangaroo stench)?

  5. Thanks for 9Ac AD. Really enjoyed solving this.

  6. Is today's theme use of proper names/nouns in as many clues as possible?

    1. A 'brand'-new idea, a la Sowmya...

    2. Brand-old? (esp. when you mention Sowmya)

    3. Looks like I have been Branded with brand crosswords:) It's a free world after all:) Welcome to the dark side AD:):)

  7. Replies
    1. Is it really themed? I see only 3 companies

    2. 4: L&T,NCL.Honda,Siemens

    3. What is the minimum number of themed words needed for it be considered a theme based crossword? 5?

    4. I think CV had once mentioned at least 6

  8. See photographs of yesterday's met at Black Rabbit at

  9. Real samosas out there!!
    Bombe almost bombed on me. First time I hear about it- got it with a little search.

  10. Thank you Col. for the link to photos. Almost a full S&B meet or is it only setters and no solvers?
    There seems to be a buzz in Bangalore when Buzzer is around. Any chance of Bhavan passing through Chennai?

  11. Deletion of L&T not very clear in 6D.
    Should Siemens have a rethink about their name?

  12. Sorry for the mistakes folks. There was an issue in this cycle. My laptop crashed and I lost the latest works. Due to paucity of time I had dust some of the very old clues and send it with not much of time to edit

    1. 25th honeymoon ka after effects ;)

    2. I wish it was Kishore. Guess it's before effects

  13. 7Dn : Ape has pulse (5-3) SPLIT-PEA {APE}*
    It's a reverse anagram clue I think?

    1. Yes MB sir . Split -anagrind, def - Pulse .

    2. Thanks, LV, for confirming it! Now I feel I've some measure of these Reverse Anagram clues. :)

  14. I was employed with SIEMENS for 8 years, at Delhi.

  15. To Deepak
    Re use of apostrophes
    May I provide the following link to an article on the vexed topic in a reputed (Richard, are you happy that I am not using the word 'reputable'?)

    PS: Apologies for the illustration for which I am not responsible.

  16. Sir,
    This is what causes confusion-
    With personal names that end in -s: add an apostrophe plus s when you would naturally pronounce an extra s if you said the word out loud:

    He joined Charles’s army in 1642.

    Dickens's novels provide a wonderful insight into Victorian England.

    Thomas's brother was injured in the accident.

    Note that there are some exceptions to this rule, especially in names of places or organizations, for example:

    St Thomas’ Hospital

    If you aren’t sure about how to spell a name, look it up in an official place such as the organization’s website.

    With personal names that end in -s but are not spoken with an extra s: just add an apostrophe after the -s:

    The court dismissed Bridges' appeal.

    Connors' finest performance was in 1991.

  17. It wasn't themed. 4 was plain chance