Friday, 12 June 2015

No 11419, Friday 12 Jun 2015, The Phantom

Sorry about the missing annos. Paper came in late and I had to type out the clues. Thanks to Ramesh for some annos.

1   Sponsor band possessing good record (10) BACKGROUND {BACK}{G}{ROUND}
6   Bypass couple of judges venting spleen (4) JUMP {JUdges}MP Anno pending (Addendum - {J}{UMPire} - See comments)
10 Depression; it's cured by doctor (7) DENTIST {DENT}{ITS*}
11 Topic about woman likely to be included (7) CHAPTER {C}{H{APT}ER}
12 Pick out main suspect for murder (9) ELIMINATE Anno pending (Addendum - {ELI{MAIN*}TE} - See comments)
13 Bunk's delivery reported (5) BERTH (~birth)
14 Clutch casing containing short link eliminated a fault (5) CLING {C(-asin+link)LING}
15 Incurring recurring deficit, nightclub's business finally crumbles (9) DISSOLVES  Anno pending (Addendum - {DI{SSOL<=}VE}{b...sS} - See comments)
17 German in queue, right ahead of primarily sluggish stragglers (9) LINGERERS {LIN{GER}E}{R}{Sl...h}
21 Individual peddled dresses for firm (5) SOLID {SOL{I}D}
22 Duck caught in Bill's trap (5) NOOSE {NO{O}SE}
24 Motivate model, once popular to display passion (9) ENCOURAGE Anno pending (Addendum - {ONCE*}{U}{RAGE} - See comments)
26 Bill's auditor rejected Tally (7) ACCOUNT {AC<=}{COUNT}
27 Floating mass of solidified water aircrew followed often (7) ICEFLOE {aIrCrEw}{FoLlOwEd}
28 One going outside to browse (4) SURF Anno pending (Addendum - SURFace - See comments)
29 Royals at home about to be swarmed by crowds (10) PRINCESSES {PR{IN}{C}ESSES}

1   Mark runs away from Harry (5) BADGE BADGEr
2   Plight of a new date participating in sexual act (9) CONDITION {CO{N}{D}ITION}
3   Winning team possessed batting skill essentially (7) GAINING {GA{IN}{skIll}NG}
4   Surface revealed drawback (7) OUTWARD {OUT}{WRAD<=}
5   Said "new clue's confusing to the core" (7) NUCLEUS (~new}{NU}{CLUES*}
7   Speak out - don't start to talk to yourself! (5) UTTER mUTTER
8   Tea in handbag, daughter's paid for (9) PURCHASED {PUR{CHA}SE}{D}
9   Boy, a doctor loves grass! (6) BAMBOO {B}{A}{MB}{OO}
14 Schedules for land races organised (9) CALENDARS*
16 Expert opens hidden vaults, spending little time, to get treasures (9) VALUABLES Anno pending (Addendum - {VALU{ABLE}St*} - See comments)
18 Parallel parking around university square (4,2) EVEN UP {EVEN} {U}{P}
19 English church reader, one making sign of a cross? (7) ELECTOR {E}{LECTOR}
20 Department put out notices (7) SECTION*
21 Hug sweetheart (7) SQUEEZE [DD]
23 For example, an award for some of Mario's cartoons (5) OSCAR [T]
25 Beer makers provide empty beer pitchers! (5) EWERS brEWERS



  1. 16d able= expert in vaults-t*

  2. 15a DI(SSOL<=)VE S
    Dive = Nightclub

  3. 24 Motivate model, once popular to display passion (9) {ENCO}*{U}{RAGE}

  4. 28 One going outside to browse (4) SURF (-ace)

    1. I don't think 'going' alone is enough as del ind.

    2. Leaving, an act of leaving in thefreedic & Chambers

  5. Replies
    1. The clue reads couple of judges

    2. One judge=J other Umpire

    3. Ok. Seen. Thanks all for pitching in with the annos. Since Bhavan is travelling over the next few days you'll will get plenty of such oppurtunities to pitch in with the annos.

    4. Ouch. Tomorrow is my turn to blog & my paper turns up after 7:30. That is going to be quite a challenge

    5. Do you want me to scan it and send it to you a bit earlier?

    6. Thanks Richard. That would help. Also Col. is planning to type it in ( as he expects his paper to come in earlier than mine )

    7. With Bhavan gone, we still have Sandhya to steal our opportunities : )

  6. Tough one today.
    A little confusion in the anno for 14A-'LIN' to be retained in 'Link' & 'CG' out of 'CasinG'.(casing- a sin)

  7. Repost from yesterday evening
    Christopher Lee (Dracula, Scaramanga, Saruman, Count Dooku and Jinnah) is no more. RIP. Hope Dracula rises again!

    He was Ian Fleming's choice to play James Bond. Please read this short story I wrote 5 years back

    The time I met Christopher Lee in flesh and blood


    1. As Scaramanga he easily overshadowed Roger Moore in "The man with the Golden Gun.

    2. As Scaramanga he easily overshadowed Roger Moore in "The man with the Golden Gun.

    3. +1 Imo, Dracula's any day better The Saint !

  8. Happy Birthday DS & many happy returns of the day.

  9. Many Happy Returns Dr. DS.

  10. Today's score is only 75%. Drew blank in NW corner.

  11. Awful puzzle. To my little brain many clues are a bit convoluted

    1. These blanket statements do not help a setter. It would be helpful if you point out which clues you hated & why. You have a better chance of convincing a setter to change

    2. It's best to ignore. Not the first time that he's come up with such comments.

  12. Amused as I am by some of the witty comments I read on THCC, I do get a bit peeved reading some unfair and adhoc comments.To start with, it would help everyone if all of us understood that we meet and interact on this forum because of our shared interest in the art of cruciverbalism. The joy of solving a well constructed puzzle cannot be expressed in words.
    It is best to consider this interaction between the setter and the solvers as a friendly intellectual badinage and nothing more. Let us not bring in the cranial capacity of the solver or the evil intentions of the setter into the picture. This is definitely not a contest to prove who is smarter.
    If there are any specific mistakes, they should be pointed out in a fair manner.
    As a setter, if my clues can amuse or make the solvers chuckle, I would consider my job's done.

  13. Absolutely in agreement with you on all points. When I am found wanting on a few occasions, I see that others have been able to crack it. This means that I should increase my vocabulary, parsing of clues and analysis. Learning never stops and happy when we can learn more. That way Blog is most helpful and I am happy that I am a better solver today. Sometimes, when more than a few tough (difficult to solve for various reasons) we feel a little disappointed and it is bound to be reflected in the comments. No such thing as 'evil intentions of the setter', as you put it!