Saturday, 27 June 2015

No 11432, Saturday 27 Jun 2015, Buzzer


8 Remain at sea as a soldier (6) MARINE {REMAIN*}
9 Eagerly waiting on clue to solve finally (2,6) ON TIPTOE {ON} {TIP}{TO}{E}
10 Imitation stone, it is of national importance to the Irish (8) SHAMROCK {SHAM}{ROCK}

11 Fight through great hardship initially to make progress (6) GROWTH {G{ROW}T}{H}
12 Parking and running around certain spot on holiday (8-7) PLEASURE SEEKING {P}{LEA{SURE} {SEE}KING}
14 Make a case to arrest syndicate (5,2) BRING IN {B{RING} IN}
16 One of two identical elements reacting with Phosphorus to become opposite (7) ISOTOPE {ISOTOPE+P}*=OPPOSITE
19 Hear lecture's finally broadcast (6,9) LISTEN CAREFULLY {LECTURES FINALLY}*
22 Resist killing a sheep (6) WETHER {WEaTHER|
24 Try going round meadow inhaling cold air (8) TELECAST {TE{LE{C}A}ST}
25 Pots break in a trip? (8) STOPOVER {STOPVER = POTS OVER}
26 Hoi polloi, term describing idle (6) LOITER (T)


1 Music composer's role in production of one single (8) BACHELOR {BACH}{ELOR*}
2 End up repeatedly in an aboriginal hut (3-3) MIA-MIA {AIM-AIM<=}
3 Finding victory is special in turn (10) RESOLUTION {RE{-v+S}OLuTION}
4 Publication to study risk to Spooner (7) BOOKLET (Rev. Spooner's Look bet)
5 Man without date seen in satsangs frequently (4) STAG {SaTsAnGs}
6 Small power booster, it is attached to a bike (8) SPROCKET {S}{P}{ROCKET}

7 Relax in sun regularly (6) SOFTEN {S}{OFTEN}
13 Flower from tree I'll say, exotic (6,4) EASTER LILY {TREE ILL SAY}*

15 A sudden jump in reputation? That'll never happen (3,1,4) NOT A HOPE {NOT {A} {HOP}E}
17 I continue dissecting a column (8) PILASTER {P{I}{LAST}ER}

18 Striking // group (7) BATTERY (DD)
20 Fancy side a team put together (6) IDEATE (T) Is this a valid hidden word indicator?
21 Street kid moving around endlessly (6) URCHIN {lURCHINg}
23 Talk deliriously about // excellent // party (4) RAVE (MD)

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  1. Good one a usual.

    20 Fancy side a team put together (6) IDEATE (T) Is this a valid hidden word indicator?

    Put together as putting components together.

    1. Seems a stretch. Works as an anagrind but not as a hidden word indicator

    2. Ramesh, I'm not sure what the objection is to

      [Answer] [wordplay] put together

      'Put together' in the sense of 'gathered' or 'assembled' fits the bill I thought?

  2. I was nowhere in the picture.Eagerly waiting (on tiptoe?) to see the clues solved!
    Ramesh must have had a tough time- not only putting it together but lots of colourr coding as usual. Sprocket is nice.

  3. Of course he had a jump star thanks to Richard.

    1. Not from Richard this time. The clues were already in when I logged in.

    2. I sent the clues early to a few bloggers. I don't know how Sunnet's ID got missed. Sorry about that, brother.

  4. Thoroughly entertaining. Found it easier today than the usual Buzzer days. 1D, 12A, 17D are a class apart. My buzzer didn't go off today and was late to start

  5. Got stuck for ever in the NW quadrant. Felt like kicking myself when SHAMROCK finally fell into place - the clue should have screamed out the answer the moment I saw it! :(

    Thanks to Buzzer for a very entertaining puzzle, and to Ramesh for the blog.

  6. Very nice puzzle. .got all except 10, 22 A , 2, 4 , 18 D without Google or dictionary :-)

  7. Of course he had a jump star thanks to Richard.