Saturday, 20 June 2015

No 11426, Saturday 20 Jun 2015, Gridman


1 Dresses boy seen wandering around (7) ENROBES {EN{ROB}ES*}
5 Boo! Dull! (6) BORING {B}{O}{RING}
9 These shoes have no platforms (5) FLATS (CD)
10 More rigid char fixed in southern row (9) STARCHIER {S}{T{ARCH*}IER}
11 Cavil at cost of radical (7) NITRATE {NIT}{RATE}
12 Ross let out waxy substances (7) STEROLS {ROSS LET}*
13 To the point, Tamil leader accepts a foreign language (5) TERSE {T}{ERSE}
14 Adamant sister gets into camping (9) INSISTENT {IN{SIS} TENT}
16 Engineer and sheriff's band aboard to take property back (9) REPOSSESS {RE}{POSSE}{SS}
19 Directed // the crowd? (5) DROVE (DD)
21 Ones frozen in suspense (7) ICICLES (CD)

23 Give the right // address (7) ENTITLE (DD)
24 Characteristic of Lenin team analysed (9) LINEAMENT {LENIN TEAM}*
25 Badtempered // because of having no sufficient funds (5) SHORT (DD)
26 Tough boss in party ran tests (6) TYRANT (T)
27 Merit of French verse reviewed (7) DESERVE {DE}{SERVE*}


1 Far better linen spread out for precocious child (6,8) ENFANT TERRIBLE {FAR BETTER LINEN}*
2 Church official procuring a pile (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
3 American left with curse around part of city road (3,4) BUS LANE {B{US} {L}ANE}
4 Put in order messy site by revamping (9) SYSTEMISE {MESSY SITE}*
5 Holds // Chicago squad (5) BEARS (DD)

6 NBA team // zooms (7) ROCKETS (DD)

7 Racket about mantra is disgusting (7) NOISOME {NOIS{OM}E}
8 Bell the cat; alternatively, pester at length (5,3,6)  GRASP THE NETTLE {PESTER AT LENGTH}*
15 Thought // to have been on a detective's list? (9) SUSPECTED  (D &CD)
17 Being flexible, I play around holding no charge (7) PLIANCY {PLIA{N}{C}Y*}
18 Mistress' last month in hospital with bit of amnesia (7) SULTANA {S{ULT}AN}{A}
19 Hates Delhi's premier set after set being in ruination (7) DETESTS {D}{ETESTS*}
20 Excel or be located away! (7) OUTDOOR {OUT DO}{OR}
22 Nice little intrusion into street (5) SWEET {S{WEE}T}

Reference list

Boy=Rob,O=Ring,Southern=S,Sister=Sis,Engineer=RE,Aboard=SS(On Ship),Of French=De
American=US,Left=L,Mantra=Om,No=N,Charge=C,Last month=Ult,Street=St

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Ramesh,
    Wondering if you have created any template so the blog with so much formatting can be written by any blogger with access to it.

    1. No. It is a manual process. I copy paste the Color/Font section from one post to another.

  2. Nice one from Gridman. Missed the bus narrowly! Tried various Net means to anagram "pester at length" but failed! Shall be happy if one could get me the name of the anagram finder for this 8Dn answer. My COD is a BORING one! Thanks Gridman for an enjoyable CW. :)

  3. MB
    I don't remember how I derived the said anah.
    But to answer your query.
    Go to
    There in, go to Advanced Anagramming.
    In the box, put PESTERATLENGTH.
    i haven't checked if that returns GRASPTHENETTLE.
    But it will give these three words in some order and you may be able to figger it out.
    In the same place, you may, in the bix, the anag must inclde..., you can enetr one of these three words, and the prog will return GRASP THE NETTLE.
    Other anag sw too should lead you to it.

    1. Thanks for the 'site' Sir. It doesn't give the answer straight away. Needs extra labour!

    2. Probably the dB does not have the word 'nettle'.
      If in adv anag, you enter 'nettle, it will give
      NETTLE GRASP THE (the sec and third are in alphabetical order)
      where your labour comes.

    3. Yes, it does, Sir. But if i knew 'the' and ''nettle' then automatically I would have grasped the 'grasp' too!

    4. Most of the sites do not give a good result if there is more than one word in the answer. So, I got all the crossings. Grasp was perhaps the oly word which fit with the remaining letters. Then nettles was straightforward.

  4. Another hint.
    While trying a phrasal anag, look at the enu.
    If 2, try OF, ON, AT And try to see what other words can be, with the remining letters.
    If 3, try AND, THE, FOR etc .

    1. 8Dn I was sure of "THE" only and without relying on Net help I should have jumbled the letters as per enu and arrived at the answer!

    2. Would like to share Ramesh's thoughts too on this!

    3. I have been following CV's advice of trying to find bits- articles,prepositions etc.- and do the rest manually. fairly successful so far.
      I put 'Infant' in 1D and struggled for a long while (though I knew it as 'enfant')

    4. I try not to use the net to solve anagrams. I try to solve it cold. If I do not get it , I write the letters in a circle. Identify components ( like the,of, and etc ) and then try to solve.

    5. Good idea, Ramesh. Shall try to follow your method. Should that fail too, well, the net is always there!

  5. I got 'the' & 'grasp' and the rest,as they say,was easy.
    Radical was too acidic for me and it spoiled my samosas. I was thinking of something radically different. So near yet so far!

  6. I must thank Gridman not only for today's enjoyable CW, but leading me on to Gray's elegy. I had nostalgic memories of my father teaching me the elegy in his own style.

  7. Only 70%:(( Many clues were tricky IMO

  8. Other Topic: In a correspondence of Fin Min, Delhi, the Dy Secretary ended the letter as follows:
    "This issues with the approval of the Finanace Minister".
    Is this in order?

    1. I think the letter string ues after 'is' is unnecessary.
      This is with the approval of the Finance Minister.
      This is issued with ...
      This is in accord with ...
      This has the approval ...

    2. I have seen this usage in many Govt. letters (of various dept.'s) Even if 'is' is unnecessary, it should read 'issused' and not issues,isn't it? It almost amounts to saying the letter issues itself.

    3. Thanks CV Sir and Paddy. How come the official signing the letter (that too in the rank of Dy Secy) sends it out is a mystry.

  9. ANAGRAM UNRAVELLING: I use this method: write all the letters to be anagrammed in alphabetical order, and look at them closely , keeping in mind the formation of the words . Erelong, you can unravel the phrase easily ! TIRTY !!! Tricky? critky !!