Thursday, 25 June 2015

No 11430, Thursday 25 Jun 2015, Neyartha

Note: Starred clues carry no direct definition, but their answers are all related to a human organ.

1   Adolescent keeping up with The Times? (11) TEENYBOPPER [CD?]
9   *Letters from the applicant Hussain (7) CANTHUS [T]
10 Bank cashier? He may count votes in an assembly (6) TELLER [DD]
11 Tailless animal with a spiritual leader (5) RABBI RABBIt
12 Wrong of the sick English leader to delay return (7) ILLEGAL {ILL}{E}{GAL<=}
15 *Ukraine detains Victor and Elizabeth (4) UVEA {U{V}{E}A}
16 Colour of the grains, wasted according to hearsay (6,4) POWDER BLUE {POWDER} {BLUE}(~blew)
18 Canny ride I arranged for the rabble-rouser (10) INCENDIARY*
20 *Revolutionary electronic assistant from Apple? (4) IRIS <=
23 *Circular letter I found in the midst of a combination of notes (7) CHOROID {CHOR{O}{I}D}
24 Interrupt the model to replace a minute herb (3,2) CUT IN {T for M in CUMIN}
26 *Cereal presented prior to an unlimited set of courses (6) CORNEA {CORN}{mEAl} Anno for EA not clear
27 Marsh is introduced to a strange ping from an old coin (7) PFENING {P{FEN}ING} Nothing strange seen in the ping!! (Addendum - PFENNIG {P{FEN}NIG*} - See comments)
28 Tending to rise with the construction of the casino lanes (11) ASCENSIONAL*

2   Cleansing that might result in a population decrease? (6) ETHNIC [CD]
3   Son goes up to meet Henry with a snack (4) NOSH {NOS<=}{H}
4   Rode out to participate in the field of an ancient racket game (10) BATTLEDORE {RODE}* in BATTLE
5   *Appreciable turn after the ice is removed (8) PALPEBRA APPReciABLE*
6   *I bellow for the audience (7) EYEBALL (~ i){EYE}{BALL}(~bawl)
7   South Carolina and Utah team to catch ring in-charge affected with a vitamin deficiency (9) SCORBUTIC {SC}{ORB}{UT}{IC}
8   Powerless moody saint got wasted (6) UNABLE UNstABLE
13 Certain Roman Catholic friars could be natives from West Indies (10) DOMINICANS [DD]
14 Celebrity's answer discarded by the Oriental in a parish house (9) PERSONAGE {E for A in PARSONAGE}
17 Overstep with the design of a fine ring (8) INFRINGE*
19 Mel ignored school-mates in trouble for working together (7) CAHOOTS {SCHOOl-mATe}* Is there an extra S in the fodder
21 *Hire Aussie leader at the wrong place (6) RETINA RET(-a)IN(+a)A
22 *Bends backward to accommodate the French (6) SCLERA {SC{LE}RA<=}
25 Occupied with the characters from the corrupt organization (2,2) UP TO [T]



  1. Marsh is introduced to a strange ping from an old coin (7) {P{FEN}NIG*}

    1. Being familiar with foreign currencies in the banking line, I was wondering why PFENNIG was shown as PFENING, but took it as a variant spelling. But Sandy's anno cleared the matter.

    2. Thanks I spelt it wrongly even though the link shows the right spelling

  2. 19D - Even I thought so. Looks like it is a typo at the printer's end.

    Quite a tough one with many new words. :((

    1. I'm forced to be an early riser on Neyartha, Buzzer and xChequer days :-(

  3. 26 *Cereal presented prior to an unlimited set of courses (6) CORNEA

    I took it to be {CORN}{(-t)EA(-s)}

    1. I took a 'set of courses' as a meal

    2. With apologies to Sandy, I feel that DG's anno sounds more plausible, since 'a set' suggests singular sense.

    3. In fact 'an unlimited set'

    4. You are right Richard. :)

    5. For once I stole a march over Sandhya

    6. This calls for celebration. So offence, Sandhya. :-)

    7. 9:06 I meant No offence. You took it right. ;)

  4. Failed in Biology lesson. Going back to school?
    Only consolation is that I quit biology pretty early, branching off into Engineering.

  5. 7D- Solution word has a spelling mistake. It should be 'Scorbutic', but the anno is ok.

  6. Scored 75% - Big thing for me for Neyartha's XD. Happy :-)))