Tuesday, 23 June 2015

No 11428, Tuesday 23 Jun 2015, Gridman

Eyes play funny tricks. I kept reading 'renter' in 23D as 're-enter' and wasted a long time to get that.

1   Boy always has time for a drink (8) BEVERAGE {B}{EVER}{AGE}
5   Mail-related job given to a learner (6) POSTAL {POST}{A}{L}
9   Unsuccessful over a bit falling apart (8) ABORTIVE*
10 Space station: what's up by the science room? (6) SKYLAB {SKY}{LAB}
12 “Cockney man observed,” said the twin (4) ESAU (~ 'e saw)
13 Likely bum replays horribly (10) PRESUMABLY*
15 Fear that foreign flag-carrier entertains lout (6) PHOBIA {P{HOB}IA} Hob and Lout?
17 German philosopher's more gleeful (5) GAYER {G}{AYER}
20 One direction to allow channel opening (5) INLET {1}{N}{LET}
21 Dog cosseted initially by Stan's buddy (6) COLLIE {Co...d}{OLLIE}
24 Slow rate in mollusc's universe (6,4) SNAILS PACE {SNAIL}{S PACE}
27 US exclamation's about Hindu leader, it is clarified (4) GHEE {G{H}EE}
29 City man went mad (6) RIOTED {RIO}{TED}
30 See Nancy fetching some hot peppers (8) CAYENNES*
31 Go for soft sound to make allusion (6) PREFER {P}{REFER}
32 He takes risk to voice complaints about old city to the queen (8) VENTURER {VENT}{UR}{ER}

1   Film director, while sleeping, laughed rudely (6) BRAYED {B{RAY}ED}
2   Musical instruments, half-a-dozen, also repaired (6) VIOLAS {VI}{ALSO*}
3   Observance is proper, we're told (4) RITE (~right)
4   Without whom there can't be a taker (5) GIVER [CD]
6   All right to have a lout discarding black caulking material (5) OAKUM {O{A}K}{bUM}
7   Lots ably conducted for pieces of furniture (8) TALLBOYS*
1760 philly highboy.jpg
"1760 philly highboy". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
8   See, p-purchasers have no union as members of influence group (8) LOBBYERS {LO}{B-BuYERS}
11 Suffer following a ship attack (6) ASSAIL {A}{SS}{AIL}
14 Friendly talk promoted by tea after tea (4) CHAT {CHA}{T}
16 Big spice crushed by muscle power (6) BICEPS {B}{SPICE*} B for Big acceptable?
17 Pluck shown in enduring ritual (4) GRIT [T]
18 Landing place advertises tour (8) AIRSTRIP {AIRS}{TRIP}
19 No palace offered for gangster (2,6) AL CAPONE*
22 Complaining sort removes essential step in dentist's recommendation (6) WHINER WHIteNER
23 Gratifying person gives power away to renter (6) LEASER pLEASER
25 Loyal subject in Belgian city (5) LIEGE [DD]
26 Cezar's unhinged with the latest thing... (5) CRAZE*
28 ... not discarded by knight holding record (4) KEPT {K{EP}T}


  1. You see what you want to see or what you have assumed it to be. It has happened to me many times.
    Today I pre- decided on Al Pacino for the gangster and got caught in that corner. I did not even notice the anagram.
    p- purchaser leading to b- buyer was new to me, but liked it. I had only 'buyer' and naturally did not get it.

  2. No comments yet as at 9:18?

    Learnt some new words. SNAILS PACE perhaps needs a hyphen betwen L and S.

    Until now I knew only lobbyists and not lobbyers. I knew Tallboy only as a high-roof design of cars like WagonR.

    16D - Daddy Longlegs Bachchan Saab is known as Big B ;-)

    1. My apologies. I meant to say SNAILS PACE needed an apostrophe and not a hyphen.

  3. I liked 'whitener' too. Nowadays anyone wearing a white coat becomes a doctor in TV commercials. I wonder if they will also be indicted like 2- minuters!

  4. Tallboy for a chest of drawers (as we used to call it here) is very common in U.S.

  5. Thanks for the samosas Grindman. Hither to, I was under the impression lessor is the only word for renter.

  6. One more enjoyable puzzle from Gridman. I missed 12Ac & 1Dn. Had them as DUAL & BRANDO and no wonder I was all at sea to parse them! Nonetheless enjoyed solving the CW. My COD is 8Dn LOBBYERS for its n-novelty!

  7. Strangely I also read re-enter for renter for a long time.

    1D Can 'bed' be while sleeping or even just sleeping? That would be abed.

    1. I too had the same doubt. Ramesh cleared my doubt.

      While sleeping = In Bed, so Film Director (RAY) while sleeping (n BED) becomes {B{RAY}ED}

    2. Thanks. I seem to miss this type of clue always.

  8. Richard@11.33-
    Snail's pace needs an apostrophe.
    Since it cannot be accommodated in the squares, it has been provided for in the clue- mollusk's.We are therefore supposed to transfer it to the solution as well.

  9. Good puzzle. Couldn't finish though.
    20A - Gridman meant One Direction, the band in surface?

  10. I read MALL-RELATED first in stead of MAIL-RELATED, subsequently corrected.

  11. How can both of us commit such a weird mistake?

  12. Tho' simple and the easiest to solve, Gridman has thrown lots of red herrings !! LOBBYERS < AL CAPONE Those who thought of AL Pacino and Marlon Brando were having a mind set (like earworms ?) as these are actors who may have taken the role of a gangster !), RENTER etc. This is why one should be alert and not A-BED , missing the light (Ray !) .