Friday, 26 June 2015

No 11431, Friday 26 Jun 2015, Neyartha

7   Simple diet represents a type of regulation (5,5) SPEED LIMIT*
9   Bar at the station (4) STOP [DD]
10 Compel by coercion to find a way to follow the retreating perjurer (8) RAILROAD {RAIL<=}{ROAD}
11 One might do this to ensure account security (3,3) LOG OFF [CD]
12 Trouble after sending out the Pole and one of the Orientals for colour (5) BEIGE BEsIeGE
13 Angel ignites concealed explosive (9) GELIGNITE [T]
14 Honour to take in a Pole on trial (7) REVERSE {REVER{S}E}
17 Craft designed to accept conditional return of an irritating type of jam? (7) TRAFFIC {TRAF{FI<=}C*}
20 I would attach a letter with the note on the equipment — it may aid the police (9) IDENTIKIT {I'D}{EN}{TI}{KIT}
22 Some trigonometric quantities reportedly fetch marks (5) SIGNS (~sines)
25 Unlimited money and a strategy gets a type of ticket (3-3) ONE-WAY {mONEy}-{WAY}
26 Cutting through the junction (8) CROSSING [DD]
27 Connect with the English leader moving up behind the unknown mythical creature (4) YETI {Y}{(+e)ETI(-e)}
28 Fictional character may ruin a train somehow (10) RURITANIAN*

1   Talk with the Greek character getting rid of the king for a sedative (6) OPIATE O(-r+pi)PIATE
2   Combines resources to go north in a sailing vessel (5) SLOOP<=
3   Bit of tin placed around an insect (7) SMIDGEN {S{MIDGE}N}
4   It's harder for one going downhill to embrace the volunteer and the student (8) STALKIER {S{TA}{L}KIER}
5   Shape concealed by the Valparaiso gondoliers (6) ISOGON [T]
6   Rain that might come down after a win? (8) CONFETTI [CD]
8   Colleague upset by the absconding criminal writes a short poem (7) ECLOGUE COLlEaGUE*
15 Risk in writing article that goes deep into gender reform (8) ENDANGER {END{AN}GER*}
16 Send hauling cart up to the place where vessels are built (8) SHIPYARD {SHIP}{YARD<=}
18 Thrill in giving a facelift to son's fir (7) FRISSON*
19 Remove conflict by getting Oscar to go out for the article (7) DISCARD DISC(-o+a)ARD
21 Fledgling was acquainted with the insect, we hear (6) NEWBIE {NEW}{BIE}(~bee) (Correction - {NEW}{BIE}(~ knew bee) - See comments)
23 Calorie-reduced fondant prepared after losing heart (6) NONFAT FONdANT*
24 Going here might indicate deterioration (5) SOUTH [CD]

Reference list
Letter = EN, Note = TI, Unknown = Y, King = R, Tin = SN, Volunteer = TA, Student = L, Criminal AL, Article = AN, A, Oscar = O



  1. Replies
    1. I had it as road/ driving theme. BuT yours seems better.
      Speed limit, railroad crossing, stop, traffic signs, one way fit Sandhya garu's theme. I had reverse & south too in mine

  2. Better than yesterday's performance! Missed just two - REVERSE & SOUTH Thanks Neyartha for offering somewhat an easier puzzle today!

  3. 21 Fledgling was acquainted with the insect, we hear (6) {NEW}{BIE}(~ knew bee)

    1. I was about to Google how 'acquainted' is linked to 'new' and the doubt is cleared now!

  4. A few trickier and new ones, but far easier than yesterday. Whatever I got, I had it quickly.

  5. Except STALKIER and LOG OFF, got all. Thank you Neyartha. Happy

  6. Any comments on 'It's harder' and 'Stalkier'?

    1. One of the meanings given in for 'stalkier' is 'muscular' that can lead us to 'strong', 'hard' etc. I think.

      Ref :

  7. I put sturdier (even though I cldnt anno) and rig off in the place of log off.

  8. Nice puzzle and much better for me today :-)

    Facebook says today is Arden Sir's birthday. .If so or not :-) wish you many more happy returns of the day Sir.Lets go to Bowring again with Aakash :-D

  9. Happy Birthday & many Happy Returns of the day,Arden. May you keep delighting us with more puzzles.

    1. +1 from another ARDENT Arden admirer...

  10. stalk is the stem of a plant/ tree. Does strength derive from that?

  11. Many happy returns to you Arden

  12. Thank you all for your kind wishes