Sunday, 24 February 2013

No 2727, Sunday 24 Feb 13

1   Shoulder bag, left by a chest, exploded (7) SATCHEL {L+A+CHEST}*
5   Skegness finally got hotter, and crowded (7) SWARMED {S}{WARMED}
9   Be excited about a run in vehicle (6,3) BUBBLE CAR {BUBBLE} {C}{A}{R}
10 Windproof jacket used by old man protecting chest (5) PARKA {P{ARK}A}
11 Nerd starts to dismantle Wankel engines, each bit (5) DWEEB {D}{W}{E}{E}{B}
12 Pests cause inns to be refurbished (9) NUISANCES*
13 Money no object making an Astaire film? (3,4,3,5) THE SKY'S THE LIMIT [DD]
16 More cheesed off, alarmingly, about president defining a civil right (7,2,6) FREEDOM OF SPEECH {FREEDOM OF S{P}EECH*}
18 Shock when peeper gets key (3-6) EYE-OPENER {EYE}-{OPENER}
20 Message he reportedly put on front of envelope (5) EMAIL (~he){E}{MAIL}
22 Foremost of carveries requests large barrels (5) CASKS {C}{ASKS}
23 Drops rock band, dismissing explosive type of music involved (9) TRAPDOORS {The {RAP}DOORS}
24 Wrongly praised, padre is unlikely to lose heart (7) DESPAIR**
25 Awfully bad rule, existing for a long time (7) DURABLE*

1   Correct copy reveals plot in case (7) SUBEDIT {SU{BED}IT}
2   Story about British food (5) TABLE {TA{B}LE}
3   Ridiculous, as an underdone loaf may be (4-5) HALF-BAKED [DD]
4   Fabulous creature with horns - closest men petrified (4,4,7) LOCH NESS MONSTER*
5   Plain sailing? Right on! (15) STRAIGHTFORWARD {STRAIGHT}{FORWARD}
6   Greek character employed by local pharmacist (5) ALPHA [T]
7   Two doctors describing swimming race close to Lancashire resort town (9) MORECAMBE {MO}{RACE*}{MB}{E}
8   Absolutely determined, clique departed earlier (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}
14 Number joining groups taking time off for morning coffee (9) ELEVENSES {ELEVEN}{SEtS}
15 I see what you're saying (3-6) LIP-READER [CD]

16 Ripped off down end of road (7) FLEECED {FLEECE}{D}
17 Bishopric? Yes, possibly in difficult situation (4,3) HOLY SEE {HOL{Y SE*}E}
19 Finished last of lasagna, Italian food (5) PASTA {PAST}{A}
21 Weapon taken from a disorderly crowd climbing on to top of building (1-4) A-BOMB {A}-{BOM<=}{B}


  1. Col.- a couple of doubts
    9A- indicstor for 'C'- is it 'about'(circa)?
    23A- I could not get how 'he' got deleted (explosive?) even after going through your links.

    Enjoyed doing today's CW and finally kicking myself for not getting the 'straightforward' one!

    Enjoyed the saying for freedom of speech, though an old one. Very apt.

  2. Nice one, but easier by Sunday standards.

    For 20D I had the anno as {E} {MAIL} (~Male)

  3. 'he reportedly' has to be 'e'. Mail generally is in an envelop (India is an exception I suppose) except for picture postcards.

    1. Ok.but mail = envelope ? Or is it just the cover ?