Tuesday, 26 February 2013

No.10706, Tuesday 26 ÷ 2 = 13, Arden

Another enjoyable puzzle from Arden. Liked the &littish 14D best
This will be my last blog entry for a couple of weeks. See you all on March 15th again

9 & 10 ac. Cognition is considered for additional payment (7,7) THOUGHT, PROCESS (THOUGHT + PRO + CESS)
10 see 9 ac.
11 Red lame originally was green (7) EMERALD (RED LAME)*
12 Book on English pronunciation without copyright (7) EDITION (E + DIcTION)
13 Belted out if rod broke calmness (4-5) SANG-FROID (SANG + IF ROD*)
15 Human version of an old prophet (5) NAHUM (HUMAN)*
16 Scurried with the figurehead in front (7) BUSTLED (BUST + LED) Need "was in front" for LED?
19 Fools! Luddites breaking it off for middlemen (7) DELUDES (LUDDitES + E)*
20 Too big to throw a match reportedly (5) LOOSE (~LOSE)
21 Sound surprised when supporter’s extremely choosy over model’s headgear (5,4) FANCY, THAT (FAN + ChoosY + T + HAT)
25 Heartlessly you can grab at a part of Mexico (7) YUCATAN (YoU + CAN outside AT)
26 He believes medicine is mostly hard (7) PILGRIM (PILl + GRIM)
28 See if the two blood groups will do (7) OBSERVE (O B + SERVE)
29 It may throw some light, opening on parody (7) LAMPOON (LAMP + O + ON)

1 A short answer without the capital (6) ATHENS (ANS outside THE)
2 Single man losing heart is grave (6) SOLEMN (SOLE + MaN)
3 The odd Algerian found here in India (4) AGRA (AlGeRiAn)
4 Gallery makes boss go over the moon (6) STUDIO (STUD + IO)
5 Added a couple of pints when finished (8) APPENDED (A + PP + ENDED)
6 A friend follows the concept hypothetically (10) NOTIONALLY (ALLY after NOTION )
7 Enjoyed and trusted to keep quiet (8) RELISHED (RELIED outside SH)
8 Susan and Tim at sea could face monster waves (8) TSUNAMIS (SUSAN TIM)*
14 It is a possibility as Bolt finally falters (5,5) FALSE, START (AS bolT FALTERS)*
16 Fish getting too much publicity (8) BALLYHOO (DD)
17 She has cows, a hybrid to display (8) SHOWCASE (SHE COWS A)*
18 Put off having to close the Guardian (8) DEFENDER (DEFER outside END)
22 Initially not afraid to conceal weapon (6) NAPALM (N A + PALM)
23 Torment in parts of London (6) HARROW (DD)
24 Subduing way in a jet fighter’s ascent (6) TAMING (MI inside GNAT<=)
27 Can’t stand the hobble (4) LIMP (DD)


  1. No.10706, Tuesday 26 ÷ 2 = 13, Arden


  2. Sandhya preceding Kishore to make a puzzle:-)
    Who is to unscramble/ decode it?

    1. Sandy was expressing delight at the way Bhavan has put today's blog heading.

  3. I ma coming across 'Hybrid' for the first time as Anind. Foxed.

  4. Nice one. Was trying to decide between LIMP and LAME for 27D, decided it didn't matter, but LIMP seems more appropriate.

    Seems a small grammatical error has crept into 25A, the kind of thing that eludes you even with careful proofreading?

  5. Nice one. Could not get my mind past Gridman's version of supporter (in 21A) and duly spent some time there :)

  6. Replies
    1. Typical case of shooting the messenger!

  7. "Eithavan irukka ambai novadhen?" is a saying in Tamil which means-Why blame the arrow instead of the marksman?

  8. Nice CW. Could crack using clues(mostly cryptic ones)&useful building blocks.vide 7d 16a&26a.On the whole an entertaing puzzle.