Thursday, 11 November 2021

No 13399, Thursday 11 Nov 2021, Incognito

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

'JAI BHIM'. Great movie. Watch it if you can.

8   Bull in Belize building (4) ZEBU [T]
9   Film setter eating duck at six in Rome (5) MOVIE {M{0}{VI}E}
10 One spinner’s over (4) ATOP {A}{TOP}
11 Indian rural organisation for tribe living in TN (6) IRULAR* {I}{RURAL}*
12 Some baseball players and actress following feline creature with a piece of salmon (8) CATCHERS {CHER}<=>{CAT} and {Sa...n}
13 A type of drug that can give one a heavenly body? (8) ASTEROID {A}{STERIOD}
15 Supports for walking stiffly? (6) STRUTS [DD]
17 Designed Mac... even for troglodytes (7) CAVEMEN*
19 Mason travels around New York giving fake names (7) ANONYMS {ANO{NY}MS*}
22 Discount on some cricket equipment available at last (6) REBATE [RE}{BAT}{a...lE}
24 Champion sloppily cleans parts of churches (8) CHANCELS {CH}{CLEANS*}
26 Varied diets are more stable (8) STEADIER*
28 A yew building in the outskirts of Lancaster for advocate (6) LAWYER {A+YEW}* in {La...eR}
30 In short, a long car (4) LIMO [CD]
31 Dear husband is followed by a Yankee (5) HONEY {H}{ONE}{Y}
32 Associate in Ballygunge (4) ALLY [T]

1   Don Williams’ exhilarated American rockers for starters (4) WEAR Aceostic
2   Sue belly dances in centre of Target (8) BULLSEYE*
3   Egg spoilt my robe (6) EMBRYO*
4   Fruit’s audio-visual with rotter wearing glasses (7) AVOCADO {AV} and {CAD} in {OO}
5   Drop male heir behind pier, say (8) JETTISON {SON}<=>{JETTI}(~jetty)
6   Collect gun with that lady (6) GATHER{GAT}{HER}
7   Moroccan tie (4) MOOR [DD}
14 Part of skinless, naked reptilian creature (5) SNAKE [T]
16 Troop leader composed mail in Indian language (5) TAMIL {Tr..p}{MAIL}
18 Yes, eight managed to get vision (8) EYESIGHT*
20 Ties boas for example (8) NECKWEAR [DD]
21 Making gashes for keeping track of runs (7) ?C?R?N? (Addendum - SCORING [DD] - See comments)
23 An endless labyrinth over large river (6) AMAZON {A}{MAZe}{ON}
25 Sally is worried about consuming egg in brass, steel, pewter, and the like (6) ALLOYS {ALL{0}YS*}
27 Fall outing (4) TRIP [DD]
29 Creatures found in steel shops (4) EELS [T]

Reference List
Six in Rome = VI, Indian = I, On = RE, Champion = CH, Husband = H, Yankee = Y, Gun = GAT


“Have you seen the MOVIE, Jai Bhim?” asked my friend. I said” yes, I started seeing it on AMAZON prime, but I could not stand it for more than 10 minutes”. You may wonder why I am so dismissive of a movie that is SCORING so high on IMDB.  It is supposed to be a movie that shows how a LAWYER fights for justice, for a pregnant woman from the IRULAR community of TAMILnadu, whose husband is jailed on false charges. This marginalised tribe, whose hunter-GATHERER way of life resembles the CAVEMEN of the past, are traditionally SNAKE and rat CATCHERS and they WEAR a standard NECKWEAR made of a black thread from which hangs the fang of a snake. They are famed for their keen EYESIGHT and hearing that helps them hit the BULL’S EYE while catching rodents and serpents from the MOOR. Of course, many youths from the community have JETTISONed their traditional ways of life and are becoming educated and employed.

My taste in movies is very different. I have no stomach for the harsh realism, those gut-wrenching scenes of violence meant to evoke sympathy and those windy dialogues in courtroom scenes. For me, movies should be an escape from the humdrum of daily existence; they must be chic and feature city -slickers riding LIMOs, who STRUT about eating AVOCADO dipped in HONEY! I can just about tolerate the sci-fi genre featuring TRIPs to ASTEROIDs. Or those Animal Planet types showing the growth of EELS from the EMBRYO stage. OK, I may even watch a treasure chase that takes you to the CHANCELS of ancient Roman churches or ATOP the White House dome (you know which exact movies I have in my mind).  Oh, did I mention that the other genre I hate is the jallikattu type where muscled men chase ZEBUs.  Give me any day a film that showcases the unALLOYed, STEADY love between a married couple or one that shows business ALLIES and their competition, I would prefer that to a hundred Jai Bhims, even if they come at a REBATE


  1. The movie premiered on Amazon on 2nd November 2021. Sowmya noticed that Suriya was solving a TH grid and posted a screenshot on Twitter. I identified it as my grid and based on some letters and length of clues visible in the picture, zeroed in on the actual puzzle published on 2nd October 2019 (themed on Gandhiji for his 150th birth anniversary). 28a in the puzzle referred to his profession which is also Suriya's profession in the movie. So, I decided to make this meta puzzle. Same grid and same word in 28a.

    1. Wow!
      I was wondering about the theme. mark it as themed?

    2. It is marked and theme words highlighted

    3. Thanks. One more theme word

    4. It seems Suriya is fond of crosswords.
      It happened to be my crossword in the last episode of NAVARASA [TV series] where he was shown filling [I don't say that he was solving as he was casually filling wrong answers in my grid].
      Thanks to Vasant who gave me the clip.

    5. In JB, the last 3 letters of 4d Hundred are discernible and correct

    6. In JB, the last 3 letters of 4d Hundred are discernible and correct

    7. The theme wprd left put should be amazon.

    8. JAI BHIM- on Prime.A hard hitting portrayal of the exploitation of tribal people. Specifically the brutality unleashed on the hapless and helpless underprivileged by the police. Also the story of a resilient tribal lady Sinathali and a brave lawyer Chandru who finally triumphs. Brilliant performances by the lead actors Suriya(also the producer); lijo Jose, Mukundan et al. A sincere film - a must watch!

  2. I believe 12A is CAT+CHER+S

  3. 21D SCORING (DD)
    Making gashes / for keeping track of runs

  4. Amazing Dr.RKE can be so fascinating on any topic and he can create a topic out of any CW. Amzing!
    Thank you Kishore for the innovation and Dr.RKE for the interesting tale.

  5. I did see Sowmya's post on JB and immediately recognized Incognito's grid which was confirmed by him there too and here now. Yet to watch the movie.

    1. I too am yet to watch. If I do, it will be for the snacks....

      er, snakes...

    2. Both are pronounced the same wsy by s few from the west coast! I was aghast when I heard it for rhe first time.

  6. THC serial number is on the verge of turning to 14000. Including the Sunday ones, the actual number is a bit higher

  7. Not out of any ego but in all humility, I patted my own back for having scored a Perfect Ten this morning while attempting today's grid.
    However, realised my folly when I accessed this worthy blog site and in the process, managed to supplement Dr.RKE's witty and interesting 'summing up' of the varied solutions. And my glaring mistake was in 14-D that I solved as SCALE vis-a-vis the scales on the body of a reptile. As a result I proved that my 18-D (eyesight) is not 'colour-blind' but 'clue-blind'.
    Indeed, I overlooked the visible answer in the clue (SNAKE)!!
    All said and done I must admit that henceforth being an ex-air warrior, it would be wise for me to recall my days as an Airman in our IAF to be 'Eagle-Eyed'.

  8. SP seems to induce you to a new tongue!

  9. I spotted this theme around 11 am. after solving TAMIL & IRULAR. Incognito perfectly captured the current scenario of TN. also RKE's tale made further hits. 31a, bit confused to get the word 'one'. finally I got from the letter 'a' . happy that solved all puzzles. thanks for the grid.

  10. Just completed watching the movie. Wonderful! A fitting tribute by Incognito!

  11. 'In Rome' appears redundant in 6Ac