Tuesday, 1 March 2016

No 11638, Tuesday 01 Mar 2016, Vulcan

1   Independent and ultimately confident — it's working women primarily in this capital (8) FREETOWN {FREE}{c...nT}{O{W}N}
5   Run with son Mark (6) SPRINT {S}{PRINT}
10 One that looks like a brute, said to be a fighter (9) GUERRILLA (~gorilla)
11 Part of Chennai very green (5) NAIVE [T]
12 Coalition years behind in coming out with a plan (6) AGENDA {AGE}<=>{NDA}
13 A cinema complex that's dull (7) ANAEMIC*
14 Footwear ever so worn around the house (8) OVERSHOE {EVER+SO}* around {HO}
15 Party's expression of outrage at big name falling short (6) FIESTA {FIE}{STAr}
18 Boy present during a musical production? (6) SONATA {SON}{AT}{A}
20 Very nice and healthy, keeps running miles (8) FILMIEST {FI{MILES*}T}
22 Show's chief editor with an inclination to interrupt and to be pompous (7) STILTED {Show}{TILT}{ED}
25 Rock music basically lacking in high voice (6) TREBLE TREmBLE
27 Old Peruvian in prison (5) INCAN {IN}{CAN}
28 Soldiers with explosive armaments (3-2-4) MEN-AT-ARMS*
29 Standard letters in Indonesian or Malay (6) NORMAL [T]
30 Breakaway from runner changing sides (8) SPLINTER SP(-r+l)LINTER

1   Female is eating guava for starters, and another fruit (4) FIGS {F}{I{Gu..a}S} Should have been fruits.
2   Always ignorant? (9) EVERGREEN {EVER}{GREEN} &lit
3   Territory's borders operated by heartless terrorists and dictators (7) TYRANTS {Te...rY}{RAN}{Te...tS}
4   Everybody's in a fight over nothing, it's actually animalistic (8) WALLAROO {W{ALL}AR}{O}{O}
6   Indian from New Jersey area seen entering a bar on Interstate (7) PUNJABI {PU{NJ}{A}B}{In...e}
7   Dialect is mostly simple and is followed by millions (5) IDIOM {IDIOt}{M}
8   Cutting a ditch with a new tool initially (9) TRENCHANT {TRENCH}{A}{N}{Tool}
9 15 engaged in illegal activities (4) GALA [T]
14 Horrible boss, is one with an addition (9) OBSESSION*
16 Suspect male star is having a fling with lady in the lead (5,1,3) SMELL A RAT {MALE+STAR+Lady}*
17 Record-breaking new version of iTunes, it gets people's attention (6,2) LISTEN UP {ITUNES}* in {LP}
19 First of all, it ain't unusual for a drama queen (7) TITANIA {All+IT+AINT}*
21 Teams up with Rhode Island musicians (7) MAESTRI {TEAMS}*{RI}
23 Hot dog experience (5) INCUR {IN}{CUR}
24 Coin with obscure engravings on top (4) DIME {DIM}{En...s}
26 Leader gets arrested/detained (4) TSAR [T]


  1. Good one Vulcan!Enjoyed solving it :)

    Typo in 14D: Addiction

  2. Thank you Vulcan for your Samosas. This is the First time, from you, I suppose.

  3. Niice one, Vulcan. Enjoyed solving it.

  4. Reminded me of a volcanic eruption yet the
    flow was smooth thanks to guided path strewn with pointed ( pointing as well) clues.Thanks sir.

  5. Obsession def was a bit obscure for me but the wordplay was fine. Filmiest last to fall. Good one from Vulcan - 10a was kinda cute :)