Wednesday, 2 March 2016

No 11639, Wednesday 02 Mar 2016, Anon

1   Every year, recall boxes at source (6) ANNUAL {ANNU{At}L}
4   Retreat built at a marsh (6) ASHRAM*
9   Return dumplings after removing ton of slush (4) SNOW {WONtonS<=}
10 Reckless faculty member to sue after losing it (10) PROFLIGATE {PROF}{LitIGATE}
11 European country, according to report, has mollusc (6) OSTREA (~austria)
12 Peacekeepers, never daunted at first, can be rattled (8) UNNERVED {UN}{NERVE*}{Da...d} Anind for NERVE ? See comments
13 Ran back for foodstuff in story (9) NARRATION {NAR<=}{RATION}
15 Slip away to the left of the recess (5) LAPSE {L}{APSE}
16 In retrospect, charts with suspicious headers are junk e-mails (5) SPAMS {SPAM<=}{Su...s}
18 Mysterious man escapes from military, becomes bureaucrat (9) SECRETARY {SECRET}{ARmY}
22 Writer with umbrella leaves annexe, has shadow (8) PENUMBRA {PEN}{UMBRellA}
23 Unstable? Remove a rickety edge to make usable (6) VIABLE {V{a}{r}IABLE}
25 At sea, ruined gong is sinking (5,5) GOING UNDER*
26 Portrait of one criminal (4) ICON {I}{CON}
27 Fragments of rotting head found in huts (6) SHREDS {SH{Ro...g}EDS}
28 It is a mistake to change sides (6) DEFECT [DD]

1   Confused men in this continent, have memory loss (7) AMNESIA {A{MEN*}SIA}
2   Canine werewolf characters are more novel (5) NEWER [T]
3   Snake to stop on tar (7) ASPHALT {ASP}{HALT}
5   I slowly start returning what was given by mum (6) SILENT {Sl...y}{I}<={LENT}
6   Looking backwards, imagine worker (9) REGARDANT {REGARD}{ANT}
7   Criticises, say, within boundaries of Madras (7) MUTTERS {UTTER} in {Ma..aS}
8   Procedure made by ponderous maid (5,8) MODUS OPERANDI*
14 Bootlegger on an unusual dispatch (9) RUMRUNNER {RUM}{RUNNER}
17 Outrageously talented biddy captured by Brits (7) PHENOMS {P{HEN}OMS}
19 Move backwards into waterways, we hear (7) REVERSE (~rivers}
20 Brutally behead mule on tour, eliminate (4,3) RULE OUT {mULE+TOUR}*
21 Sailor irrational, illogical (6) ABSURD {AB}{SURD}
24 Accept a tender for sourcing engines (5) ABIDE {A}{BID}{En...s}


  1. 12 Peacekeepers, never daunted at first, can be rattled (8) UNNERVED {UN}{NERVE*}{Da...d} Anind for NERVE ?
    anagrind: Can be

  2. 12 Peacekeepers, never daunted at first, can be rattled (8) UNNERVED {UN}{NERVED*} can be is an AnagrInd

  3. Wondered why the doubt

  4. Enjoyed the samosas Anon. Thank you.

  5. SNYSF- so near yet so far- I mean for samosas. Still an enjoyable outing. thank you Anon.

  6. Yes. Even I found the going fairly easy.

  7. lovely x'ie. struck at NE corner. Once I cracked 6d domino effect followed. I had a stretch to eqate imagine with regard. 14d News to me.Heard of gunrunners & not rumrunners. All told a nice & well-rounded puzzle. Thanks Anon.

  8. oh this may be an easy puzzle for many... but i got a bit stuck as phenoms and regardant were new words for me.. phenom sounded like a chemical rather than a word describing a talented person :) but the wordplay of course does lead you there .. enjoyed it :) thanks anon..