Monday, 7 March 2016

No 11643, Monday 07 Mar 2016, The Phantom

8   Sign placed outside worker's shed (4-2) LEAN-TO {LE{AN-T}O}
9   Jockey is on tall horse (8) STALLION*
10 If so fed up with itch, shave off prickly facial hair (8) SIDEBURN Anno pending (Addendum - {If+So+fED}*{BURN} - See comments)
11 Utilise tactic of French to get ahead (6) DEPLOY {DE}{PLOY}
12 Superintendent’s somewhat mean (6) INTEND [T]
13 Men involved in hate crime (8) ENORMITY {EN{OR}MITY} Is the definition correct? See comments
15 Very abnormal goitre leads to lightheadedness? (7) VERTIGO {V}{GOITRE}*
17 To sum up, overcoming difficulties is appreciated (7) ADMIRED {AD{MIRE}D}
20 Dior's creation in ring shaped metal framework (8) GRIDIRON {GRI{DIOR*}N*}
22 Fancy clich?s cover up something recurrent (6) CYCLIC [T]
23 A female and male’s affair is passionate (6) AFLAME {A}{F}{MALE*}
25 Tie and your pants got from this material (8) CORDUROY {CORD}{YOUR*}
26 Narcotic drip inserted to relax (8) SEDATIVE {SEDAT{IV}E}
27 Paper from Times publication (6) TISSUE {T}{ISSUE}

1   Trust managed by church without priest? (8) RELIANCE {R{ELI}AN}{CE}
2   One performance overshadowing another is supreme (10) UNDEFEATED {UN}{DE{FEAT}ED}
3   Full barrel of wine in bar (6) ROTUND {RO{TUN}D}
4   A revolutionary students union’s uprising in BITS? (7) ASUNDER {A}{SUN<=}{DER<=}
5   House owner's eccentric, carrying genetic data around! (8) LANDLORD {L{AND}LORD}<=
6   Century gets round of cheer (4) CLAP {C}{LAP}
7   Give up without entering contest! (3,3) BOW OUT {BO{W O}UT}
14 Minor cause ruined fundamental part of meal (4,6) MAIN COURSE*
16 Drainage destroyed evergreen shrub (8) GARDENIA*
18 One breaking record after record, often rules at close of play (8) EPILOGUE {EP}{1}{LOG}{rUlEs}
19 Giggle at son's bloomers endlessly (7) SNICKER {S}{NICKERs}
21 Fellow’s upset about being sacked (6) RIFLED {RI{F}LED}
22 Clergyman's prompt to entertain sailor in retreat (6) CURATE {CU{RAT<=}E}
24 A long distance safari crossing borders (4) AFAR sAFARi


  1. 10 If so fed up with itch, shave off prickly facial hair (8) SIDEBURN

    {IF SO FED - OFF}*{BURN}

    1. Thanks Sandhya.. couldnt parse it :)

  2. Re. 10a: As far as I can make it out, it seems to be (If So fED)* after 'shaving' off from it, with 'itch' giving us BURN. Not sure whether "up" is enough for anind.

    ENORMITY for crime is kosher - it shows up in the thesaurus.

    Good one from The Phantom - thanks to him, and to DG!

  3. Lovely enjoyable CW. Got into problem in NW corner since I did not burn the side.
    Missed out on sedative also.
    Loved vertigo & epilogue.

  4. 'tun' for a barrel of wine was new to me.

  5. Nice one from Phantom, thanks.. Sideburn, Landlord, bow out really good clueing.. missed out on Bow out tho :( had it down as cop out.

  6. Tough going in NW corner...Enjoyed the rest...UN for One in 2 Dn was new to me...Checked dic and learnt it's short 'un for one. Overall a nice CW. Thank you Phantom.

  7. Lovely puzzle...such crisp surface stories..with clear cryptic instructions...
    Could solve at evening time after office hours....
    Phantom's (x)words are ultimate...old jungle saying

  8. Just noticed that 9/28 clues used 's :)

  9. T for 'time' is symbolic. But can we have T for 'times' too?