Thursday, 10 March 2016

No 11646, Thursday 10 Mar 2016, Aspartame

Spooner always gets my goat!!

*Starred clues have no definition, but share a common theme

1* Ian has a sip of cognac and horilka (6) SCOTCH {SCOT}{Co...c}{Ho...a}
4   Call from Chanel bra worker returned (6) WARBLE <=
9* Does this author have intoxicating effect on his readers? (4) SAKI [DD]
10 I developed apple balm that cannot be felt (10) IMPALPABLE {I}{APPLE+BALM}*
11 Animal needs time to become a bird (6) PIGEON {PIG}{EON}
12 Database regarding significance of railway (8) REGISTRY {RE}{GIST}{RY}
13 A rib slice cooked to be crusty (9) IRASCIBLE*
15* Coal, upon refinement, gives this drug (4) COKE [DD]
16 Yearn for a trouser (4) PANT [DD]
17* A solution of our angst (9) ANGOUSTRA {A}{OUR+ANGST}* (Correction ANGOSTURA - {A}{OUR+ANGST}*)
21 Tin is above Lanthanum and Tungsten. Those are rules! (5,3) CANON LAW {CAN}{ON} {LA}{W}
22* Priest heartily mixes one round (6) ELIXIR {ELI}{miXes}{1}{R}
24* Inns where I get sloshed (5,5) RHINE WINES*
25 Without doubt, lift turn over for a turn over (4) FLIP PLIFer* (Correction - PILFer <= - See comments)
26* Woman rapidly puked insides out having a drop of raki (6) SHERRY {SHE}{Rap{Raki}idlY}
27 Write down a case on Nurnberg city (6) PENANG {PEN}{A}{Nu...rG}

1   Rougher calipers that do not have extreme precision are being recycled (7) SCALIER CALIpERS*
2   Declare that leaders of Oman preaching intolerance need education (5) OPINE Acrostic
3* Extremely inebriated worker is made content with spirit (7) CHIANTI {CH{In...d}{ANT}I}
5   Assert that loyalty with one party is no longer present (6) ALLEGE ALLEGiancE
6   Spooner is afraid of shoe on plant (5,4) B?A?S ?O?S (Addendum - BEARS FOOT {(-f+b)BEARS} {(-b+f)FOOT} - See comments)
7   Measure lager brewed with supplement (7) ENLARGE {EN}{LAGER*}
8* Argue with new ilk disturbing gin cocktail consumption (9,4) SPARKLING WINE {SPAR}{NEW+ILK}* over {GIN}*
14 A place to relax at a hot zone (3, 6) SUN LOUNGE [C&DD]
16 Speaks about leaving for duck hunts (7) POACHES {P(-re+o)OACHES}
18 To control hangover, seek extract (7) OVERSEE [T]
19 King got sick, obtained support (7) RAILING {R}{AILING}
20 Telephone — it can heat one up (6) BLOWER [DD]
23 Under the violation, half the content must be erased (5) INFRA INFRAction


  1. 6 Spooner is afraid of shoe on plant (5,4) BEARS FOOT (fears boot)

  2. 25 Without doubt, lift turn over for a turn over (4) FLIP PLIFer*


  3. 17* A solution of our angst (9) ANGOUSTRA {A}{OUR+ANGST}*

    typo - ANGOSTURA

  4. Starry intoxication..
    Aspartame serves out sparkling alcoholic et al...even the Spoonerism was nicely served out..

  5. For all anagram fans: go to

  6. just love these themed xwords with starred clues :) makes the drink spicier hee hee... was not sure of 25a - flip or flit (lift)* .. thanks for the parsing :) nice stuff aspartame..

  7. 9A and 15A do not exactly match the theme byline in the CW. The clues are not without definition.

  8. I can think of bra designer, bra maker, bra seller, perhaps even bra wearer. But a bra worker? Maybe one in a factory that produces the inner wear. Anyway I found the phrase amusing.

  9. perhaps... it can be (as you said) changed to a bra wearer without affecting the clue or its surface.

  10. It was a general comment. I was only talking of terms. I didn't mean to suggest that the clue surface might improve with the word 'wearer' instead of 'worker'.

  11. Wonderful x' ie. In the first place I thought I may not be ablr to finish. Slowly thimgs started trickling. But alas saki & pant failed me.(I put as asti.Then crosstallied with scalier and left9a abrupyly.16a I put pine causing no cascading effect.14d& 16d& 6d much appealing.All stared a wholesome package. Thanks Asp.