Friday, 11 March 2016

No 11647, Friday 11 Mar 2016, Spinner

1   Garden used to form type of fern (6,6) ADDERS TONGUE*
10 Fruit beer's two-pence (5) APPLE {A{P}{P}LE}
11 Dear old wife's serious! (9) EXPENSIVE {EX}{PENSIVE}
12 Five sixes extraordinarily hit over short boundary, at the end (6) THIRTY {HIT*}{oveR}{s..rT}{b...rY}
13 Ladies to split, becoming single (8) ISOLATED*
15 Exceptional virtue of a front-runner (9) FAVOURITE*
16 Dig through cash box (4) TILL [DD]
20 Rally for beef, say (4) MEET (~meat)
21 Regularly marks log with some indication of mass units (9) KILOGRAMS {MARKS+LOG+In...n}*
24 Teach it properly, keeping student in good shape (8) ATHLETIC {L} in {TEACH+IT}*
26 Sharp reflection in reshined dustpan (6) SUDDEN <=
28 Diplomatic invitees dance following start of soir?e (9) SENSITIVE {So..e}{INVITEES*}
29 Remove periods next to end of sentence (5) ERASE {ERAS}{s...cE}
30 Agreements broken? Air missile seen around edges of Indian territory! (12) SIMILARITIES {AIR+MISSILE}* around{In...n}{Te...y}

2   Copy a top clue I'd constructed without a trace of originality (9) DUPLICATE {A+ToP+CLUE+I'D}*
3   Sadly, Isaac wasn't involved in representing accelerations of a particle (8) ELECTRON acCELERaTiONs*
4   Court and date, leading to offspring (4) SEED {SEE}{D}
5   Competition for operator's job (10) OPPOSITION {OP}{POSITION}
6   Man’s with woman losing heart gradually (6) GENTLY {GENT}{LadY}
7   Be a chauvinist, short of some stuff at the top (5) EXIST sEXIST
8   Squander a point on returning, throwing set (5) WASTE {W}{A}<={SET*}
9   Happily recite “I love you”, for starters (7) READILY {READ}{I}{Love}{You}
14 Insincere gift provided by referee — Not out! (10) ARTIFICIAL {ART}{IF}{offICIAL}
17 Spinner's ways — extremely trouble-free and quick (9) IMMEDIATE {I'M}{MEDIA}{Tr...eE}
18 Ministry upset setter by inducting idiot (7) EMBASSY {EM<=}{B{ASS}Y}
19 Turn game around with controversy (8) ARGUMENT*
22 Die peculiarly in quiet surroundings (6) MEDIUM {M{DIE*}UM}
23 Backer of a new upcoming member (5) ANGEL {A}{N}{GEL<=}
25 Chases Asiatic war clan rallying around terrific leader (5) HUNTS {HUN(Te...c}S}
27 Short/long period of time (4) YEAR YEARn


  1. Nice one - Thank you TOP(Spinner) for the samosas

  2. Lovely weaving of deceptive clues by Spinner....crisp surfaces with some innovative wp(thirty..readily..artificial..)

  3. Hey! Samosas after a long wait. Thank you Spinner for a very enjoyable CW. Loved Thirty- I was trying V, VI etc. and finally came back to the good old 5 tables. Thank God it is not totally forgotten!
    Fern & exist were the last to fall. Had to struggle quite a bit to unscramble the fern- anagrams are not that tough generally.

  4. Short/ Long was nice too- innovative.

    1. Yep.. best clue in the grid IMO :)

  5. Nice one from Spinner...not too complicated..think he wanted all of us to hit it over the boundary .. :) thanks..

  6. Fairly simple for a novice like me.

    1. Yes, simple but very interesting (and innovative at times) at the same time.

  7. Interesting surfaces and clever devices. Enjoyed

  8. Thanks for the feedback :)

    16A was intended as a Triple Defn.

    Through (as in 8am through 10pm)

    1. That is interesting. We never thought of the 3rd dimension! I am sure you must have enjoyed making this CW, as much as we did in solving. Thank you.

    2. Definitely. More so because it was a randomly generated grid-fill, yet the scope for wordplay was abundant. Gratifying to see these comments :)

  9. Superb. Enjoyed every inch of the puzzle thanks to leading clues. Simply bowled over by the wordplay in 27d. On the whole a thorough entertainer. Thank you Spinner.

  10. Very entertaining and satisfying solve. Thank you Spinner