Wednesday, 16 March 2016

No 11651, Wednesday 16 Mar 2016, Gridman

1   Helps fix reverse rotation (8) BACKSPIN {BACKS}{PIN}
6   Sailor and French second in crime (4) ABET {AB}{ET}
9   Bones almost hit, with some hesitations within (6) HUMERI {{UM}{ER} in {HIt}
10 Decipher escort has changed top (4,3) MAKE OUT (-t+m)MAKEOUT
13 Haulage vehicle, having no time, dismisses hikers' burdens (9) RUCKSACKS {tRUCK}{SACKS}
14 North Indian merchants are back offering evergreen shrub (5) SALAL <=
15 Very right type (4) SORT {SO}{RT}
16 Red with rage, a father's quirkily varied market outside (10) APOPLECTIC {A}{POP}{ecLECTIC}
19 “No, my tirade is skewered.” Setter's confession that he needs some more time (2,3,5) I'M NOT READY*
21 And in France you and I to get a decorative case (4) ETUI {ET}{U}{I}
24 Raw colour (5) GREEN [DD]
25 Original modest covers in Eden (3,6) FIG LEAVES [GK]
26 A couple of females have diamonds deposited in large business establishments (7) OFFICES {O{FF}{ICE}S}
27 Good worker, extremely ready, gets framework (6) GANTRY {G}{ANT}{ReadY}
28 A network backs mythological character (4) NALA {NAL}{A}<=
29 Such grapes are easy to eat (8) SEEDLESS [CD]

2   Vehicle that goes on water (7) AQUACAR {AQUA}{CAR} &lit
3   Stickler gets no credit revising German poet (6) KLEIST STIcKLEr*
4   Rule the college head announced (9) PRINCIPLE (~principal)
5   Specifies sick seamen without a bit of etiquette (5) NAMES SEAMeN*
7   With reserve, allow tract (7) BOOKLET {BOOK}{LET}
8   Top celestial disposition in astronomical phenomenon (5,7) TOTAL ECLIPSE*
11 King desi's gone around and touched lightly (6) KISSED {K}{DESI'S}*
12 A stripteaser’s act gets severe reprimand (8,4) DRESSING DOWN [C&DD]
17 Teacher gaped wildly at rowdy losing head (9) PEDAGOGUE {GAPED*}{rOGUE}
18 Culturally distinct alien, hot, makes near mark (6) ETHNIC {ET}{H}{NICk}
20 Required that upright boy gets feud settled (7) NEEDFUL {FUED}* in {LEN<=}
22 Houses of the spirits? (7) TAVERNS [CD]
23 Financial paper has a couple of names for the Spanish aromatic herb (6) FENNEL {FE}{N}{N}{EL}
25 Handy weapons? (5) FISTS [CD]


  1. I went into a 'Tailspin' for 1A and hence missed the German poet. 2 steps away- could smell IT.
    Enjoyable CW with a few interesting twists.

  2. Three days of morning delight. Perfect X everyday. Thank you Gridman.

  3. Some seriously cute clues today :) Thanks Gridman ji.. was fun

  4. 16A : Red with rage, a father's quirkily varied market outside (10) APOPLECTIC {A}{POP}{ecLECTIC}
    Anno Reg... 'ec'= for pl ?

    1. EC was the forerunner of EU. European Common market

  5. The 12 letter grid(yesterday's was 11 letter) was a classic Gridman puzzle..lovely clues splattered across the grid...

  6. Enjoyed the samosas GM! HUMERI and DRESSING DOWN brought smiles. Thank you Sir.