Friday, 18 March 2016

No 11653, Friday 18 Mar 2016, Neyartha

Neyartha's building on top ...

1   Building materials for a painful inflammatory disease (8) SHINGLES [DD]
5   In an emergency, one goes out for soft fried potato slices (6) CRISPS CRIS(-i+p)PS
9   Transfers back to the original owner to conserve in order to employ the Yankee (9) RECONVEYS {Y} in {CONSERVE}*
11 Arab chief on the radio creates a tremble (5) SHAKE (~sheikh)
12 A small party had allowed local tenders initially to get a material for building roads (7) ASPHALT Acrostic
14 Most promising alternative brought back with the site's redesign (7) ROSIEST {RO<=}{SITES}*
15 List of references for the single lawyer featuring in a life story (12) BIBLIOGRAPHY {1}{BL} in {BIOGRAPHY}
17 Orderly and doctor met to interrupt malfunctioning catalysis (12) SYSTEMATICAL {MET}* in {CATALYSIS}*
20 Insincere Greek character returns with a note on an insect (7) UNMEANT {UN}{ME}{ANT}
22 Vet making a bug acquire power (7) INSPECT {INS{P}ECT}
23 Finish off dairy product to get to a flat-topped hill (5) BUTTE BUTTEr
24 Taken another good look at the bent axe with a strange ermine lining (2-7) RE-EXAMINE {AXE}* in {ERMINE}* Taken or Take?
26 Laurel is heckled for concealing a spicy condiment (6) RELISH [T]
27 Criminal leaving albatrosses at sea has no right to get a fibrous amphibole (8) ASBESTOS alBATrOSSES

1   Current issue (6) STREAM [DD]
2   Indian tribe meets quiet sailor and heartless lady in an unqualified manner (9) INCAPABLY {INCA}{P}{AB}{LadY}
3   Spy edges away to get information (3) GEN aGENt
4   Doctor on the rocky hill goes down to choose the right chip for an energy converter (8,5) ELECTRIC MOTOR {ELECT}{R}{IC}<=>{MO}{TOR}
6   Struggles of the northbound prophet going around South Carolina to get satin stitched (11) RESISTANCES {RE{S{SATIN*}C}ES<=}
7   It could be wiped clean for a fresh start (5) SLATE [CD]
8   Son brought up the desolate tracts in the case (6) SHEATH (+s)SHEATH(-s)
10 Animation of a police officer with appropriate rope on the ship (13) SPRIGHTLINESS {SP}{RIGHT}{LINE}{SS}
13 Angry barrister confiscates silver for some stock market players (11) ARBITRAGERS {BARRISTER}* around {AG}
16 Greek fan's armed robbery is a cover for the initially missing toll in retreat (9) HELLENIST {kNELL<=} in {HEIST}
18 It might be burnt to achieve rapid acceleration (6) RUBBER [CD]
19 States that a duck could replace the university's aquatic mammals (6) OTTERS (-u+o)OTTERS
21 Musical genre getting on the auditor's nerve (4) METAL (~mettle)
25 Letters from the outlawed people demanding respect (3) AWE [T]



  1. Thanks Neyartha for samosas.

  2. very constructive :) quite 25asome ... loved 5a - wow surface, 9a and 17a were smashing .. tks neyartha :)

  3. Ditto here for a never before (never after too?) completion of a Neyartha CW. Is the bar lowered or brought within reach? (with or without a pole to vault it)

  4. Is the word systematic or systematical? I had my doubts but it had to be to fill in properly.

  5. Neyartha churns out a far easier opener..a highly enjoyable one...his thematic offerings are wonderful & today's was no exception...5A, 6D, 10D,15A,17A were outstanding

  6. Very interesting puzzle. I could relish 'crisps',shake& the likes. But missed butte & in sequel could not burn the rubber.On the whole a consummate puzzle. Thanks Neyartha.