Wednesday, 23 March 2016

No 11657, Wednesday 23 Mar 2016, Arden

6   It's also outside American state capital (5) TOKYO {TO{KY}O}
7   One fled to the West in a lawless state (8) ANARCHIC {A}{NAR<=}{CHIC}
10 Relying on support to end Monarchy (7) BANKING {BAN}{KING}
11 What you ask for when you sneeze loudly (7) ATISHOO (~a tissue)
12 A grand design to annex Eastern island State (7) GRENADA {E} in {A+GRAND}*
13 Magical spell may make you fall (7) CANTRIP {CAN}{TRIP}
14 “Picnic food wasn't spicy” said Spooner (6,5) PACKED LUNCH (~ lacked punch)
19 Resolute way to start becoming lawless (7) STAUNCH {ST}{lAUNCH}
21 It blooms as you plead for love in a resort (7) BEGONIA {BEG}{O}{IN+A}*
23 Talk about a field event on Sunday (7) DISCUSS {DISCUS}{S}
25 A second to wake up — unending display of love (7) AMOROUS {A}{MO}{ROUSe}
26 Animal trainers not allowed in representational set up (8) ANTELOPE rePrEsENTatiOnAL
27 Power cut takes centre stage (5) STEAM {STE{stAge}M}

1   Church quiet about being compassionate — like beauty, perhaps (4-4) SKIN-DEEP {S{KIN-D}EE}{P}
2   On leave, keen to take up bare back riding like her (6) GODIVA {GO}{DIVA<=}
3   Land report by boy — he's confused (10) BANGLADESH {BANG}{LAD}{HE'S}*
4   A big NO, say, to come up with a story (4) SAGA {SAG}{A}<=
5   Article goes in free over Twitter... (6) DITHER {DI{THE}R<=}
6   ...besides carrying luggage to a place in the Caribbean (6) TOBAGO {TO{BAG}O}
8   Tied up hair restricting style — no, no good bringing them up (7) CHIGNON  CHI{G}{N}{ON<=} CHI = X ? (Addendum - {CHIc}{G}{N}<={ON<=} - See comments)
9   Agent's idle, gets sentimental (5) SOPPY {S{OP}PY} OP = out of print = idle? See comments
13 Graduated as a politician, boxed in from all sides (10) CALIBRATED {C{A}{LIB}RATED}
15 Middle row certainly invites criticism (7) CENSURE {CEN}{SURE} (Addendum - {sCENe}{SURE} - See comments)
16 European city has a constant headache, say (8) HANGOVER (~ hanover) (Addendum - {HAN{G}OVER} - See comments)
17 Like fish it is outside the subject discussed (5) ASIDE {AS}{IDE}
18 Carriage in fact is better than some cabs (6) HANSOM [T]
20 Poisonous gas used during wars in Europe (6) ARSINE [T]
22 Bird's moan (6) GROUSE [DD]
24 Loafer may be asked to go away (4) SHOE (~shoo)



  1. Re the queries on anno:

    8d: I think CHI is from CHI[c], chic - style, restricting, ind for del of last letter.

    9d: idle = without work = without OP - that is, outside of OP

  2. 8D-Is it the same chic that is used in 7Ac?

    1. In 7A CHIC = IN and in 8D CHIC = STYLE

    2. Yes. In 7a CHIC comes from "in" = fashionable, stylish, "in".

  3. 4D- Is 'NO' for Nitrous Oxide gas?

    1. Nitric, if I remember correctly

    2. You are right Ramesh. The formula NO is for Nitric Oxide.

  4. Arden is upto his own tricks- enjoyable, lawful! Was able to get some- missed some too and peeped in to get early clarification. Thank you Col. & CV.

  5. Some enjoyable highlights from Arden today ! Soppy - idle standing for without OP is truly devious indeed. Packed Lunch is quite a laugh :) had shoe as shoo..i always get confused in such clues..kind of reads both ways? thanks Arden..

  6. 16 European city / has a constant // headache, say (8) HANGOVER (~ hanover)
    HANOVER has G = HAN(G)OVER (headache, say)
    G is gravitational constant

  7. Lovely devious crossword...missed out on saga & atishoo..loved the geographical treat & devious wp

  8. 15 Middle row certainly invites criticism (7) CENSURE {CEN}{SURE}
    Is it sCENe+SURE?

  9. As per this, row gives us scene, which is reasonable. But Col.'s link gives 'cen' as abbreviation for central (middle). This does not explain the need for row. It is for Arden to clarify.
    BTW- yesterday it was -Log on & not Log in as suggested by some of us.

  10. Wonderful x'ie interspersed with warmth & ardour thanks to fitting clues.Packed lunch was sumptuous at the sametime not lacked punch.As usual Arden at his best.Thanks Arden.

  11. A bit tough. Took a long time to complete 60%. Good exercise. Thanks Arden and THCC.